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ave you been struggling to grow your Instagram following? It might be time for a change in strategy and the right app. There are many ways of getting more followers, but they all have pros and cons! This article will tell about different Instagram followers apps that work together if used correctly. From finding new niche markets with top Instagram hashtags or contests that people can enter by being active on different social media accounts like Facebook, etc.

Many followers on Instagram want to increase their followers without spending money. This is a big problem for people trying to use free followers apps from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes store. This blog post will discuss how to get followers with these apps and which ones work best for you without sharing your Instagram password.


Apps for getting more likes and followers on Instagram

In this article, I will share the best apps for getting more likes and followers on Instagram. It is worth mentioning that the size of your audience is essential in business. To reach a larger audience, you must have a lot of likes and followers.





The AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram growth service that can help you grow your account. This App has multiple ways for you to do this, including the following:

  1.  You can gain Instagram followers – one of the most important aspects of having a successful account. AiGrow uses targeted hashtags to get more engagement on your post, which will help boost your overall visibility with other accounts using similar hashtags.
  2.  You can gain Instagram likes and use a targeted commenting service to help you get the attention of other accounts using similar hashtags.
  3. If gaining free Instagram followers is your goal, AiGrow has covered you with an impressive number of new followers daily.
  4.  In addition, you can also get a free Instagram shoutout from AiGrow. This will help increase your presence online by allowing you to gain more targeted followers.
  5.  You can take advantage of their service daily without limitations or restrictions, making it an excellent choice for everybody.

 There is no better way to gain Instagram followers than with AiGrow and their all-inclusive service that can help you grow your account in just a few days.

You will not have to worry about following, unfollowing, or liking other accounts, as the team does it all for you! * Why waste your time doing something that AiGrow can do for you?

It’s easy to get started, and everything is 100% free! You will want to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible before the opportunities run out. So what are you waiting for? Get your free Instagram followers now with AiGrow.




If you are looking for an app that will help you get more followers on Instagram, then many apps on Android and iOS can do just that.

One of the most popular apps is Combin, with free and paid versions. The free version has some features which will help give you views of your posts on Instagram. Still, if you want to grow your account organically over time, it might be worth the $15 for the paid version.

It may seem like a lot of money to spend on something like this, but think about all the followers you could gain with this app! Instantly gaining popularity through this app would also lead to your posts being shared more frequently, giving your Instagram page a considerable boost.

The app’s interface is straightforward and gives you everything you need to grow your account over time. You can track hashtags performing well on Instagram & have access to other analytics tools as well!



Instagram Followers App

Famoid is one of the many apps you can find to get free followers on Instagram. This app has an easy user interface and is super simple to use! You download the app, set up your account info, upload some pictures, and sit back while Famoid delivers instant new followers.

And if you’re not satisfied with your number of followers after your first upload, upload more pictures or videos to get more free Instagram followers.

This best Instagram followers app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also use the hashtag #famoid when posting on Instagram to help promote your account and get more followers and likes.


 Followers Gallery

Instagram Followers App

Many free Instagram followers mobile apps on the market allow you to get followers for your account on Instagram. One of the latest ones on the market is called Followers Gallery.

This app has a straightforward interface and is easy to understand, even if you have never used an app like this before. The way it works is evident. You also download the app, sign up, create your profile, and enter your Instagram username or email address to fetch all the follower data.

From there, you can use one of their pre-set packages to buy as many followers as you need from them to boost your account to start following back people and getting more likes and comments from real users.

Followers Gallery is a new app that’s the first of its kind. It’s a social media account tool that helps people with their Instagram marketing. It does this with a three-step process that includes:

1) You use Followers Gallery to pin your favorite posts on boards for future reference

2) You can ‘like’ and comment on other people’s posts on Followers Gallery and get more followers.

3) After you’ve followed some influencers, you can search for their posts and like them (even if they’re private). By doing so, they’ll be more likely to follow you back and help you gain followers instantly


 Turbo Followers for Instagram

Instagram Followers App

Turbo Followers for Instagram is an app that provides you with the opportunity to buy followers for your Instagram account. The app installs on both Android and iOS devices. It has a variety of packages available for purchase to fit your budget.

