Best Video Editing Software For Designers In 2019


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Those days are gone when we hired videographers to produce the best quality videos. Now, the video editing software is available globally. They can either be paid or for free. Today, we will talk about the best free video editor. This will also include the best free music video editor. Regardless of experience or budget, best video editing software produces quality content. This is the reason why videography has grown over the ages. Not only this, the freelancers are earning too good by editing videos.

Best Video Editing Software

The latest features and advanced tools have changed the game. If these were not available then, you could not have viewed the good quality videos. In reality, the videos edited by the best video editing software are usually viewed more than once.

But, with hundreds of the best free video editors, it is difficult to choose the best option. However, some good video editing software is paid too. We have made it easy for you and therefore selected all the best video editing software. Let’s go ahead.

We have shortlisted only those software which is easy to use. They won’t be a burden on your pocket and give you the latest features. In this guide, we will choose the tools which are perfect and editing a video on them is really simple.

There are categories for video editing software. It ranges from professional photographers to movie makers and from students’ work to video clips compilation. It does not matter what phone you are using or either you are making a video on a laptop or computer. The effects, music, sound and graphics matter a lot. The software has levels like it can be for beginners, mediators and experts.

1. Final Cut Pro X

This is the best video editor available for Apple devices.

Platform: Mac

Specifications: Colour Balancing, Multi-cam editing

Advised for: Professionals

Good video editing software

It is one of the best video editing software available for Mac. This software is jam-packed with in-app purchase features. This best free video editor offers effect editing, grouping tools and easiest way to edit the video. If you have Apple’s ecosystem installed in your home, it will also integrate with iTunes and Photos.

This software coupled with a powerful media organization and marvellous performance. Its magnetic timeline operates metadata for fast and quality editing. Its enhanced Timeline Index allows the user to drag and drop, the audio roles to arrange the layout the timeline. The user can edit and create various types of captions with Final Cut Pro. It works perfectly in the formats like H.264, XAVC, RED, AVCHD, ProRes and HEVC.

This software is compatible with 64- bit processor or more.


2. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

Corel VideoStudio is among the best video editors available.

Platform: Windows

Specifications: Colour correction, Real-time effects

Advised for: Beginners

best video editing software

This software is a gateway that converts a beginner into an expert. The friendly interface is the basic need for the beginner. With the friendly interface and step to step guidance, beginners learn things quickly. This software offers multi-cam editing, a 360-degree VR support, its own music library, various colour effects and 4K video support.

This video editor polishes the skills of novice user perfectly. Further, it supports features like dynamic split-screen video controls, colour grading, premium plugins and the latest video effects, morph and seamless transitions and latest screen and video recording. A user can have around 2000 customizable filters and premium. If you want to learn faster, then this is the best option so far.


3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It is a good video editing software for Windows

Platform: Mac & Windows

Video Tracks: Unlimited

Specifications: 3D Editing, Multi-cam editing

Advised for: Professionals

good video editing software

It is the best-paid video editor for Windows’ user. It is one of the top-rated software. Professionals extensively use Premiere Pro. It is famous for a number of reasons. It can handle videos shared by any sources. The source can be cameras, tapes, video recorder or files. The video edited by this software is really eye-catching.

Moreover, this leading software comes with Adobe Sensei so that your shoot will be converted into masterful; videos and movies. With this software, new projects can be edited within any smart gadget. Furthermore, it saves a lot of time so that a user can focus on workflow. The timeline of the user is also maintained.

Talking about the format, so it can be edited in any footage, whether it be virtual reality or 8K. A quicker ProRes HDR, lightweight proxy and native file support integrate with your device. Thus, it is all in one app.

Apart from this, there is also best free video editor by the same developer i.e. Adobe Premiere Rush. It can easily available and downloaded on the phone. The users can easily edit video in a relaxed environment. This editor software is available on macOS, Windows and iOS.


4. KineMaster

This is the best free video editor for Android users.

Platform: iOS, Android

Specifications: Smart effects, Instant Preview

Advised for: Beginners

free video editing software

If you need an app to wish your friend on his birthday or create a collection of memories in a video. This is the best free video editor. It creates a video within minutes.  This free video editing software offers text annotations, adding music, handwriting and editing at several layers. This app has a frame and a sub-frame level. The user can preview the video before finalizing it.

It puts the user in the studio mixing booth by playing more than 8 tracks one after another. This software can speed up video up to 16x without creating any distortion. It also allows the user to record the voice that can be played in the back. It also supports various file formats.

Further, blending modes are also available, Double exposures can also be created. Not only this, but a user can also customize them.


5. Adobe Premiere Elements 2019

It is known as all-rounder editing software for all types of users.

