Best Internet Service Providers in Lahore – Ultimate Guide 2020

We are well aware of the fact that the Internet has become a necessity to fulfill the number of tasks. Whether big or small organization, a stable internet service provider is essential for the smooth running of office operations. Similarly, a strong internet service provider is a basic requirement of university students. Lahore is one of the busiest cities in Pakistan with a population of more than 12 million. Moreover, People of this city are energetic and active on social media 24/7 and they look for stable and fast internet service providers in Lahore. Therefore, internet companies in Lahore are determined to meet the internet requirements of people in this city. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best internet service provider in Lahore to help you choose any suitable ISP in Lahore.


Best Internet Service Providers in Lahore - Ultimate Guide 2020


Besides, the fact that they have fond of roaming in the food street and enjoying themselves, they love to post things on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites. Nevertheless, Lahore is a hub of famous universities and students learn from internet research more than ever.

Therefore, we are listing some of the best internet service providers in Lahore city in this article. If you have been wondering about the internet companies in Lahore then, read this article to know more about ISP in Lahore.

Internet Providers in Lahore – ISP in Lahore

best internet service in Lahore

Here is a complete list of fast and stable internet service provider in Lahore. Internet companies in Lahore have been serving their customers with stable and fast connectivity for many years. So, let’s explore more about top most ISP in Lahore.

Transworld Home

internet companies in Lahore

Transworld Home is the best internet service provider in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. It offers internet with a speed of 100 Mbps and trending more than 100 HD channels to entertain and engage the audience. Hence, Transworld Home has become one of the best internet companies in Lahore, branding as a premium version of entertainment provider for “Zinda Dillane Lahore”.

Moreover, Transworld Home is the only internet service provider ISP which falls under the Tier-1 Operator internationally. Thus, this ISP in Lahore ensures to provide stable, reliable, and fast internet to Lahoris. Being the first national brand of the well-developed city of Pakistan, Transworld Home claims to provide an unlimited download facility to the users.

You can also utilize its enormous bandwidth on your devices, like PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, and other gadgets. Let’s have a look at the most economical package offered by Transworld Home, the best internet service provider in Lahore.

  • Monthly internet charges:            PKR 2500/-
  • Internet volume:                          Unlimited
  • Internet speed:                            20 Mbps
  • Tru™ TV charges- optional:          PKR 500/- per month
  • Installation charges:                    PKR 12000/-
  • Tru™ Smart Box:                          PKR 7000/-
  • Special Promo will be provided upon request:  Zero Charges
  • Time for installation:                   1-2 days
  • For more details contact:            111-837-837

You can also visit its official website to check other Transworld internet packages.

Visit Transworld Website



internet companies in Lahore

Fiberlink is another fastest internet service provider in Pakistan which covers a vast geographical area. This internet service provider ISP was first launched in 2008 and claims to meet the internet needs of all the customers such as students, small companies, and huge corporate sectors.

Besides this, Fiberlink internet is considered as an affordable internet service provider and it is currently operating in Lahore, Hyderabad, Karachi, and Faisalabad. There are no hidden charges and all the internet packages are exclusive of taxes.

The aim behind this internet service provider in Lahore is to fulfill the connectivity necessity of big organizations and even individuals working from home in Pakistan. Fiberlink is indeed the biggest internet platform whose sole mission is to give the residence of Lahore easy access to stable and fast internet.

Moreover, out of other functional internet companies in Lahore, Fiberlink plays its role through the availability of high-quality internet services. Thus, it helps many organizations to run their business efficiently by offering the number of exciting fiber optic internet packages.

Let’s have a look at their economical internet packages of Fiberlink communications;

  • Monthly internet charges:          PKR 1,500/-
  • Internet volume:                        Unlimited
  • Internet speed:                          Up to 16 Mbps and 32 Mbps
  • Duration:                                    2: 30 am to 9: 00 am
  • Installation charges:                  PKR 7,000/-
  • Device Cost:                               Yes
  • Installation Time:                      1 to 2 working days
  • Smart TV:                                   NO

For inquiry of other internet packages please visit the website.

Visit Fiberlink



internet companies in Lahore

We all know that Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL is one of the biggest internet service providers in Pakistan. In fact, PTCL was the first company that started telephone services in Pakistan. Although the brand struggled a lot with its reputation, PTCL has upgraded its services over time.

Once you subscribe to the PTCL broadband internet connection, you are going to receive an unlimited internet supply. Moreover, Lahore is listed among the luckiest cities of Pakistan who can enjoy an uninterrupted internet speed with affordable internet bundle offers.

PTCL is considered as one of the best internet service provider in Lahore. Moreover, in the last few years, this telecommunication company has increased its market globally through injecting digital technologies and offering multiple products and services.

Let’s have a look at the most affordable internet package offered by PTCL.

  • Monthly internet charges:          PKR 1,750/-
  • Internet volume:                        Unlimited
  • Internet speed:                          Up to 16 Mbps
  • Device Cost:                               Yes (Router and TV box)
  • Internet connection installation charges on Existing Telephone Line: PKR 2,499/-
  • Internet connection installation charges on New Telephone Line: PKR 5,000/-
  • Above package includes (Landline+ Internet+ Smart TV)
  • Installation Time:                      1 to 2 working days
  • Smart TV:                                   PKR 525/- per month

For more updates related to other internet packages, visit PTCL official website





Here comes another availability of the best internet service provider in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. Wi-tribe has become a leading broadband internet provider, established in 2009. With a record-breaking internet speed of 200 Mbps, Wi-Tribe has won a Technology Innovation for launching 4.5 G speed broadband internet home.

