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Sometimes we get so much occupied with our routine that we care less about answering calls. In that scenario, you can avail another amazing opportunity to send and receive voicemail through your smartphone. With this new technology of Android voicemail apps, you do not need to worry about any missed calls. Visual voicemail mechanism works more like an email system, which allows you to listen to them when you find the time. And you can adopt this time-saving technology by installing voicemail apps in your Android device. This article has elaborated all the best voicemail app for Android & voicemail to text apps so that you can take full advantage of this new technology to store your voicemails and listen to them later. These apps include Google Voice, YouMail, InstaVoice, HulloMail, etc.

Previously, the moment you miss a call, and left with a voicemail, dialing a number was necessary to know about the caller. Now, visual voicemail has changed the mechanism of receiving voice messages because it not only stores them but also let you listen to it whenever you find the time.

Best Voicemail App for Android

You must be wondering that how do voicemail works? Well, it’s pretty much simple. Voicemail system allows you to store voicemails in the server and this is how you can listen to them later. Thus, voicemails can be saved on your phone and you can check them through your email.

Moreover, if you have been away for a long time, then your voicemail not only gets stored for longer duration in your phone, but you can also forward them to anyone at any time. This is indeed a smooth and easy way to get your hands on your voicemails when you find the time. Moreover, many of them are voicemail to text apps that helps you read the voicemail in a simple message form.

Hunting for a perfect voicemail Android app is a bit hectic task. Therefore, we have listed some of the best voicemail apps for Android to save your time and energy. So, let’s move on to these visual Android voicemail apps and stop getting worried about your missed calls. Moreover, you will also be saved from the embarrassment of calling the voice mailer to check who it was.



best voicemail app for android

If you don’t want to call the person who sent you a voicemail, then don’t worry. HulloMail is one of the Android voicemail apps to pull you out of some outdated methods. With this voicemail app, you can easily get access to your voice messages followed by a message, contact number, date, and time mentioned on the main page.

Hence, HulloMail comes with amazing features including automatic transcription procedure. Through this transcription technique, not only you can read and reply to the voicemail, but also save or delete them.

This technology is an upgrade or best voicemail app version which runs smoothly and efficiently. So, in case you have missed any calls from your friend and family, you can check, even if your phone gets turned off. You can also send greetings to your loved ones.

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voicemail apps android

InstaVoice is another best voicemail app with a mind-blowing user interface for your Android device. With the help of InstaVoice, a visual virtual assistant, you will be able to manage your voicemails well and receive your missed calls alerts as well. Even if your phone battery died and someone tried to reach you through voicemail, InstaVoice will let you know about the person who called.

InstaVoice is certainly the best voicemail app for Android, as it allows you to convert your voicemails into readable text forms by using voicemail transcription option. We all get fed up, when our inbox reaches to its limit, InstaVoice is a savior with an unlimited cloud-based voicemail.

Have you ever sent a voicemail accidentally to the wrong person? Don’t worry! InstaVoice is the only Android app that allows you to delete any voicemail you want. Another feature of this Android voicemail app is a voice SMS facility. Hence, InstaVoice is quite a useful voicemail app Android.

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Google Voice

android voicemail apps

Google Voice is another best voicemail as it provides you with a new phone number to call, text message, or voicemail. Moreover, by using Google Voice, your device gets syncs with other devices and that means you are in control of everything. It stores your data and backup your calls, messages, and voicemails anytime and anywhere. This is how you can get n easy access to your stored data.

Google Voice is pretty much handy to use because we all are in the google circle already. Moreover, Google Voice allows you to send messages to anyone or into a group SMS and receive them from other ends. Your voicemail gets transcribed easily and you can read it through email in several languages. This best android voicemail app also allows you to make international calls without extra charges.

