No Sim Card Error On Android & iPhone – How to Fix

Have you been there when your phone says no SIM, invalid SIM card, or displays no SIM card error? There might be a case when the SIM card is not detected in Android and shows SIM failure error due to wrong settlement of SIM in the phone. It is really traumatizing when the phone shows no SIM card inserted error when you have to make an urgent call. Mostly, the phone won’t read SIM card due to incorrect insertion or insertion in another slot.

For detecting SIM card error, you must check the SIM at first. Then move towards other solutions. Some users think, changing the cell phone might be a good solution. But, sometimes, its nearly impossible to buy expensive smartphones within a few days. So, we have designed some easy solutions for a phone not reading SIM card.

Solutions to getting Rid of SIM failure

Here are some solutions when the phone says no SIM card in Android.


Recheck the battery

sim card not detected android

Smartphones nowadays have a non-removable battery. However, if you have a removable battery, then switch off the phone, remove the battery for a few minutes, and then put back into the phone. Recheck, if the no SIM card error is still on the screen.


Restart your Smartphone

sim card not detected android

One of the finest solutions to invalid sim card error is to restart your phone. There are the cases when after refreshing the phone, signal strength is shown and no sim card error is resolved. Good luck with that!


Insert the SIM again

If your phone says no SIM, then take out the SIM and insert it again. This is the easiest and earliest solution. Sometimes, when the smartphones are fallen down, the SIM and microSD cards are slightly shifted from their original positions. Therefore, we suggest inserting again the SIM card.


Change the SIM

SIM failure

If your phone shows no SIM card inserted error, then try to check this issue with an alternative SIM. If the SIM signals are showcased, then the issue is with your previous SIM. It may be an issue that your SIM won’t cut according to proper nano or micro size. Contact the SIM franchise, to issue you with the new SIM. However, if the problem persists, try to follow other solutions on this page.


Switch the Flight Mode on

airplane mode

If your phone is not reading the SIM card constantly, switch on the flight mode for a few minutes. After that, toggle that off. See if the invalid sim card is removed.


Clear your Phone’s Cache

If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above, and still your phone not reading SIM card by showing no sim card inserted error, then try out this method.
Go to Settings -> Storage -> Internal Storage -> Cache Data


Gently wipe SIM card with a tissue

Remember the times when we used to clean the CDs so they work perfectly? Here is the same case. After some months, if you have not taken out your SIM card and it shows SIM card not detected Android error. Then, take out the SIM and clean in gently. Clean the SIM card slot with the help of toothpick wrapped in a tissue. After inserting the SIM card again, check if the error is resolved.


Change your Location

If your phone says no sim card Android then try to change your current location. Check outside of your building or go to another room to check if signals are displayed. You can cross-check with your roommates if they have the same connection and if they are facing invalid sim card error, same as you.


Call Customer Care

Tried every technique and no positive result? Then simply contact the customer care service if the phone is showing no sim card inserted error. They will surely address your issue regarding SIM.


Restore the ROM

If you have flashed another ROM instead of the original one then it might be corrupted. Check the SIM by inserting it in another phone. If there is no sim card not detected Android error than the issue is with the ROM.
Restore the ROM back to the original one. This process can be done by Backup & Restore -> Restore.


Third-Party Application’s issues

Downloading third-party applications might create problems and display the sim card not detected Android error. You can uninstall such apps and open your phone in Safe Mode for a few hours. See if it shows SIM card error again. If there is no error then restart your phone.


Update OS

If your phone not reading a sim card, one of the easiest solutions is to update Android manually. This is done by going to Settings -> Software Updates -> Download Updates Manually.


SIM Card Testing

It is advisable to check other’s SIM card in your cell phone’s SIM slot to check if the phone says no SIM!. This technique is useful so that you will be able to know whether the issue is with SIM or cell phone. If it shows sim failure and the phone won’t read sim card than the issue is on the phone.


Insert SIM again

There is no need to worry when the phone says no SIM. Sometimes, Taking out the SIM and inserting it back make the things back to normal. Mostly users try this trick, and in most cases, it’s working!!


Select your Network Operator

After trying all the tricks out is your phone still showing no sim card error? If the answer is affirmative then here is one kind solution.

For this purpose, Open Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators -> Search Network. Afterward, choose your network. This solution is recommended by Android manufacturers.

Block your notifications

You want to run your phone without the SIM or if its displaying SIM card not detected Android error. Simply hide or block the notifications from the settings app. You can down any Notification Blocking App directly from Google Playstore.


Change the Phone

If you tried each and every trick, then the issue must be with your phone. The phone won’t read the SIM card or SIM failure. You can change the phone and the SIM will work perfectly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How we can remove SIM card from iPhone 6?

There is a SIM slot below the power button. Press it with SIM removal pin and the SIM tray will release. Get the SIM out of it easily.

How we can remove SIM card from iPhone 7?

Insert the corner of a paperclip in the SIM ejector hole. Slightly press inwards, the SIM tray will come outwards, Remove your SIM easily.

How to reset network settings iPhone?

Open Settings App -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

This will clear all the save passwords and other settings as well.

How to reset all settings iPhone?

Open Settings App -> General -> Reset All Settings
Confirm the passcode and hit Reset All Settings. After some time your device will get reset.

How to fix no service iPhone 7?

Enable Cellular data for some time. Follow the instruction mentioned below.
Open Settings App -> Cellular -> Cellular Dara Options -> Data Roaming
If Data Roaming is on, off it for some time. In this way, the issue will be fixed.

What to do when the iPhone says no service?

Try restarting your device. And follow the instructions mentioned above.

What to do when iPhone says searching?

If there is SIM failure and iPhone says searching then, toggle On and OFF the Data Roaming option and hopefully, your problem will get fixed.

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