11 Top Game Torrent Sites – Best Sites For PC Games Torrents

Being a gaming enthusiast, you must have a deep yearning for exceptional games. Those games that come with high video quality and fantastic sound effects. Currently, finding PC games is easier, quicker, and safer than ever. You have plenty of best torrent sites accessible online, to download as many games as you want. Remember, all those games you were pinning after and could not get because of the high cost. Those games are now within your reach with the best sites for PC games torrents. 

So, we have compiled a list of all game torrent sites for you. So you would know which one is workable and safe to install games. If one site fails, you will have another torrent site for PC gamers to download games. Plus, you can also access All geo-restricted websites and content with the help of some best private VPN providers that are also free VPN providers. Also, you will learn how to unblock games if there comes a need for that. Let’s look at that first.


How Can You Unblock Games Torrent Sites

Before finding out the best torrent game sites, it is also necessary to know how to unblock the game torrent site. So, if it blocks any site in your region, you can unblock it. VPN helps in accessing blocked sites. By subscribing to a torrent of VPN, you will have unlimited access to the site. It protects your privacy and enhances the download speed. So, to unblock the games, just find a suitable VPN for yourself. 

PC Game Torrenting Sites

Now, here are the 11 top game torrent sites to enjoy gaming. Let’s look at PC game torrents sites. 



game torrent

TorrentSites.com is the best list of torrent sites. It’s here to help you download free movies, TV shows, music, software, games (PC, Xbox, PS), and even anime. You can find the most popular torrent sites, organized by popularity.

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game torrenting sites

Out of all the torrent sites for PC, this site takes a reward for a well-created domain. It does not work like other traditional torrenting sites. This site has made a name among the ocean of torrents and still going strong. You will find the most popular, searched, old, and latest games on this best torrents site. 

Because of being a highly incredible site, it has a structured interface, where you can easily find PC games torrents. Its unique feature is that you can also find games for Xbox or PlayStation, through this top games torrent site. Downloading games is also quite straightforward here; you just click for the download, and it immediately starts.  

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Kickass Torrents

extratorrent alternatives , pc game torrenting sites

Kickass Torrents kicks all other torrents sites out of the way. It is a well-known platform for PC game torrents, music, and movies. Also, you can get all the crucial details regarding the content you want to download. That way, it facilitates you to have the best game. 

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FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks is one of the most trending PC game torrenting sites. You can get your best games torrent here in a jiffy. Since FitGirl Repacks focuses only on the torrent games, you will get loads of them. Whichever game you wish for will appear here. All the games on these sites will be highly compressed, rather than cracked. 

You can also request for games, but only on the “Day of Request.” Besides, the number of games available on this platform is more than other sites for PC gamers. You can download and come later for plenty of games. The downloadable games on this PC game torrenting site are of high-quality–both audio and video. 

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The Pirate Bay

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites

The Pirate Bay is, undoubtedly, one of the best torrent sites. This site offers you all the torrent games you can think of. Its interface is clean and straightforward to navigate to find the top games torrent. You will also get benefits other than torrent games from this torrent site’s PC. These benefits include movies, TV shows, software programs, applications, and many more.

Because of the availability of multiple contents, The Pirate Bay ranks amongst the most visited PC game torrenting sites. No other website can beat it and its useful application. Even if you do not find your favorite game, you can always feast on other best torrents. 

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extratorrents movies

RARBG is one of the most valuable games torrents sites. It is one of the old, dependable, and reliable sites for PC gamers. Also, like other torrent sites for PC, it is not limited to games. It has much more valuable content, including eBooks, movies, and music. 

The neat interface allows quick and hassle-free searching of top games torrents. You can type essential keywords in the search option or simply click on the game category. All the games will quickly browse for you to download. You can download games with no fear of malicious redirects. 

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extratorrents unblock , torrent games

Zooqle is another best torrent site for downloading games. Along with games, you can also download movies and TV shows of your choice. Using this website is quite easy; you can find torrent games under its category or search for keywords. Although this domain is not as big as other torrenting sites, it has many options available. 

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unblock extratorrents , torrent games

The second best thing after The Pirate Bay is 1337X. It is another one of the best sites. Also, this top games torrents site has multiple torrent content available. You can search for various TV shows, movies, software programs, tools and so on. This PC game torrenting site has the most extensive collection of all the torrent material.