The app is easy to use, making it simple to get on Instagram with thousands of new fans just following a few steps. The app also has an FAQ section where you can find answers to any questions about the app.


Social Scan Followers Tracker Instagram

Social Scan Followers Tracker Instagram

Social Scan is a lightweight and easy social media tool that can help you manage your Insta account. It has multiple features, such as knowing the active users following the social media platform and their un-followers list; giving an overview of likes/comments for each post in a single screen view, all without consuming too much memory space! 

The social scan also works perfectly well on iOS devices, so it’s completely free from bugs or glitches at any time.

Opt for its premium version if you want to enjoy some added features. Which supports multiple functionalities and allows the user to find out:

  1. Your most active posts from a given time frame or day include hashtags used by those in your social media network as well!
  2. It also provides information about who is following/following back (i.e., followers).
  3. The listing shows how many times each account has interacted with – either likes+shares per post count, which can help determine popularity levels over days.


Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer is an iOS and Android mobile application that helps users grow on Instagram. The app lets you track your followers, grow new followers, and monitor those who unfollowed you. It also has a feature that lets you compare your account to other accounts.

It’s effortless to use as it does not require registration or an Instagram account to start using the app. You can download it, get unlimited likes, and increase followers for all of your posts with just one simple tap! This is an effective way to increase your followers on Instagram without spamming your friends and family with requests to like and follow, which they might mistake as spam.

This app is free, which you can download from Google Play, and does not show any ads. While a paid version of this app is available, it offers no features other than hiding ads.




Crowdfire Instagram is among the best apps that can help you grow your Instagram followers. This site enables you to grow by adding followers, likes, and comments to your account without following them back.

Another way this site helps you is by connecting you with influencers who are interested in what you post on your Instagram account. They can further promote your Instagram presence for maximum exposure.

Finally, Crowdfire Instagram also helps find new accounts based on keywords that interest you. This is a perfect way to find people with the same interests as you! If used correctly, this app will not let your Instagram account be banned.


Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers

Followers and Unfollowers Instagram App is one of the excellent Instagram growth apps. This app will show you your profile’s recent followers and unfollowers by looking up their usernames. You can also see who they are following, how many posts they have shared, and which country they are located in. This app is handy for social media marketing strategies.

Followers & Unfollowers is the perfect Instagram growth App for anyone who wants to know why their Instagram profile has suddenly gone down. You can easily unfollow 50 people using this unfollow app and use it as an opportunity to analyze your follower list and find which ones don’t follow back, or even just white label them so they won’t be removed from this feature!

It also gives insight into mutual followers (those following each other) and recent unloaders of yours with multiple account login capabilities–you’ll never have trouble switching between profiles now that you’re armed with all this new information at once!.




You don’t have to be a celebrity to get thousands of likes on Instagram. There’s a way you can get a lot of exposure and new Instagram followers. It is free and works, so try Followmeter for Android and Followmeter for iOS today!

Followmeter is an application for Android and iPhone that will help you grow Instagram followers. The App installs on your smartphone, scans your feed, searches for people with similar interests as yours, and collects their profiles’ data. Then this App connects with them automatically and likes their posts. Hence, they notice you, show them the notifications on your profile, offer them all of your posts in one click, follow friends of theirs who have similar interests, and follow you back.

Suppose any of these users have a business account on Instagram. In that case, they will be offered to turn the Followmeter-generated activity into an ad – just like that! Best Instagram followers can post photos or videos to your feed without using your mobile data plan, so there’s no need for an internet connection.

Followmeter is an easy way to drive traffic to your Instagram account without having a lot of social media marketing skills or knowledge about trending hashtags. It’s just enough for you to have good taste in what you post, so Followmeter can find people with similar interests as yours and send them all kinds of notifications about your Instagram account.


Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

It’s time to make your account shine! With Followers, Unfollowers, and much more, you’ll find in this App. You can Gain followers fast with global media shout-outs. This App also offers a safe listing feature that will allow people who want to be followed by only those they follow back.

The application gives users unique insights about their social media lives, including lists like Instagram unfollowers. It allows one to block them directly from within the tool itself easily!


Organic Followers For Instagram

Organic Followers For Instagram

The following free Instagram follower app on our list is called Organic Followers. Developed by DikaSoft to get you organic Instagram growth, this application allows you to define and find your ideal audience based on the hashtags or keywords related to whatever niche interests you most–from politics down through food blogging!