This ISP in Lahore is determined to provide reliable services to the customers with innovative solutions to expand their businesses. Like other internet companies in Lahore, Wi-Tribe also brings exciting and affordable internet packages for those who rely on its services. So, let’s have a look at these exciting bundle offers.

  • Monthly Internet Charges:                       PKR 1,249/-
  • Internet Volume:                                      50 GB
  • Internet Speed:                                        3 Mbps
  • Smart TV optional:                                   Yes
  • Installation cost:                                      PKR 2,000/- limited time offer
  • Installation time:                                     1 day
  • Device charges:                                        Yes

To collect more information regarding internet packages, please dial 111-187-423 or you can visit its official website.

Visit Witribe




BrainNet is the best wireless internet in Pakistan which was originated from the Brain Telecommunication Limited. This internet service provider in Lahore is indeed the largest geographical area communication system.

This company was first established in 1982 and then Brain became the leading enterprise to bring the emailing system to Pakistan in the year 1992.

Later on in the year 1996, with the introduction of BrainNet in Brain, it retained a position of number one internet service provider in Pakistan. Just like other internet companies in Lahore, BrainNet offers its customers with a wide range of internet bundle offers to meet the connectivity demands of the end-user.

Out of many internet packages offered by BrainNet, the most economical internet bundle is as follows;

  • Monthly Internet Charges:       PKR 1,499/-
  • Internet Volume:                     Unlimited
  • Internet Speed:                       5 Mbps
  • Smart TV (optional):              PKR 499/- per month
  • Installation Charges:              No
  • Installation Time:                   1 day
  • Device Charges:                      PKR 8,499/-   HDTV Box

To gather more detail about other internet packages, visit its website. You can also contact them via phone number 042-111-222-888

Visit BrainNet



 100 mbps

StormFiber is another addition to fiber optic internet providers list which claims to provide a reliable home based internet provider. Apart from its facility of high-speed fiber internet, as a television service provider, StormFiber has raised its level for the consumers.

This broadband home communication service uses fiber optic cable to offer fast connectivity and reliable bandwidth. Powered by Cybernet, this ISP has spread its services in selected areas of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad.

Keeping in view the consumer needs, this internet service provider in Lahore provides fiber optic internet speed with reliable, affordable, and in range services. Out of 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, and 30Mbps, customers can choose any suitable broadband speed. Anyhow, the most affordable fiber optic internet package by StormFiber is as follows:

  • Monthly Internet Package:        PKR 1,299/- without tax
  • Internet Volume:                       Unlimited
  • Internet Speed:                         2 Mbps
  • Smart TV (optional):                 PKR 400/- per month
  • Installation cost:                       PKR 1,200/- or PKR 12,000/- without tax per month                                                        (12 months)
  • Installation time:                     10 to 15 working days
  • Device charges:                       Yes (TV Box)

For more information, you can visit Internet Service Providers in Lahore StormFiber official website

Visit StormFibre


Optix – Internet Service Providers in Lahore


Optix is another Internet Service Provider in Lahore, which serves as a fiber optic internet provider for better connectivity and fast internet speed. It uses fiber to the home FTTH technology to ensure a reliable internet service in many areas of Lahore city of Pakistan.

Moreover, this service is the fastest internet service offered by Optix with numerous internet bundles. However, you may find this ISP in Lahore expensive but reliable in comparison to other internet providers in Lahore.

The most economical packages offered by Optix is as follows:

  • Monthly internet charges:                        PKR 1850/- without tax (including TV)
  • Internet volume:                                      Unlimited
  • Device charges:                                        Yes (Additional TV and Dialogue Box)
  • Internet speed:                                        2 Mbps
  • Installation cost:                                      PKR 4,999/- with the free first TV
  • Additional TV installation fee:                  PKR 1000/- per TV
  • Contact number:                                       021-111-1- 67849
  • Installation fee of Digital cable box:        PKR 4500/-

For more package details, visit its official website.

Visit Optix


How to tell if you have fiber optic internet?

If you have an Optical Network Terminal present in your location surroundings, then you have fiber optic internet.


How is fiber optic internet installed?

If you choose fiber optic internet FTTH, the technician will run a fiber cable through your house. This cable is then connected with another terminal to connect to the internet network for your home.


How does fiber optic internet work?

Fiber optic internet works through fiber optic cable instead of plain copper wires. Data is transmitted to and from your PC through light surfing into these fiber optic cable interwebs. And this is how fiber optic internet works.


Fiber Optic Internet vs Cable

In cable internet, the same television cable technology-coaxial cable is used for data transmission. Whereas, fiber optic internet uses fiber optic internet cable made of plastic or glass which transmits modulated light to deliver the data.

Moreover, in comparison to the fastest 150 Mbps cable internet, fiber optic internet speed ranges up to 1000 Mbps. This is mind-blowing technology and fiber optic internet is the future. Additionally, the speed of fiber optic internet is as fast a 10000 Mbps. Isn’t it amazing!



We have listed some of the best wireless Internet Service Providers in Lahore currently available. Another best wireless internet in Pakistan is Nayatel. Unfortunately, this fiber to the home FTTH is not yet available as Nayatel Lahore.

This fiber internet has connected the four cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, and Rawalpindi through optical wires. Moreover, Nayatel also ensures to meet the needs of customers followed by reliable internet services. However, in the coming years, they have plans to expand their fast internet FTTH services into other cities of Pakistan.

The above-mentioned Internet Service Providers in Lahore are reliable and fast. Above all, customer satisfaction and fulfilling their internet requirements are their topmost priority. Moreover, you can also visit websites of these internet providers in Lahore to gather more details about other internet packages.

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