How to Enhance Video Quality Online With Enhancer Apps

What to do with poor quality or a low-resolution video that needs to be uploaded? No need to worry as the market is full of many top-notch video quality enhancer apps online and free that will make your clips worth posting. To make your video’s quality worth watching, we need to use video enhancement apps to enhance video quality online. This article contains some top free and easy-to-navigate software and apps to improve your video quality.

Look at these 5 apps and how reasonable and practical they could be for your videos to make them more attractive and less horrible.


How to improve video quality with the best enhancer software?


How to Enhance Video Quality

Video is the best source to seek or learn any new skill. However, finding a long-awaited video that is blurry or shaky can be better. How to boost video quality? You can try the best video enhancer softwares to improve video quality. You may use the free version of video-enhancing computer software to increase video quality on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and online openly.


Aiseesoft Video Enhancer – video enhancer online


Aiseesoft Video Enhancer


Download Aiseesoft Video Enhancer Now


FILMORA VIDEO EDITOR – online video enhancer

app to enhance video quality

The Filmora video editor is the best to enhance quality and improve your video, whether it’s low resolution or noise-filled. It makes the video impressive and able to be posted and exhibited anywhere, whether a business presentation or a vlog. Filmora is a powerful app and software with great functionality. And allows you to share your video directly with some apps. Filmora possesses all video enhancing tools and features like brightness, noise control, etc. It has no incompatibility issues, and you can share your video easily.

Download FILMORA Now


WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER – video quality fixer

apps to improve video quality

Windows movie maker is also a popular free app to improve video quality. It is a suitable app for beginners or veterans to learn new tricks and enhance online video quality. It has a feature to add different audio to your video. And also has the option to cut or trim your video. It’s a simple but complete app to enhance video quality online and for free.




Fonepaw is a video quality enhancer app that will edit your videos quickly and quite effortlessly. It is an app to improve video quality and comes first due to its reliability and amazing features. You can do the following using this video quality enhancer app:

  • This app will help you reduce the shakiness in the video as it is equipped with a stabilizer.
  • Fonepaw video converter ultimately denoises or lessens the grainy texture of your video as it makes the video look poor.
  • Using this app, You can also add 3D visual effects and higher quality transitions to your video.
  • The low-resolution video looks horrible and doesn’t appeal to the user. You can fix this issue using Fonepaw.
  • Edit your clips by adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. quickly.
    You can flip or rotate your video if a beginner has made it and the angle is not up to the mark. Also, you can crop the video.

Fonepaw is an app to enhance low-quality video, and it has all the required features and templates to touch up your video and finalize it. You can also add a watermark using this app. And most importantly, as it is a video converter it supports many file formats from FLV, MKV, MOV, OGM, MPEG, and WMV.

Download FONEPAW Now



wide range, edit videos

Avidemux is also one of the promising apps to enhance video quality online. It is an open-source app compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Like Fonepaw, it is also a video converter, so it easily supports many file formats. These file formats are from MKV to FLV, MOV, MPEG, and WMV. The most highlighting feature of this is Multithreading. It also contains many other video enhancing features in it. That is splitting or merging the video, changing a low-resolution video to HD, And cropping the videos. It adjusts the speed of the video and has a video stabilization feature too. But this app doesn’t have any transition or 3D effects. The best part of this tool is that it offers high-quality video format features with an intuitive interface.

Download AVIDEMUX Now



brightness contrast, windows and mac


Both of these adobe’s published systems are video quality enhancer apps. In contrast, Adobe elements are essential software available to Microsoft users for video editing. It has all the elements and features to assist the users and make the videos up to the mark. By using this app, one can learn together.




video editing app, premier rush , adobe premiere rush

As far as Adobe Premiere is concerned, it is a professional video enhancer app and needs learning the software before one can use it. It is timeline-based software. CNN, BBC, and various video makers have used this software to enhance their video quality. This is an app to enhance video quality and is used in professional documentaries and movies too. Some notable movies in which this app was used to improve the video quality are Hugo, Dead pool, Gone girl, and the list is long.

The app contains a lot of features. It covers up for the aftereffects of slow-motion graphics or fast-forwarding a video. This also includes color grading and color correction. It gives transitions and effects. It also uses some plugins to support different format files and make a higher-resolution video. The shakiness, grainy texture, and audio problems can all be sorted out using this best video quality enhancer app. Windows and MAC OS support Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve Video Quality Online?

Many enhanced video quality online apps are available that can help improve video quality. You have to find a good one and edit your videos in it. 

Can you Enhance Video Quality?

With the help of video editing tools or, we can improve video quality apps. 

How can I Increase Video Resolution without losing Quality?

You can quickly increase video resolution without losing quality by downloading improved video-quality apps. Such as Vidmore Video Converter. You can install and download it on the PC. Then select and import a video, and click on the “Edit” video icon. Select the format from the dropdown list on the side of the video. Now, you select resolution quality and edit it as you like. Click on “Convert” and upgrade the video resolution.

How can I Enhance a Dark Video?

Any improved video quality app can brighten up your dark video. Next, You have to brighten a dark video clip by increasing the brightness and adjusting the contrast ratio. You can use any free or paid video editing software. More advanced software will give you more options, such as adjustment and contrast levels. 

How Do you Fix low-light Videos?

Use a good video editing software or app to enhance your videos’ quality. 

How Do you Make a Video not Pixelated?

There are several enhanced video quality online tools available that can help in fixing a pixelated video. Use these video editing soft wares and enhance the quality of your videos.

How Do I Fix Grainy Video Footage?

There are many online video editor software that enhances video quality and fix grainy video footage. You must choose one video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Lightworks, and Avid Media Composer. Then look for a filter that fixes grainy quality in the settings, and apply it.

How Do you Fix a Blur Video?

A simple and easy-to-use video editing software, such as Movavi Video Suite, can help fix blurry videos. It can help you adjust the video quality within a short time. You can select a sharpen effect and restore your blurry and smudgy videos.

Why is my Video Grainy on Zoom?

Many factors are responsible for the audio and video quality of zoom, such as the quality of the wireless network connection, the bandwidth of the participants connected, and the quality of the relationship between the participants. 

Above 5 software allows you to enhance video quality online and, sometimes, for free. These video quality enhancer apps polish your videos and make them able to be shared on the Internet. Let it be YouTube, some movies, or any other platforms.

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