You can rapidly grow the reach of followers using popular tags linked directly with what they are interested in learning about from their profile picture alone. Many users have found a fantastic feature helpful enough reason for installing it into their phone right away!


FollowInstta: Likes & Followers Trends for IG

FollowInstta: Likes & Followers Trends for IG

Get a taste of the future with FollowInstta, your one-stop shop for all things Instagram! You can check on trends in followers and likes right from this app.

In addition to providing graphs data about how many people you are following as well as their behaviors towards posts/likes which will give insight into what may be happening within your account or not working correctly at times because it’s helpful when strategizing new strategies based on real-life examples rather than theoretical ones alone.


Reports+ for Instagram

Reports+ for Instagram

Let’s face it. Whether you’re a business or an individual on Instagram, knowing who your followers are and what they like is key to success. Well, now there’s a tool for that! This fast-paced app will help track their account analytics and give insight into those pesky blockers from unfollowing someone back after following them just once.

The best part about this fantastic little program is that you can view all these reports+ in under 10 seconds with one click–no more waiting around aimlessly while scrolling through endless posts trying desperately to find out if anybody cares enough.


InsTrack for Instagram

InsTrack for Instagram

The InsTrack app is the perfect companion for Instagram professionals. It offers powerful analytics and in-depth reports that can give you a more in-depth look into your account, including how many followers are following each of their posts or which ones aren’t responding because they may be blocked by someone else!

You’ll also want to take advantage of this tool’s other features, like tracking engagement rates on post-performance over time (i.e., percentage increase/decrease) and finding out who might not follow back.

This app is the perfect solution for businesses that want to grow and dominate in social media. Its easy, intuitive design allows you complete control of your account from start to finish without prior knowledge about hashtags or competitor tracking analytics tools!

The powerful yet simple interface means anyone can easily create effective content by tapping on their phone screen. There is no need for hours’ worth of tutorials before getting started; it takes less than 5 minutes to learn how everything works front. As soon as one person starts using this software, everyone else will, too, because other people immediately see what makes them successful.


Instazood (iOS & Android)

Instazood (iOS & Android)

Instazood has a robot program to follow, like, comment, and look at user profiles to gain subscribers. Despite its name, this free Instagram follower app has no organic followers. Instead, it provides a way to find people and automatically follow them to their places. The best-rated app version is now Available from Google Play, and its prices start from $9.99.


Hiketop+: Promote your Instagram profile right now


HikeTop+ is an Instagram followers app to help you to advertise your account more quickly and naturally. The Instagram app offers users the right hashtag combinations to help them boost business pages on Instagram. You can download this app on all your Apple and Android mobile devices. There are also web applications available. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android services or web browsers.


Growthoid organic

Growthoid organic Instagram followers app

Growthoid is a company that gives you free Insta followers. The app is available on Android and iOS phones, which is also available to most Instagram users. Growthoid differs from other services because it doesn’t ask for your Instagram password or personal information. This can be very appealing to people who are looking for more privacy.

The Growthoid app lets you have up to 1,000 new followers per day. You don’t have to worry about being caught by Instagram because the app behaves like another regular account on the website. It does this by following people with similar interests as you at random periods throughout the day without giving away their true identity. It only follows people during low-traffic hours, so your account won’t be flagged for suspicious activity. You can also choose which categories to follow people from, such as animals, fashion, and entertainment.

The app is free on both platforms, with in-app purchases available if you’d like to boost the number of followers you get per day or unlock extra filters and editing tools when posting photos.

The company does not share your information with third parties or sell it for monetary gain. You can get followers without paying anything, though the process may take longer than you’d like. There is also no guarantee that they will stick around, so it’s better to buy some extra packages just in case.



UseViral Instagram followers app

In today’s world, everyone must have a way to market themselves in the social media age. To promote oneself on Instagram, one should have several followers. Suppose someone has a few followers and wants more. In that case, various free apps are available for download on Android and iOS devices.

The first app is called UseViral and serves as a follower generator. There are no limits to the number of new followers one can receive with this app, but only 50% will be real Instagram users, while the other 50% will be fake accounts.



