The Best Qawwalis of Pakistan that will totally Change your Life

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Qawwali is a kind of mystical and spiritual music. It is very famous across the world, especially in the subcontinent, Persia, and Turkey. Pakistani Qawwali is a beautiful rendition of modern and traditional music. Which combines mystic poetry with soulful music. Pakistan has produced some amazing Qawwali singers. And poets who have produced gems of literature. The best Qawwalis of Pakistan that reached international fame are most probably the ones sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Aziz Miyan Qawwal is also a big name of beautiful Qawwali music.

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Sufis are known for their message of love and kindness of all. The saints buried in Pakistan have a history of converting many people to Islam just by their behavior. Amir Khusro is one of the earliest Qawwali writers, and his Qawwalis are still sung and love in Pakistan, India, Iran, and Turkey.

The heart touching voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:

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The world-famous Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan started off his career as a Qawwal. His Qawwalis have a flare and they differ slightly from the traditional Qawwali of Pakistan. He sang “Afreen Afreen”, “Sanso ki Mala pe”, “Aaja tenu akhiyan” and “Mera piya ghar aya” which broke the records in Pakistan and across the borders. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab experimented with Qawwali and produces some fusion versions too. In which he combined traditional Sufi music with western music to produce eternally beautiful Qawwali pieces.

The powerful yet touching music by Aziz Miyan Qawwal:

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Aziz Miyan Qawwal holds a special place in the list of Pakistani Qawwals. His powerful voice and distinct style of Qawwali is a treat for Sufi music lovers.

The Sabri Brothers:

Sabri Brothers, Aziz Miyan Qawwal

Sabri Brothers too are a big name in Pakistani Qawwali. Their most famous Qawwali Tajdar-e-Haram is still a standard. They have produced some of the best Qawwalis of Pakistan. They have sung other Sufi Kalam, including Amir Khusro and carried on the tradition of singing Sufi music. And every piece of music is wonderful. You will surely feel drawn to the mysticism when you listen to his amazing voice.t]

The outstanding Abida Parveen:

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One cannot introduce Abida Parveen. She is the most famous Sufi singer of our time. Her powerful and melodious voice, her love for mysticism and her devotion to music make everything she sings an epitome of excellence. It is definitely a treat for the mind and soul to be surrounded by her music.

Even though she is famous around the world, she has a very simple and traditional style of living. Moreover, A Sufi herself, she is humble to the core.

The best Qawwalis of Pakistan by Amjad Sabri:

Amjad Sabri, Sufi Qawwali, Pakistani Qawwali

Following the footsteps of her father and uncle the Sabri brothers, Amjad Sabri too became a Qawwal. But he is no ordinary Qawwal, He has managed to make his individual identity. And made a big name for himself in the Pakistani and international music scene. Born in a Qawwal family Amjad Sabri was a natural Qawwal. His powerful and melodious voice was captivating, to say the least.

Not only was he a great musician, but he was also an exceptional person as well. Who took care of a lot of orphans and widows secretly. The legend has also Sung the famous qawwali of Pakistan Sar-Lamalan-Se Talab-Hui.

The melodious Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:

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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the voice of this age. He is an amazingly versatile singer. Rahat Fateh Ali grew in a Qawwal Gharana (Household) and was trained under the legend himself. He is the only disciple of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali, and he has proven himself to be worth it.

The famous All rounder Rahat Fateh Ali Khan started his career as a Qawwal. But he did not limit himself to Qawwali and has experimented in almost all genres of music. Due to his talents and melodious voice he is famous across the globe.  His first major hit was “Jiya dhadhak Dhadhak Jaye”. And there is no turning back since then.

Best Qawwalis of Pakistan:

The origin of Qawwali was the work of Amir Khusro, soon it became an integral part of the mysticism. The devotional music is an attribute of the Pakistani soil. Because of the fact that Pakistan is the land of Sufis. Every part of our country is in one way or the other related to the Sufis saints. The “Urs” on the shrines of the Sufis is like a carnival for the locals and devotees. The beautiful Qawwalis based on their poetry and teachings are the central part of these festivals. Some of the best Qawwalis of Pakistan are heard first in these Urs and festivals.

Do you hear Pakistani Qawwalis too? Who is your favorite Qawwal? Are they included in our list? Do share with us in the comments which Sufi singer you want us to cover next?









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