How to get Apple iMessage on Pc in 2019

apple imessage for pc

Nowadays, people are using WhatsApp on their PCs or laptops excessively. They either use due to their business work or their own personal tasks. People who use the iPhone also want to download the Apple iMessage web on PC. iMessage on the computer can be downloaded easily. This blog is all about how to get iMessage on pc.

Everyone is familiar with iMessage. It is Apple’s own messaging service application. It allows the apple users to send free messages via this app. Messages can be through Apple devices, including Mac, Apple Watch. iPhone and iPad. A user needs to have an Internet connection to get this app work. People who have Android phones use WhatsApp web, Facebook Messenger but iMessage is still winning the lead. People are doing efforts to integrate iMessage into their windows PC.

Apple iMessage on PC comes up with several features like digital touch, a wide range of emojis, GIF and P2P money transfer. Moreover, it offers higher-level encryption. iMessage is famous as the number one messaging app. Earlier, it was only available for its own family. But, now iMessage web is available on Windows as well. Like WhatsApp, a user has to log into iMessage on the PC. One can download iMessage (Ios 13 supported) on windows 10. Installing iMessage on the computer is not at all difficult.

How to get imessage on Pc

This is all about how to get iMessage on PC. Follow the following steps.

Step 1.

You need to have two gadgets

(i) Mac with iMessage
(ii) PC with Windows

Step 2.

You need to download two things on both of your systems

(i) Google Chrome
(ii) Chrome Remote Desktop

imessage download

Step 3.

Install these applications and click on launch app option

Step 4.

On your Mac device, download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

Step 5.

get imessage on pc

After downloading, install it into your Mac device. Hey! there’s your iMessage on the computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop application allows the user to access another computer via Google Chrome browser. It can also be done via Google Chromebook. Apart from this, the user can also have easy and secure access to files and applications.

Step 6.

You need to run the code on both of the devices. After that, get started.

Now you have successfully downloaded Apple iMessage on PC.

Also, there can be a case that a user has a Mac device, but he wants to use iMessage on Windows PC. Yes, this can be possible too. A user just has to download iPadian on his Windows PC. It is basically an iMessage emulator and works as a third-party application.

This will create a virtual Ios environment on windows. It will allow the user to download and install Apple’s most wanted iMessage web on windows.

If you don’t know about iPadian, then don’t worry. iPadian (Latest version: iPadian 2) is an iPad simulator. It let the user convert the windows PC into Ios and allow the user to use various iOS apps. Standalone Adobe air application is also featured by this simulator. It provides the best interface for the people who are testing Ios apps on Windows devices.

Warning Alert

A user needs to beware about installing and using an iPad emulator as it contains malware. So, a user needs to keep his eye open and be attentive.


Steps to Install Apple’s Messages App on Windows PC via iPadian 2

imessage web

Step 1

Download the emulator named iPadian (Try to download the latest version)

Step 2

After the successful download, install file with the extension, .exe on your system.

Step 3

Run the executable file

Step 4

Agree to the terms and conditions mentioned.

Step 5

If the installation procedure is completed, then launch the iPadian software on your system.

Step 6

Type “iMessage” in the search bar.

Step 7

At last, download the iMessage app on your computer.

After all this process, launch the application and start the iMessage web service on your Windows PC.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

Here’s another trick to get iMessage on PC. Jailbreaking the rest will remove the restrictions set by the Apple Incorporation. It also optimizes the functionalities of iOS devices. Before jailbreaking your iOS device, back up your iPhone with iCloud or if you have an iPod, backup it with iTunes.

Step 1

Download and Install an application named as Cydia.

Cydia is a directory of all the applications which run on jailbroken iOS device.

Step 2

There is a paid application named as “Get Remote Messages” in Cydia. It allows a user to set up a web interface. Furthermore, it gives access to a huge variety of extensions and applications.

Step 3

You need to set up a connection to the web-based interface through your iPhone’s IP address. The IP address can be obtained via browser, following “333”

Step 4

Log in to get download and use Apple iMessage web on Windows PC.

That is all about it.

iMessage for Windows 10 can be installed successfully with all the tricks mentioned above. A user can send and view iMessage from PC without any hassle. A user can access iMessage on PC easily.

Apple is very much concerned about its applications and their progress and updates. With the passage of time, it has shown various improvements and diversity. I have talked about the latest features in the beginning. They include screening effects, P2P money transfer and Digital Touch. Thus now it is possible to download and install iMessage on other operating systems as well. Follow the mentioned guidelines and tell which feature has attracted you the most.

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