Platform: Mac, Windows

Specifications: automatic motion tracking, video stabilisation and face detection

Advised for: Professionals

best free video editor

This is the best video editor software for beginners and experienced video editors. It is easy to use. This video editor is not difficult and heavy as Premiere Pro video editor. It suits to professionals economically. It supports superb features like audio effects, background soundtracks and face detection. Above all, it is user-friendly.

The automated functions like smart toning and motion tracking are also present here. The options like video stabilization are also among the highlighted features. The elements involve opacity, transitions and chroma-keying. Its media library is professionally arranged. It facilitates smart search and draft files easy. It creates perfect slideshows and collages as well. The inspiring ideas and tutorials are also available on its website.

The videos created by this software can be shared with third-party applications easily. It can also share HEIF photos and HEVC video files on Mac and Windows’ devices. Also, the free trial is also available.


6. Pinnacle Studio 22

It is one of the best video editors for the novice videographers.

Platform: Windows

Specifications: Stop motion animations, Multi-camera capture and editing, Colour Controls

Advised for: Novice users

best video editing software

It is known as one of the best video editing software designed for the starters. The price is pocket-friendly, and the one who is keen to learn can easily afford it. However, it provides the user, a 30-day trial version.

How about getting around 1500+ effects, templates, titles, colouring tools, 6-track HD video editing and stop motion attribute in just $60?? It is really surprising. This software sports doodling tools and time remaining features. It possesses pro-calibre specifications.

So, if you want to get experience without spending a lot of money, then this is the best option. If you like Pinnacle Studio 22 then share it with your community as well.


7. Filmora 9

This video editing tool offers a variety of resources and effects,

Platform: Mac & Windows

Specifications: Built-in effects and titles, 4k support

Advised to: Ordinary People

best video editor 2018

Filmora 9 is a good video editing software for normal users. The users who want to create videos occasionally, not professionally. The friendly interface makes easy for the user to edit and design videos in this best free video editor. There are several colour filters and effects, especially for YouTubers in this free video editing software. A music library is also included in this free video editing software. A user can also record his voice, that can be played in the background.

If you want to be Pro then download its extended version named as Filmora Pro. This version includes ripple, slide and slips editing modes. It also has the functionality of rate stretching. Filmora Pro allows the user to set the keyframes to handle and create animations with different parameters that are within the audio, video and other effects.

This video editing software allows advanced balancing, colour corrections, including curves and colour wheels. Its audio compressor lessens the dynamic range between loud and soft parts of your audio and creates consistent background audio. This editor also facilitates with noise reduction facility.



8. CyberLink PowerDirector 17 Ultra

This is a professional video editing software designed for video makers.

Platform: Windows

Specifications: Motion Tracking, Multi-cam editing, 360-degree video

Advised to: Ordinary People

computer video editor software

It is a sort of professional video editor used by experts only. This tool possesses high-quality specs with a friendly budget. It tenders multi-cam editing, easy trimming, video correction tools and motion tracking. Also, the colour effects make the video eye-catching for the viewers. It supports every type of file and formats. There is a step to step guidance available within the software. Also, a user can YouTube the tutorials if found any problem.

The user can use vector shapes in which the text can fit automatically. The user has to select the shape and handle keyframe controls. It is an aid to tutorial makers and YouTubers. Also, it allows the user to create videos in the dimension 1:1, that can be posted on Instagram easily.


The Best Free Video Editing Software

Now it’s the turn for free video editing software. Here we go.

1. DaVinci Resolve

It provides professional video editing tools along with audio quash.

Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

Specifications: Eminent colour correction, multi-user collaboration, Fair light audio tools, software compatibility with Fairlight consoles

best free video editor

It is the best yet free video editing tool. It can be used for serials productions and high budget films. The tool includes colour correction and audio mastering. If these are your top priorities, then go for this software.

DaVinci Resolve also has curve editors and basic colour wheels. It also supports face detection and can easily modify your skin tones or eye and lip shade. The software uses Fairlight for adjusting audio. This best free video editor is a pack that contains all the functionalities for free.


2. Horizon

The horizon is included in good video editing programs.

Platform: iOS, Android

Specifications: Quick videos

Advised to: Ordinary users


It is a simple app coupled with a user-friendly interface. In our daily life, we capture the video vertically. The app is the solution to all our problems. The video in this app is created in horizontal positions. The demo of the usage of this app is available online. You may check and download this best free video editor.

However, this app comes with some in-app purchases. Download the app and see the results right now.


3. TikTok

It is the best music sensational app.

