22 Best Offline Action Games for Android 2023

On Android, you will find many gaming apps to download from Play Store and get your hands on the best offline action games in Android in 2023. Finding the best offline action gameplay to clear your head for a few minutes after hectic office work or kill boredom through fighting games is hard. Let me tell you about offline-games free for Android to pass your leisure time. These racing games are Max Payne, Dead cells Dead cells, Dicey dungeons, Brawlhalla, Critical ops, Into the Dead 2, top-down shooter, Gangstar Vegas, and Alto’s Adventure, these games don’t require wi-fi at all and are the best android games.


Best Offline Action Games Android


Max Payne

best action games android

This is the first game in my playlist the best offline action game which involve a third-person video shooter. Offline action games like this one are based on a New York Police detective whose family was murdered by drug dealers, and he turned vigilante. With this game, you get a premium racing experience. Max Payne has three series in installments and is available on the Google play store. This game is the ad-free version that contains the entire console version.

Download Max Payne Now


Critical Ops – Best Game Offline Android

Pro moments #12 - Critical Ops

Critical ops is another one of the best offline action games on the Google Play Store. This first-person shooter game will test your tactical skills with fast-paced FPS. Critical ops are available in 2 modes which one is Defuse Mode, and the other is Deathmatch mode. In Defuse Mode, the terrorist plants a bomb, while in Deathmatch mode, the player undergoes a maximum of kills in a time frame. You can install it from the Play Store and enjoy it on your PC, or tablet.

Download Critical Ops Now


Into The Dead 2 – Best Offline Game free

Into the Dead 2 by PikPok - OFFICIAL TRAILER

Into the dead 2 is another one of the best action games same like Brawlhalla on android in which you are thrown into the Zombie-Zone, and you have to protect yourself by surviving the zombie attacks. You have to run when the dead starts rising. It is available free of cost on Android and can be easily downloaded.

Download Into Dead2 Now


Gangstar Vegas – Offline Game for free

Gangstar Vegas - Nuclear Teaser

Gangstar Vegas is one of the adventurous action games in android which gives you a tour of Vegas while fighting for your own life. Stealing cars, shooting up rival gangs, and other threats are part of this mafia game. It is considered a dangerous shooting play, one of the best offline android games. Install it from the play store.

Download Gangstar Vegas Now


 Alto’s Adventure – Awesome Offline Game

Alto’s Adventure - Trailer

Alto’s Adventure is another of the best fighting games for android, which smoothly plays on all devices. The game is about a dangerous journey across the wilderness, mountains, and abandoned lands to rescue llamas and survive critical situations. The game is readily available on the play store.

Download Alto Adventure Now


SoulCraft – Best No wifi Game

SoulCraft - Action RPG Android Gameplay

SoulCraft is an Action RPG Style game same to Brawlhalla in which you have the chance to purchase armor and ammunition. The Graphics component is just average. You can play this game with the help of a joystick or buttons. In this game, People have to reveal the secret of eternal existence soon. But demons decided to destroy the universe. Pick which side you may play for. You may be supportive of demons, angels, or people. In this game, you can fight with swords, and as you excel, you need to collect armor to increase your skills and powers. If there is no internet, no issue, You can play this best action game android offline.


Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion Never Lose Hope - Gameplay 011 - Mission 2-03 / iPad / iOS

This is a beautiful, fantastic, and best action similar to some Hollywood action pictures. Game Implosion Never Lose Hope for smartphones and android devices allow one to dive into the entire world, where there’s just another war threatening the existence of humankind.

The storyline isn’t brand new, but still significant. The world’s resources are to the point of fatigue, abandoned cities have been infected with dreadful viruses, and people are waiting for death.

Within this best-action game android, you can proceed throughout different locations; you have fought with enemies and must ensure that you destroy each of them. You’re able to kill monsters in a variety of ways that you may gradually master. You can use blades, pistols, rifles, and whatever you have in your armor.

Throughout the game, there’s just a steady development of skills and protective and combat equipment. Earned points currency can be used for changing weapons or unique skills. And for sure, you will develop into the very invincible fighter, crushing enemies from right to left! The game is equipped with great Graphics and a Plot that you will enjoy.