SidesMedia Instagram followers app


SidesMedia is a free app that can provide you with a customized and real follow-back on your Instagram profile account. The app offers various features to help you grow your account with active followers. You can use this app to manage your page and monitor the analytics.

This is a good way for those looking to build active followers. This free app is available on Android and iOS platforms.



Thunderclap Instagram followers app

Thunderclap is a super user-friendly Instagram followers app that can make it easy for you with your social media community and with likes.

They say they are passionate about helping their clients by growing their Instagram profile presence on the internet in general. They will even help boost your views if need be, especially during promotional periods.

Nine out of 10 people use ThunderClap because its creators understand how actual engagement rates are.



Growthsilo Instagram followers app

We all know that fake followers and Instagram bots are a thing. Growthsilo is an Instagram app that doesn’t want to play those games, so they deliver high-quality engagement for their clients without fuss!

One of the best things about these Instagram followers apps is that they are a wholly managed growth service for Instagram. You can take a hands-off approach and trust them to do everything on your behalf to get authentic followers on Instagram.

This means not checking in constantly or worrying if someone else has been posting pictures during work hours! They also have free trials available so you can test out how well their services work before making any commitments with them as long as it lasts three days. This should give everyone enough time to decide whether or not this company could be worth investing in.



Ampya Instagram followers app

Ampya is the best app for increasing their real followers on profiles and Instagram accounts. With this app, you can easily connect with followers and get organic growth without spending hours scouring through profiles or paying money to succeed!

The process of using Ampya takes place through an easy-to-follow interface that ensures every step will be as simple as possible. The registration only requires filling out some basic information about yourself before assigning one of their dedicated account managers. Its job will then become working hard towards boosting your visibility on Instagram and helping you get real Instagram followers.



Kenji Instagram followers apps

Kenji, an iOS app, is the best tool for iOS users to get free Instagram followers. It’s effortless and can provide you with free Instagram followers within minutes. The app has an embedded browser that lets you view your existing photos and like or comment on them without ever opening the Instagram app. You can also use Kenji to follow other users by clicking “follow” on their profiles.

The best thing about the app is that it’s completely spam-free! Unlike other apps, Kenji never sends you notifications or likes on your behalf. There are also no ads inside the app, which is something that most people will appreciate. Kenji is one of the best Instagram follower apps.



Upleap Instagram followers apps

Many apps promise to make your life easier, but few can compete with Upleap for ease and quality. The company has spent years developing features that set them apart from competitors like other Instagram followers applications in the same niche. Their customer service is impeccable, and the pricing will surprise you.



Instagram followers app

Stormlikes is a company dedicated to providing Instagram followers and likes for years. They say they don’t want their customers’ accounts taken down by ghosts or fake profiles, as this would make it difficult for people like you to grow an audience on social media!

Instead of generating new ones from scratch, whenever someone asks them how many more there should be at the bottom.

Stormilike will show what’s going on with your current number, which can help give some insight into where things might stand before investing more money in boosting posts/videos.

Instagram followers app might have specialized in likes at first. Still, they are now expanding their feature list and make sure to put just as much time into followers as the original purpose for this app–to get more people clicking on your profile!

The reason why we think Likes are so good? They’ve been around long enough to see what their customers want, which will help you from day one without any hassle of figuring things out yourself or finding answers elsewhere online.




Instagram followers app

One great thing about Nitreo is that they let you try their services for free before committing to anything. There’s no risk of overcharging or being unable to get out because your credit card information isn’t required. Their straightforwardness makes getting more followers easier than ever with natural methods too!

This company’s ultimate goal is in mind: increasing social influence on all fronts, which means one step closer to true success! Nitro is one of the best Instagram follower apps.



Instagram followers app

Want to know the best way for your Instagram account to get more followers? Then you should check out Inflact. This company knows what its clients are looking for: genuine, active profiles that can help a person’s progress on social media instead of slowing it down or hindering its success entirely with spammy follower accounts from other sites.

It makes sense, right?! The team here has been crafting quality engagements because they use advanced filters, too, which guarantee high results.



Instagram followers app

SocialViral has offered its clients total exclusive Instagram views and likes for a low price. Moreover, the company only uses genuine followers, so your account will never be compromised!