Platform: iOS, Android

Specifications: Sharing

Advised for: Social Media Users

music video editing software

Whether scrolling your Instagram feed or Facebook’s Newsfeed, a TikTok video must not be overlooked. Everyone is familiar or at least know this music editing video software. It is not related to serious video editors. Instead, TikTok is for fun and time pass. This music video editing software allows the user to make a small video clip, and select any song played in the background. The background audio is not confined to songs, it can be any audio of singers, YouTubers, celebrities and comedians.

Most amazingly, this mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. It is the best video editor 2018.


4. Openshot

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac

Specifications: 3D effects, unlimited tracks

Advised to: Novice users

popular video editing software

Openshot is one of the best video editing programs. It is an open-source video editor. The interface of this software is similar to the Mac. However, this best free video editor has more features than iMovie. It can do audio mixing and has unlimited layers. The simple interface combined with advanced features made it the best video editor 2018.

In addition to this, the features include resizing the clip, watermarks, real-time preview and image overlays. It also provides the facility of 3D animation effects and subtitles to the user. Openshot also has an advanced timeline. The timeline consists of panning, snapping, drag and drop and scrolling. Also, the real-time previews can take place in between the video clips.



5. Freemake

Platform: Windows

Specifications: Support 500+ Formats

Advised for: Beginners

good video editing software

Freemake is a computer video editor software which can alter and convert videos from one format to another one. It can extract audio from video clips thus making it a music video editing software. It has a straightforward interface and can be grasped by novice users quickly. The converted clips can be played on any smart gadget. It is capable of converting a single video to up to 500 or more formats. It can also create slideshow with the help of images and videos. However, when you install it, you may face issues for 3 days. Some of the features can’t be opened for three days.

Furthermore, the user can add subtitles to the videos. He can rotate, join and cut clips as well.


6. Machete Video Editor Lite

Platform: Windows

Specifications: Support WMV and AVI formats

Advised for: Beginners

free video editing software

It is the simplest yet good video editing software so far. The software shares an intuitive interface. It has both, paid and free version. This free video editing software does not support audio editing. However, the user is allowed to remove or add the audio track. Also, the free version sport WMV and AVI file formats.

It can edit tags from all the formats available. The paid version allows the user to support more files and edit audio. It is easier to learn and use as per video requirement. Surprisingly, it can fetch and save the video stream as a separate file.


7. Blender

Blender is also an amazing free video editing software.

Platform: Mac, Linux, Windows

Specifications: 3D animation

Advised for: Beginners, Advanced users

best free editing software

It is the best software, especially for the people who want to add 3D animation in their videos. Blender is basically an open-source program which is free. This tool provides with everything that a video needs. It includes different features like histogram displays, audio mixing, waveform visualization, syncing and scrubbing.

This tool also acts as best music video editing software as it provides till 32 slots for adding music, video and effects in the video. It also includes chroma vectorscope, live preview and luma waveform. Thus, it is best for experts who do not require additional features.

However, tutorials provided for this software are limited. The actual focus is only on 3D animation.


8. VideoPad

Platform: Windows

Specifications: 3D Editing, Reduce Camera Shakes

Advised to: Starters

good video editing programs

VideoPad is under the category of good video editing programs. It is the simple-to-learn and easy-to-implement type of software. This best free video editor is best for novice users or the people who make random videos. However, it is not suitable for professionals and experts.

The feature like sound effects library makes this software the best music video editing software. It also includes 3D video editing, transferring videos in different resolutions, reduction in camera shakes and a collection of pre-made transitions. It also exports the video to social sites, including YouTube.

The features outlined all the requirements needed by a basic video editor. However, it may lack in functionalities what the professional editors desire.



VSDC is also a known computer video editor.

Platform: Windows

Specifications: Video stabiliser, DVD burner (built-in), support several formats, chart tool

Advised to: Students giving presentations

best free video editor

This software has dozens of editing effects. It is best for those who give presentations as it adds text to the slides. Moreover, it can add charts, table and graph. It uses Instagram filters to create astonishing effects. Other features include colour correction, transition effects, blur effect and masking. Video stabiliser is used to remove the camera shaken results.

The free version can export videos in all formats including the important ones, MPG and AVI. You can adjust the output if you want. Also, there is a built-in DVD burner. This is a non-linear software where objects can be placed in any order and any position, regardless of size. Further, it offers a colour blending effect. It includes 3D diagrams such as Funnel, Bar, Candlestick, radar spline, stacked area, range bar, scatter, line, pie, pie 3D, Fast line, radar line, high low, step line, Bubble, spline and many more. Integrated colour themes make the chart expressive.

Thus, it has served as a good tool while designing presentations.