The user-friendly interface sets it apart from other torrent sites. You can easily access games through the search bar and find the best games for you.

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Lime Torrents

extratorrent alternatives , torrent games

This site is one of the top PC game torrenting sites of the year. This domain has made finding torrent games more accessible than ever. Even if you are a beginner, surfing through this best games torrent site will be simple. You can download games and have all the fun you want.

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Torlock is comparatively a new site among the best game torrent sites. However, this website has all your favorite torrent games here. Also, the games are in high-quality and high visual effects. It also enhances the virus-free working of torrent content.

Out of all the PC game torrenting sites, Torlock withholds a close online gaming community. With this site, you can become a member of a community. This torrent games site offers content that you can download on any device. It favors many devices, including Android and others. 

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TorrentSnack Games

TorrentSnack Games

TorrentSnack Games is a thorough and one of the Top game torrenting sites. It has its focus only on the games, and you will have no difficulty in searching for games here. All the games, under various categories, are available here. You will undoubtedly find one, according to your taste.

The games have categories, which makes it easier for you to browse. The games come with a brief description to summarize its content. This feature has helped in filtering out games that would work for you. Once you decide which games you prefer, you can download it with no finicky redirects.

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Download Games Torrents

game torrenting sites

This site is an incredible alternative to Torrent’s Games. You can find any of the latest games on this platform. It follows TorrentsGames to the core, but it has proven its worth as well. I might find here any game that is not available on TorrentsGames.

This torrent site’s PC has separate folders available. It has a simple way to download torrent files right away, with no delay. 

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We have updated all the PC game torrenting sites for you. Go to anyone of them when you need to discover a game. If they are unavailable in your area, then you can unblock these torrent sites through VPN. So, subscribe to a VPN and directly go to the website. Enjoy the latest games and satiate your hunger for gaming!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ocean of games illegal?

Anywhere in the world, downloading pirated material is illegal because you download games for free through illegal routes. When you download games from the Ocean of Games, you are violating the copyrights of the content. For the legal content, pay the amount to buy it.

Does the ocean of games really work?

Yes, the Ocean of Games does work, and you can download games. However, the only problem you might go through is viruses. But that’s something you will inevitably face in downloading pirated material. Therefore, before installing games, make sure there is no malicious content that can harm your device.  

Which ocean of games is real?

Ocean of Games is one website for PC gamers to download games. You can find out the real website by typing in the search bar of Google. Many sites will come up; however, the real site will have a better interface, quick download option, with no malware. Also, it will have various options for torrents games for you.

How do I download from the ocean of games?

torrenting sites have many games available to download. These sites come with various instructions, which makes it easy to navigate. The neat interface also helps in facilitating your search. Once you have found the torrents, click on the download, and wait for further procedure. By the following guidance, you can easily download the games.

Is IGG Chinese?

In 2006, they found IGG at the location of Fuzhou, Fujian (a province at the southeastern coast of China). Its headquarters are in Singapore, while they spread various branches of IGG over the globe. To name a few: United States, Canada, China, Thailand, etc. have IGG branches. However, you can locate it in many other countries or places too. 

How do I install IGG games?

To install IGG games;Go to its website igg.com. From there, look for the game that you desire to download. Once you find it, go down on the same page where many download links are present. Select whichever you want to, and it will direct you to another page. Wait there, the download option will appear after some time.  Once the option appears, click on it, and the download will start. After downloading it, extract it. So, it is better to install WinRAR beforehand, if you do not have it. Turn off any anti-virus in your computer, so it does not cause any hindrance in downloading. Now, click on the extract button and the files will extract in your device.

 Where can I download cracked games for free?

You have various options available to download cracked PC games torrent. Many PC games torrenting sites are present to download games. You just need to find the one that fits well with your device and software. Some sites to download games for free are Acid Play, Origin Games, SKIDROW CODEX, BlackBox Repacks, AllGamesAtoZ, Mega Games, ApunKaGames, and Caiman.us.

Do IGG games work on Mac?

Yes, you can download some IGG games on Mac. You only need to find the best games torrent site to download it. Torrent sites for PC, Android, and Mac are available.

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