GIF To Instagram Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: 5 Best Tips  

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Adding GIF to your Instagram app stories is a fun task and you can easily add a number of GIFs to Instagram from GIPHY. You will find many moving Instagram GIF Stickers to make your videos and photos on your stories more compelling and attractive. Instagram has become one of the famous branded channel and one of the trending social networks. This article will tell you that how you can upload animated GIF to Instagram story and from where you will find the Instagram GIF Stickers.

  • Just open Instagram, go to the camera icon on your left to select feed.
  • Swipe up to add stories from your camera roll.
  • Click on the third icon from top right corner to add the GIF and add stickers.
  • In order to convert your GIF into a video to Instagram, You can use video converters technique.
  • Instagram has become a popular social media site which allows you to use GIF image powered by GIPHY.

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Here are 5 tips to make this process easier for you:

Tip:1 Grab the Attention of Your Followers

GIF to Instagram is a best way to attract your followers to your stories. You can use Instagram GIF Stickers like “Swipe Up”, “Sound On” and “Link in the Bio” in order to highlight anything in your video or the photo you have uploaded on your stories.

Tip:2 PIN GIF on Instagram Story

In order to give surprise to your Instagram followers, you can PIN image to your Instagram stories. This will make your stories more interesting. All you have to press on the screen after uploading a video and you can post the GIF anywhere on the screen.

In order to pin the GIF, press longer on the GIF and you will see a bar at the bottom. Through which you can locate it anywhere in the video through scrolling the bar at the bottom.



Tip:3 Resize & Reverse GIFs

You can upload animated GIF to Instagram and show your creativity by pinching it through your two fingers and make them smaller or larger.

In your GIPHY library, you will find many stickers to apply them on your stories and reverse or resize them as per you like.

Tip:4 Add Sparkles and Stars to Instagram Text

Write “sparkle” or “stars” in the search bar of GIPHY and you will find amazing sparkly image to Instagram story. Applying these cute shinny GIF on your story text will not only highlight it, but the text will be more attractive to read by your followers.

Tip:5 Make Your Selfie More Than Just Perfect With GIF

Choose amazing props and images from your GIPHY library and play with them in your Instagram story. You can use mustache, sunglasses, hats and jewelry for fun.



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