Download Implosion Now


Inotia 4 – Most Popular Offline Game

Official Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Launch Trailer

Pump your set of allies to make them better as per their abilities. With the heroes pumped, you readily go through all quests and finish the tasks. Remember to have yourself a new and more potent weapon. Battles from the Inotia 4 have been stored in real-time; you’ll need to assemble a plan carefully and choose various activities in the ideal order. Install the applying Inotia 4 and appreciate the advanced level system of mercenaries, narrative, high-quality graphics, and improved service to the monitor. It’s considered among the Best offline android games of this genre.

Download Inotia4 Now


 Blood Warrior – Best Mobile Game offline

Blood Warrior (offline)

Blood Warrior is an excellent action with extraordinary cruelty and remarkably realistic graphics. Several locations in the game need to be passed repeatedly to extract the most valuable items and gain extra experience.

For every precise stage, you will find a reward like magic pants, wooden shoes, and many more items that help you become stronger. Blood Warrior on Android may be well worth downloading. Enjoy the best offline games free for android.

Download Blood Warrior Now


Legendary Heroes MOBA

Legendary Heroes HD Android Gameplay

You’re given a multiplayer strategy in actual time. You and your team must violate the enemy’s defense and destroy their base. There are many game levels and team compositions; however, the game tempo is still the same. You can find just two teams of heroes that are awarded three paths. Each hero has unique powers and unique abilities, strengthening and controlling. Choose your hero, and then sharpen the art of deploying it in combat requirements, after which no conflict will likely be lost.

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 Dungeon Explorer II – Top Android Game offline

Dungeon Explorer II - Universal - HD (iOS / Android) Gameplay Trailer

In Dungeon Explorer II, enemies disappear under the strikes of weapons. It’s permitted to opt for a bow, an axe, or a two-handed sword that cuts enemies into pieces. Arsenal gets more diverse after each successful stage. Generally, the roleplaying thriller Dungeon Explorer II for Android takes you into the era of classic games.

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Overkill 3 – Game that requires no wifi

Overkill 3 Android Gameplay

Overkill has shifted a lot. Individualized places have converted into multi-tiered worlds, with moving shelters and unexpected scenarios. Enemies become cruel; they throw grenades and sometimes even target precisely in the head. Additionally, the game genre has shifted from a one-sided shooting game into an emotional thriller. Suppose you want to enjoy the sound effects while playing this game. In that case, we strongly recommend using headphones for a further sound advantage.

Download Overkill 3 Now


The Last Vikings – Best mobile offline Game

The Last Vikings Trailer

The Last Vikings game lets you immerse yourself in the exciting virtual universe of the Vikings. By the storyline, you want to travel by sea, catch and rob villages for profit and bring glory to your clan.

For the smooth passing throughout the stages of the game, you’ll need to build and upgrade your fleet and as you move to the following stages, extra bonuses could be made that could be used to upgrade the arsenal of weapons. While playing this game you have to confront enemies like dragons, hydras, and evil spirits that will make sure to take you down. Games have more than 50 heroes you can use per your strategy and discretion.

Download Last Viking Now


Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior

Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior - Android Trailer

The Stickman Ghost Ninja Warrior can be a joyful action game where the player needs to fight for Stickman. The match combines slasher, RPG, and activity in 2D format. But on either side, the armed resistance characters strike an opposing player’s character. The gamer begins his journey with his bare fists.

The level ends as soon as the enemy expires. Throughout the passing, the gold drops out of defeated enemies, essential to obtain new equipment or enhance the skills of his clan. The Stickman is an offline game free for android. The game comes with brilliant graphics and great controls.

Download Stickman Ghost Now


 MAD ZOMBIES – the Best offline Game


MAD-ZOMBIES are still a favorite first-person shooting range where you must face walking dead. if you like zombie apocalypse games then must consider this one, it’s a full game. Grab modern firearms and kill the zombies. Make an effort never to allow the deceased to close, target, and take the headshot, earning more points. Proceed into the streets of large cities, start looking for buildings, and help those who end up in challenging scenarios. Pistols, sniper rifles, rapid-fire machine firearms, shotguns, and grenades, will be your weapons to kill zombies. Generally, MAD-ZOMBIES can be a fun activity, or game, even though the style isn’t original. But still, you will enjoy the overall gaming experience.