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Here comes another high-quality voicemail Android app to allow you to make calls and text others. This award-winning voicemail app has around 10 million users who trust it for their work and business. Moreover, if you have ever come across any scam or robocalls, the YouMail system recognizes the caller from their database and block it by sending a message of “Number Disconnected”. So, it saves you from the hassle of attending every scam call by removing you from the list of scams and robocalls.

YouMail is an amazing voicemail technology for professionals. Through this visual voicemail Android, you can manage your calls easily and you can use another number or more for your business dealings. An interesting thing about this best visual voicemail app is that you can host conference calls without the need for ID or password. Callers just require to dial your number and easily reach to your business meeting in no second. If you want secure business dealings, then YouMail is worth the hustle.

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If you have no time to answer all the calls, then don’t worry. Voxist is a free Android visual voicemail that effectively manages your voicemails so that you won’t miss out on any of them. Thus, even in a professional environment, this best voicemail app for Android proves to be useful.

Moreover, Voxist saves your time by providing you with a transcribed voicemail to read. Whether you are in a meeting, on the road, stuck in traffic, or busy with any other client, you can have easy access to your voicemail data. Isn’t it amazing!

Other features include the transcription service of reading a voicemail in 70 different text languages. You can send personalized greetings to friends, clients, or family members and send a shut up message to a scam as well. With this voicemail app, you can receive your voicemails and transcription text in emails. Additionally, you won’t get a message your voicemail is full because Voxist offers unlimited storage space. So, download this multi-featured app in your Android device with no-ads and enjoy the perks of voicemails perfectly.

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best voicemail app for android

Ooma is one of the best Android voicemail apps which provides high-quality voicemail services. Even if you are not at home, you can reach out to your calls, messages and respond to them at any time. So, this app is an effective and efficient way to manage your voicemails. Although you may not be able to transcribe voicemails, you can successfully delete, compile, and listen to your voicemails easily.

Unlike other Android voicemail apps, Ooma requires login through your primary phone number. You can get full access to your phone history and manage your privacy settings smoothly. Moreover, you can make international calls on low rates and unlimited calls for free through the internet on Ooma.

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Visual Voicemail Plus



Then comes, visual voicemail plus, with the slightly old user interface. You will be able to receive updates through faxes on your phone number and you can see them inside the app later. In this app, you can operate through multiple accounts as well. This feature has made it easier to manage your notifications pretty well through email, phone, or computer.

Another mind-blowing characteristic of Visual Voicemail Plus is that you can hear the voicemail, the moment you pick up your phone and move it towards your ear. Moreover, for faxes, you can also assign yourself another number to avoid any intervention on your private number.

Not only that you can block any unwanted callers on your voicemail, but you can also schedule your calls based on date, time, and greeting moments. Voice Instant Message (VIM) is a smart way to respond to the messages.

This app allows you to receive notifications through email, fax or voicemail, if you ever miss a call due to dead battery, poor signals and, etc. Visual Voicemail Plus is the best voicemail app for Android with multiple features.

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Technology has been emerging immensely over time. And we are trying to move at the same pace as that of modern technology. However, due to a shortage of time, we find it hard to manage everything around us. Things like missed calls, unread messages, pending meetings, and lack of communication and coordination have somehow mitigated through the introduction of these voicemails.

These upgraded forms of visual voicemails allow you to listen, delete, respond, save, filter, and transcribe your voicemails into a simple message. Android voicemails have made our life much easier with a smartphone. Now, we can have easy access to our voicemails transcribed into voice messages and get handled smoothly.

We have mentioned all the top voicemail Android apps in this article to ensure that you never miss a call ever. These apps are well designed to keep you one step ahead in your formal and informal communication on your phone with friends, clients, or colleagues. Hopefully, the aforementioned list of voicemail apps Android works well with your routine matters and public dealings easily and smartly.

Don’t forget to give your views regarding your experience with these Android voicemail applications in the comment section below. If you have any other voicemail app for Android or voicemail to text apps in your mind, share it with us too. Stay tuned for a daily dose of technology.

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