Media Mister

Instagram followers app

Do you have multiple social media accounts? If so, Media Misters are the perfect company for helping to boost your Instagram account following. They can help with everything from Instagram down to Twitter and Facebook!

Not only does their service offer excellent quality at fast speeds, but there’s also customer support available if anything goes wrong or someone has questions about what they need to be done to grow an audience on any given site of choice. You won’t regret giving these guys a shot when considering getting more followers today.”



Instagram followers app

One of the first things you’ll be required to do when visiting Followersup is choose which platform your followers are on. Whether they need Soundcloud or Instagram, they can help them like AudienceGain and Media Mister!

They’ve divided their services into these different categories to get you active Instagram followers. All that’s left for you is to sign up with one service if it applies more precisely than others, pay through our secure payment method, then enter basic information like name/email address, etc., for your Instagram account.



Instagram followers app

Ektora offers a range of services to help you grow your Instagram account. Whether through gaining more active, real followers or retaining the most control over the process themselves with their dashboard app – they have something for everyone! You can even sign up now and enter payment information securely online if needed so that there aren’t any worries when trying out this excellent company’s offerings that get you more Instagram followers.

Task Ant

Instagram followers app

Task Ant is the solution if you’re tired of hashtags that don’t go anywhere on your feed. They have a wide variety and amount of hashtag options for every content type: from foods to fashion or even beauty products!

You can also generate specific lists based on what kind of business you own, so these tags will be relevant in promoting yourself while using social media and getting you more Instagram followers.


Stellation Media

Instagram followers app

Stellation Media is a marketing company that specializes in social media. They have features to help you with Instagram and everything else, so if your website isn’t working for some reason, they can fix it too!

I recommend talking them through any issues before hiring someone else because these guys know their stuff – trust me when I say this will be worth every penny spent growing your Instagram followers.


More Tips on Successfully Growing Your Instagram Followers Profile Organically


  1. Follow and like photos in your niche: To ensure you engage with content relating to your passions, follow and like other people’s posts. This is what we call ”liking” or ”following.”
  2. Collaborate with others: If you’re not comfortable engaging on Instagram by liking and following, try collaborating instead! Find someone who shares similar interests, preferably in an industry related to yours, and work with them on a post. You can do this by posting simultaneously; once it ‘sits live, comment back-and-forth across each other’s post about your thoughts on something specific within both industries. To get started, try reaching out to a brand in your niche with a simple message via DM.

All these tips are surefire ways you can get Instagram followers for free!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Instagram follower Apps work?

It’s hard to say. Many factors can affect whether or not they work. Some people use Instagram bots because they find it challenging to grow their following organically. Still, the issue is that these applications are often made with sketchy code, and it can be risky to use them. I recommend waiting until you get more followers before you decide to start using one of these apps.

I didn’t want to make this article all about the negatives of using bots, so I will say that there are also some great tools for people looking to grow their following less spammy.

How can you tell fake followers?

One of the most telling signs that a person has bought Instagram followers is when they exhibit behavior patterns. This includes being less active on their account, being excessively nice to everyone to have more friends, or posting with specific hashtags to get more engagement. Another way to tell is if there are generic/unique-sounding names with no profile picture. If a user has been following you and suddenly stops, that may be another sign. These are just some signs to look for when detecting if someone has bought Instagram followers or not.

 How much money do 10k Instagram followers make?

On average, Instagram influencers with under 10,000 followers can make $88.00 per post. Still, these numbers often vary from account to account because each has its unique traits and features that contribute to how much they can generate in revenue through the social media platform.

 Do Hashtags increase followers?

On Instagram, the number of hashtags in your post can be significant. 30 is the maximum for each photo or video, but if you’re looking to build an engaged audience, then 11 should do it! Make sure they all relate specifically, though – just using “repost” as one would suggest that every other word will apply here too.

Hashtags are great on Instagram because not only does posting with them give followers more opportunities to show support (likes), spread awareness about new products/venues, etc., but these same functions also mean people see what else this user posts throughout their daily

 Final Thoughts

Choosing a good Instagram followers app is essential to building your potential followers. Many options will help you get more followers, but not all work for everyone. It can be hard to find one that does what they promise without having bugs in their system or hacking tools taken down by hackers themselves! So, before you download anything from google play or an unknown source, do research first.

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