10. Lightworks

It was included in the category of best video editor 2018.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Specifications: Group project sharing, supports almost every format, shares directly to Vimeo/YouTube, Multi-cam editing

best video editor 2018

Lightworks is another useful and good video editing software. The speciality lies as it has been used in huge Hollywood productions. It includes major hits from the past, including Mission Impossible and The Wolf of Wall Street. Is not it super exciting if you get a free version of this software? Remarkably, the free version comes with all the major features, one wants to get hands-on. However, this version comes with some license.

A user can get a web file at 720p. If you want to get more useful files to then buy a monthly licence. It is considered as an emerging video editor designed for Windows 10. This free video editing software offers the user a major portion to control. A user can trim and collage the audio and video clips altogether. So, a starter can use this music video editor software to learn the skills and polish his talents.

The latest version Lightworks v14. 5 has a simple user interface, 4K Lo-Res Proxy workflow, Real-time ready to use audio, video FX, timeline editing, access of audio and video content, supports all formats including variable frame rate media, and video can be transferred to YouTube and Vimeo.


11. Avidemux

Platform:  Mac, Linux and Windows.


Advised for: Novice users

music video editing software

It is one of the best video editor 2018. The interface is quite easy to use. It allows filtering, encoding and cutting features of the video. It supports several file formats which include AF, MP4, AVI, DVD (MPEF files). The videos are made using job queue and projects. Avidemux also has strong scripting abilities.


12. Shotcut

The list of good computer editing software is incomplete without Shotcut.

Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

Specifications: Supports up to 4K resolutions, use FFmpeg, broad audio and video editing, support several formats

Advised to: Basic users


If you have used Movie Maker and want something new, then it should be your go-to choice. Its interface is quite simple and a starter will not get any difficulty while using it. Also, it has tutorials and guides. One can also google for guidance. However, if you want a professional tool to then look over other choices we have mentioned.

Its latest version 19.10 has been released. It comes with many improvements, including ProRes Expert, timeline waveform and video filters. The macOS app is also certified. The new version has lessened the free disk space check to 25 GB.  Further, Matroska files which are too heavy are opened faster as compared to the previous version. RGB video clip properties now have the option of colour range from full to disabled.


13. Splice

Splice is a popular video editing software designed for iOS

Platform: iOS

Specifications: Huge built-in library

Advised for: Beginners


It is a good free editing software for iPad and iPhones. The mobile app generates the video quickly and without any difficulty. A user can edit and trim the videos within a few clicks. A user can also add some transitions and audios from the built-in library in this free video editing software. Once the video is made, it can be easily shared from this music video editing software.


14. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is specifically designed for iOS.

Platform: iOS

Specifications: time-lapse videos

Advised to: Ordinary people


Hyperlapse is one of the popular video editing software. Instagram originally created this app. It merges a long video in a short time. Thus, this free video editing software creates sun videos for Instagram followers.

Its super amazing stabilization technology takes away the requirement of tripods. Moreover, this video helps a lot showing the making of any product or any craft-related video. It speeds up the original video up to 12x.


15. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is the upper cool video editor one can use.

Platform: Mac, Windows

Specifications: 3D effects, import formats, 180 visual effects

hitfilm express

This software allows the user to create music videos with 3D effects. It is also used to make YouTube videos. Hence, it is the music video editor software. However, this software has in-app purchase features. If the user wants to use this software professionally then he has to buy the features he needs. It is available at a very reasonable price.

It uses quality grade VFX tools. Also, this software is helpful in making gaming videos. It offers unlimited transitions and tracks. Besides this, the software provides projects and tutorials for free, which can help users. The site also offers the training mode for starters. The software is perfect for experts, novice users, YouTubers and gamers. It is pocket-friendly.


16. Quik

Quik is another best free editing software.

Platform: Android, iOS

Specifications: Auto editing

Advised to: Basic video editors


Quik is the editing software from the developers of GoPro. The app looks like a splice. The app has more controls than the users. Auto editing and auto trim functions are key specifications of this app. This free video editing software automatically finds the moments from your gallery and make the video clips. If you need to edit video faster and in a perfect manner, then download this app.

If you need to have more controls at your side, then choose the other apps from our list.


17. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is specially designed for Mac users.

Platform: Mac

Specification: Several filters, Latest effects, support up to 4K resolution

Advised for: Novice users

Apple iMovie

So, if you are using MacBook then, it is present by default in your system. It is considered as the best music video editing software. If you are an eager video editor then you must not fail to spot it. It gives a polished video with surprising effects. It also has a full functioning Touch Bar support. However, multi-cam editing and 360-degree video effects are not present up until now. Hope Apple will consider these features to be added into this software.

Here is a quick look for all the good video editing programs and their highlighted features. Hope you like our effort.

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