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There are a lot of video game review websites out there. How do you know which one to trust? That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of the best video game review websites out there, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most unbiased and accurate information possible. In addition, we’ve also included a list of the best Gaming News Sites so that you can stay up-to-date on all the latest gaming news.

There are hundreds of video games released each year, and it’s impossible to play them all. How are you supposed to choose which popular games are worth your time when there aren’t enough of them?

We’ve compiled a list of the finest game review and video gaming news websites on the internet to assist with this. Whether you want to analyze the quality of a game before purchasing it or want to see what’s going on in the world of gaming, one of these great game sites will serve you well.


The Role of Mainstream Gaming Sites

best video game websites

In recent years, video game journalism has faced several challenges. We won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that several well-known video gaming websites have had severe ethical breaches: collusion, undisclosed financial ties, and cronyism are just a few examples.

Additionally, the emphasis has moved away from assessing games primarily on their gameplay and quality for many gaming websites. Some sources now prioritize social and political issues above all else, while others have authors who treat certain pieces like personal blogs. Other gaming sites have expanded into other forms of entertainment (such as movies, TV shows, and music) to the detriment of their game coverage.

We advise you to study these topics and conclude whether you want to keep up with such popular gaming sites. Whatever websites you read, make sure you focus on the writers rather than just the website. There isn’t a “best game review site” for everyone since each author has varying levels of quality at various sites.


Best Video Game Review Websites

These are the finest gaming websites for video game reviews and news that will not waste your time with unrelated rubbish.



best video game websites

Destructoid is an excellent all-around gaming site with a little of everything. Each week, numerous news pieces, reviews, and features are published. This includes information on current games, previews of forthcoming releases, and opinion pieces.

Destructoid is a gamer-focused news website. It covers everything from video games to mobile game and even downloadable content (DLC). Its reviews are straightforward, and you can discover how the site assesses titles by reading its score system.



best video game websites

GamesRadar+ is another gaming news site that provides a healthy mix of articles. It offers news, reviews, features, hands-on looks at new exclusive games, and more in a balanced manner. You can read reviews and instructions for your favorite system or stay updated on the most recent news and evaluations.

The amount of classic games on the site, as published by GamesRadar+, is not evaluated in the same way as other sites. The site’s most recent 20 reviews include a few well-known titles, but most are hardware evaluations. This suggests that the staff takes their time and does not publish hurried reviews.

A brief, one-paragraph review that sums up everything in a nutshell and explains any major drawbacks is all it takes for customers to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy. Clear Pros/Cons lists and a verdict summary help them breeze through it. GamesRadar+ offers a lot of material to look at, as well as fast news updates.


Game Informer

best video game websites

Game Informer is a video game magazine with a website. This one is exclusively about games, unlike other gaming sites that provide films and television programming content. You’ll discover news stories, sneak peeks of upcoming games, evaluations, and features.

It’s a retro approach to a game website in the overly complicated present day, which is appreciated. Many of the writers are seasoned gamers, and the site has an expert appearance about it. The essential details, such as Graphics, Playability, and Replay, are reviewed.

Overall, Game Informer is a website for gamers created for such people. Although the site does not cover every tiny game, it is excellent, and there are no political issues to worry about.



best video game websites

Metacritic is for you if you want a quick score to determine whether or not a game is worth playing. It’s not a review site in and of itself, but it does aggregate scores from various video game review sources (much like Rotten Tomatoes and similar sites do for movies). You may go directly to the individual reviews by clicking through to the weighted score of 1-100.

Except for a few notable exceptions, it’s difficult to summarize a game’s quality in a single number. As a result, many individuals have concerns with Metacritic’s emphasis on numerical scores.


Nintendo Life

video game review websites

As the name implies, this is one of the greatest gaming sites for Nintendo fans. Nintendo Life focuses on the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, eShop, and similar topics. You’ll discover reviews, news items, features, and even original films here. The guides are standout features here.

They cover major games such as type weaknesses in Pokémon or how to tell if a painting is genuine in Animal Crossing. There’s a lot of coverage on this site because it reviews both downloadable eShop titles and general releases. This is a must-see for all Nintendo enthusiasts due to its friendly community in the forums and comment sections.



video game review websites

GameSpot is a popular gaming site with a long history. You’ll find current and breaking news on its front page, as well as categories to choose from by your favorite game systems. The site reviews games for every platform, both popular and obscure. Check out its video programs and forums to interact with other gamers for something different.

There are a few anomalies in its reviews, such as the writer noting that they didn’t complete the game. As a result, it’s nice to see a summary of what the critic appreciated at the end of the post. Overall, it’s an outstanding resource.


