Torrent Sites for Books – Best EBook Torrenting Sites (2020)

Reading is one of the best hobbies. People like to read a book while they are traveling, or sitting free at their home with a cup of tea. Books are hard to take it everywhere as they are heavy and difficult to carry, so the internet makes it easy for everyone. Some torrent sites are not legal to use by the law.  People can download through torrent sites for books. Ebook torrent site is one of the best sources of modern books in soft copy. You can even download the torrent sites for books in your smartphones and read where ever you are.  Ebook torrent sites facilitate their customers by providing free download, and even you can order the books from the website through payment.

Best EBook Torrenting Sites

There are some best torrent sites for books, Lets explore the best ebook torrents


The Pirate Bay

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites , torrent sites for books

We know the pirate bay as one of the best torrent sites for books. They found this site in 2003 by the Swedish think tank Piratbyran.  The pirate bay is having an ebook torrent in 35 different languages. This site is full of entertainment you can download movies, games, and ebook torrent. this website is easy to use, but sometimes it requires a proxy.

How to download 

  • To download pirate bay first you have to install the bit torrent client,
  •  Through its access, you can easily download your favorite ebook torrent, movies, game, and many other programs.

The pirate bay is having 31 different servers which include 9 dynamic web front, a database, two search engines, and an 8-Bit torrents tracker.

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Extra torrent

torrent sites for books

Extratorrent is having the index of digital content from where you can get movies, games, software, and torrent books. They launched it in 2006, but because of some circumstances, it shut down. Before it was going to be shut down extratorrent was among the 5 best torrenting sites. This website is accessed by different countries for ebooks torrent. The best thing about extratorrent is that all they categorize the things with a proper head so everyone can find the ebook torrent. It also categorizes even the ebooks like fantasy, drama, education, and many others, and they are free to download. Extratorrent is given the advantage to their readers even they can share the ebook torrent with their friends.  

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read books online for free

Toentz2 was a Finland launch search engine. They found Torrentz2 in 2003. This ebook torrent site got fame in 2014 and 2015. Torrentz2  is having a trending torrent that runs for a long time. Torrentz2 is easy to use by the user, as it has only a user menu from where the user can easily search the desired book.  In 2019, torrentz2 receives the popularity from its use as it considers the best torrent site for ebook. The reader finds it an effortless and safe digital environment for its users.

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wiki books

 Wikibooks is one of the pioneer ebook torrent sites, and they launched it in 2003. In the starting, it was providing only the subject content like organic chemistry and physics. Wikijunior is a subproject of Wikibook in which introduces the children’s books. This ebook torrent site is currently developed in English, Danish, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and many other languages. The Beck Foundation is granting the fund to the Wikibooks. Wikibook is having a simple process to search for torrent books. When you are going to download the torrent book first choose the language and then look for the ebook title. 

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kickass proxy

extratorrent alternatives , best torrent site for books

Kickass torrent was launched in November 2011. This website is like the pirate bay , all the attributes are like each other, because of which kickass is also considered as one of the best torrent sites for ebooks.In kickass people can torrent as many books as they want to read. In kickass torrents, people can torrent the movie, games, anime, comic book, ebook torrents, and many more. As it is not unavailable, people use the proxy to use it. Some kickass proxy sites are,, and it is available in multiple languages. 

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unblock extratorrents , best torrent site for books

1337X torrent website is gathering worldwide fame. It provides the best torrent sites for ebooks. This site is full of entertainment people can search for many stuff like movies, games, ebooks, and many more. It provides a platform where people can get the books they want, even in the audio form as well. They launch it in 2007. At 1337X torrent sites, people can upload and even share the link with their friends. People can download this ebook torrent by using the magnet link. It received the fame after the kickass torrent closure.

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read books online

It is a platform where people can get free torrent ebook. This is providing a variety of the popular and most demanding books in its catalog. The books include friction, non-friction, academics, textbook, children’s books, and audiobooks. It is easy to download your favorite books in different formats like HTML, PDF, and Mobipocket. The size and number of every ebook is displayed on the website. Everyone requires having their account before downloading the ebook.

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extratorrents movies , ebook torrents

 Website RARBG is considered one of the best torrent sites for ebooks. This provides the torrent file and magnet links for the users. They originate it in 2007. This torrent site is available in English. The home screen of this torrent site looks old, but it ranks as the top torrent sites in 2019. On a regular base, it updates the ebooks. It has a wide range of t.v shows, movies, games, applications and ebooks. This torrent site is having the finest range of ebooks. 

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ebook torrents

Torlock is the fastest search engine where you can search for your relevant ebook without any destruction. 

How to download Torlock

  • Search the torrent on Google. 
  • Click on the available torrent site.
  • Search for the desired file like the ebook.
  • Download it.
  • Select and drag the torrent file into the Utorrent.
  • Click on add.

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extratorrent alternatives , ebook torrents

Limetorrents is preferred as one of the best torrent sites for ebooks. It has a wide range of different categories like movies, ebooks, T.V shows, and games. Limetorrent is providing the opportunity for the user to download their desire torrent from a diverse location. You can select the ebook torrent either from the home page or the catalog.

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ManyBooks – ebook torrents

many books

Manybooks is the torrent website that provides not only books but also TV shows and movies to download. You can find several books as the name pretends from different categories. ManyBooks is the best ebook torrent website that provides opportunities to new writers to promote their profile by uploading their books.

How to download books from Manybooks?

The process of downloading free ebooks from Manybooks is straight forward.

  • Create your account on the website.
  • Choose the book from “discover” option, search, or through category.
  • Choose the format in which you need to download the file.
  • After clicking on download the book will be saved in your system.

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EBOOKEE has been the best torrent site for books since 2003 and rated high among available websites even today. You can download the ebook of your choice using torrent which makes it even safer for you. You will need to see some pop-up ads before getting the book from the huge library of EBOOKEE. The website provides a download option from several links.

How to download books from EBOOKEE?

To download ebook from EBOOKEE is not so difficult and here is how you can do it:

  • You will need to install the torrent software.
  • Find the book you need to download.
  • Close all pop-ups and do not click on anyone.
  • Click on the download button or mirror link in front of your search book.

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book share

One of the best torrent sites for books as the website provides you with different categories such as humor, religion, technology, and many others depending upon the nature of the book. The website provides you a detailed introduction to the book to better understand the theme of the book. You will need to make the account on the website to download the books.

How to download books from book share?

It is very easy to download the book from book-share and the steps are as follows:

  • Login to your account and search for your book from the search box at the top.
  • Your search may show you lots of books then you can refine your search by using Advanced search.
  • You can download your book in different formats after finding it in search.
  • save the file to download it on your pc.

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Conclusion torrent sites for books

In this article, we provide you the information about the different torrent sites where you can search the ebooks and download them. These torrent sites are best to use and you can find all the books you want to read from this website. 

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