Download Mad Zombies Now


Duet – Good offline Game

Duet Final Level
Duet can be an awesome minimalist action game for Android. Within this game, you’re expected to restrain two vessels into synchronization while keeping the senses and living against all odds. The Duet is an intense action game. The game has eight chapters together with captivating graphics on an extreme level. What’s more, this game runs smoothly on many devices. It costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from the google play store.


Sky Force Reloaded – Best Offline Game

Sky Force Reloaded - Launch Trailer | PS4

Sky Force Reloaded is one of the most popular and best Andriod action games offline. It enables you to shoot from the top above two over down. This action game combines classic arcade elements infused using current technology to create one of the best action games you’ll ever play with. Moreover, the overall game features consist of atmospheric levels with diverse missions, unforgettable conflicts, 3D graphics, full voice-over, an electronic soundtrack, plus a whole lot more. Sky Force Reloaded could be downloaded at no in-app purchases.


Xenowerk – Free offline Android Game

Xenowerk Tactics trailer
Xenowerk is among the best mobile action games for android offered at the Play store right now. It’s simply a shooter game that challenges your combat skills within an underground science laboratory where a failed experimentation has been running. This is the best strategy game with excellent graphics and its hack-and-slash mechanics you can play it on a small screen. There are 70 distinct levels in this particular game. All you need to accomplish will be combatting and killing mutants and living against all odds. Xenowerk is free of charge. It can be downloaded from the google play store.


Space Grunts – Top offline Android Game

Space Grunt
The narrative of this game starts with a group of intergalactic”problem” solvers delivered to investigate an issue. The Earth’s space federation was building moon bases all over the galaxy for all decades. Space Grunts need to explore some of these moon bases, which have sent out a distress signal. You have to act as part of Space Grunts. Your assignment is reasonably straightforward. All you need to do is to find your way into the moon base and determine what’s happening. From then on, you’ll need to come across the lower levels of this moon base and arrive at the heart of these problems. Space Grunts can be downloaded from the google play store.


Geometry Wars 3 – Best Offline Game for Android

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS3
Geometry Wars is an arcade action premium game and it has controller support too. It is sold with over 100 action-packed levels to play with. it is totally played with a touchscreen as well as a physical controller. it’s one of the best platformers on Andriod devices. Additionally, within this particular game, you must visit 3-dimensional maps, and the game comes with 12 battle levels. The significant part is that Geometry Wars is played on Android and tablet devices. But it’s not for free. Geometry Wars 3 price is $9.99


Unkilled – Best Offline Mobile game

UNKILLED Multiplayer Update Trailer (by MadFinger Games) Android/IOS

Unkilled is a zombi shooter game. It’s multiplayer, special ops, and extra-long narrative features. Within this game, you’ve got to live in an apocalyptic world in a terrifying zombi outbreak. The narrative starts with five exceptional characters, members of this task force called in to do the dirty job on the roads of the Big Apple. The name of the Wolfpack knows them. You will be part of a personal military organization built to detect, track, and eradicate a hazard.

What’s more, you should need to dig deeper into the roads, subways, sewers, and back alleys of New York. While doing this, you will discover a plot that nobody could imagine. If you’re interested in these offline games free for android, then you can Install them from Play Store

Download Unkilled Now


ShadowGun Legends – Offline mobile games

This is Shadowgun Legends!

Shadowgun is a free-of-charge activity android shooter game developed and published by Madfinger Games for Android. Its pixel art graphics are awesome. The lethal alien invader threatens the earth from the sci-fi series Shadowgun Legends. The Shadowguns would be the last line of defense, legendary fighters, and superheroes. The game comprises over 200 single-player missions and various multiplayer game modes. ShadowGun is one of the best offline-games free for android


Frequently Asked Questions

What Android Games can you play Offline?

On the play store, there is a long list of free offline-games for android in every category, and some examples of such games are Bloons TD 6, Crashlands, Crossy Road, etc.

Is the Call of Duty Mobile Offline?

Call of duty is one of the best action android games. Unfortunately, it cannot be played offline and requires an internet connection to be played.

Is PUBG an Offline Game?

PUBG is one of the best action android games. This game entertains its users for a very long time and requires an internet connection to be operated, or else it cannot be played.

Is Call of Duty Warzone Offline?

Call of duty Warzone is one of the best action games on the market. Only the gunfight mode (Playing against computer-controlled bots) can be played offline in this game.

I hope you like our Article about offline-games free for android. Please share your thoughts on the games mentioned above in the Comments.

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