Christ-Centered Gamer

video game review websites

You might think a site with an obvious prejudice is a strange choice to include in what has been said above on bias in games. However, people concerned about the ethics of mainstream game sites have praised Christ Centered Gamer for its transparent reviews.

Unlike other sites that allow author biases to influence the ranking of a game’s quality, this one assigns two ratings: one for technically assessing the game’s gameplay, controls, and other elements, and another for morally evaluating the game based on issues such as language, sexual content, and so on.

You can also consider the morality score if you’re a believer or want to learn more about video games for your kids beyond the age rating. However, if you don’t care about that, you may skip over it and still receive an excellent evaluation of the game based on its own merits.

This website isn’t as well-known as other game review websites, but it is upfront about its biases and hasn’t had any major ethics breaches. You could find that to be a good thing.



video game review websites

Kotaku is a leading source for video game news, reviews, cheats, design, and other gaming-related content. It strives to be a welcoming place for gamers of all races, genders, and sexual orientations.


 IGN | Video Games

video game review websites

IGN is a popular site for video games, movies, comics, and everything else you enjoy. Discover the most recent reviews, exclusive news, video clips, screenshots, and more.



best video game news websites

Vox Media’s Polygon is a gaming website. The culture-focused site Polygon focuses on video games, their creators, fans, current events, and entertainment news.



best video game news websites

Patrick Garratt, a veteran in the video game business, launched VG247 as a video game blog in the United Kingdom in February 2008. Patrick Garratt, Stephany Nunneley, Sam Clay, and Brenna Hillier are contributors.


Official PlayStation Blog

best video game news websites

The PlayStation Blog is the official blog from Sony Computer Entertainment that covers news, videos, and updates for its PS3, PS4, PSN, PS Vita, and PSP platforms. This blog serves as a meeting place for gamers and enthusiasts alike, where developers of the PlayStation experience meet them face-to-face.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun

best video game news websites

From some of the most experienced writers in the business, PC games reviews, news, and more are available at Rock, Paper, Shotgun with enthusiasm and personality.


Roblox Blog

best video game news websites

ROBLOX is a worldwide online gaming blogs destination that connects people through play. It allows anybody to create, explore, and have fun with friends using millions of interactive 3D experiences created by independent developers and creators. They believe in establishing a safe, courteous, and culturally diverse environment that encourages creativity and positive international interactions among users from all over the world.



gaming websites

In 1999, NVIDIA’s invention of the GPU revolutionized modern computer graphics and reinvented parallel computing. Keep up to date on NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology developments. SINCE THEN, the PC gaming market has exploded, redefining contemporary computer graphics and changing parallel computing forever.



gaming websites

The UK’s leading video game publication, Eurogamer, is the most well-known gaming website in Europe. It is led by award-winning journalists like Oli Welsh, Christian Donlan, and Wesley Yin-Poole.



gaming websites

DualShockers is a leading online destination for video game news, previews, videos, images, and verdicts from real gamers like you. It was created by Yaris Gutierrez and Joel Taveras, two passionate gaming journalists from New York City.


Games Industry International

gaming websites is the world’s most popular video games business website, providing up-to-date gaming industry news, analysis, employment opportunities, and prominent interviews with industry leaders. is the leading trade resource for video game developers, offering editorial teams in the United Kingdom, New York City, and San Francisco full-time jobs.


Try Hard Guides

gaming websites

The Try Hard Guides is a video game-focused magazine that offers news, guides, codes, and a wealth of information about Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite. Try Hard Guides is the best source for everything you want to know about online games, with in-depth tutorials and answers to the most pressing issues in gaming!

gaming websites

A is a fantastic resource for information on game development, providing news, features, and technical articles written by specialists in the field. also offers a list of game developers, game development businesses, game development schools, and game development training programs to assist you in locating what you need.


Nintendo Everything

gaming websites

Nintendo Everything is a news and updates website dedicated to bringing you up-to-date, accurate information about Nintendo. Its goal is to provide the most up-to-date and relevant Nintendo News possible.



The greatest video game websites aren’t everyone is talking about. There are several drawbacks to every gaming website, whether it’s a lack of ethics, unjustified review scores, or an extreme bias. On the other hand, these sites are excellent sources for video game reviews and some news.

It’s also a good idea to look for some Twitch streamers you enjoy in addition to these choices. It isn’t easy to find a single voice on game websites, with hundreds of individuals working there. You may learn more about a game and whether it’s right for you by watching a single streamer. Plus, seeing the game in action is always beneficial.

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