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Have you ever found an image of any item or product, but you do not know where it belongs? Or which company owns it? You can simply download that image and trace the site from where it came. This process is known as a reverse image searching. There are multiple apps and websites designed for this purpose. We have shared the Top Reverse Image Search Engines and Apps you might lookup for. Let’s have a look at free reverse image search catfish. This might help you out.

TinEye – Best Reverse Image Search

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TinEye is largely used by people nowadays. The search engine allows image files of types including PNG, JPEG and GIF. However, it does not enable the user to access the cropping of a certain product in the whole image. Apart from this, the most surprising feature about this app is it provides an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The image quality does not affect in all this process.

TinEye also provides Multicolor Engine. This software, forms a new colour from 5 different colours. The user can put that new colour in his search and gets the results.

Microsoft Bing

Best reverse image lookup

Microsoft Bing has been offering the reverse image facility since 2014. It has also an application version of the site named as Bing iOS. Bing Ios works only for Apple gadgets. A user requires to click the picture of that photo via app to do the reverse lookup. It finds a suitable match. It works perfect for basic reverse search in the browser, especially when looking for a certain product.

TinEye also gives Multicolor Engine. This software allows the colour-searching of the images. A user can select at the most 5 colours mix them and create a new colour. He can look up an image from the new coloured image.

Image Search

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Image Search is the top-rated app for giving the best reverse image search lookup. Further, this app allows the user to download the related images and set as wallpaper on the home or lock screen. A user can also share this image with other social media sites. This app allows the user to find the browsed downloaded images. Not only this, but a user can also search for pictures regarding several filters like type, size, colour and time by free image search catfish.

Photo Sherlock

Photo Sherlock

Photo Sherlock is an amazing reverse image search lookup. It is for both, Android and iOS. It has an appealing interface and provides the user with suitable matches. However, there is an issue; the ads are displayed while the user is using this free reverse image search catfish. If a user really wants to work with friendly UI, small advertisements will not hurt.

A user can use Google Image search to get accurate results. Moreover, a user can capture pictures through Photo Sherlock. He can also select any picture from the gallery and upload it there. But, if the user wants to check out specifically a certain thing in a picture, he can crop that item into the image. Thus, this app enables the user to crop the item or product which he desires.


Search By Image

Search By Image, reverse image search engine

Search By Image is also the prominent app for reverse image lookup. It is developed by a well-known company, PALM TEAM. It is the best image reverse app so far that a user can get related images via TinEye, Google and Yandex image reverse search engine. This reverse image search catfish also provides the facility to drag and drop, crop, flip (horizontally and vertically) and rotate.

Google Images- Best Reverse Image Search Engine

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The reverse image searching facility was introduced by Google after 2011. Google has the largest database regarding image search and search engines. The best part of it is that a user just requires to drag and drop the picture to find the accurate match.

Algorithms use shapes, resolution, colours to identify the perfect match for the searching. A user can upload any size or any type of image. Still, accompanied by enhanced technologies, it does not offer to do this activity through smartphones. A user can use Google Chrome for this purpose, tap on to Search Google for Image.

Google Photos/Google Lens

google lens

Google Lens in Android and Google Photos for Ios devices is the best app till now for reverse image searching. The feature is installed in Google Photos but has a separate running application name as Google Lens for Android. Though, the searching pattern in both apps is the same.

The major focus of this free reverse image search catfish is on animals, plants, landmarks or any other item which is clearly shown in the image. A user can easily get a piece of detailed information regarding anything. For instance, he put the image of a bank in the search bar, the historical data will be displayed on the screen.


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CamFind is also a trusted option for the best reverse search app. It provides a friendly user interface accompanied by a button. This button is used to capture the picture. There is also another icon along with it. A user can tap on a small icon to get images from the gallery.

If you want to trace the site or get similar images, these apps and search engines will surely help you. Have a good day ahead.

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