Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3 – 4G Smartwatch For Kids

Xiaomi has recently launched a 4G smartwatch for kids with the name Mi Bunny-Watch 3 which is quite light in weight and comfy. The Xiaomi kids smartwatch comes with 4G LTE support with a nano-SIM slot inside them. Mi Bunny-Watch 3 is a pretty good device for kids with a weight of 51 grams and an AMOLED display. It comprises of a 2 MP HD. You can easily purchase it from your online favorite stores for smarter shopping like Alibaba international, aliexpress, Taobao marketplace, Amazon, Alimama, Alipay, Juhuasuan etc.


Xiaomi Smartwatch For Kids

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Mi Bunny Watch 3 Display – Smartwatch for kids

This smartwatch has a 1.41-inch display along with 2.5D Gorilla Glass protection. It offers an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 320×360 pixels. A solid rubber strap of 140 mm-220 m.m. in two beautiful colors, pink and blue can be seen.

Mi Bunny-Watch 3 is a smartwatch that comprises an app for the camera, which helps to locate the plants via a 2 MP camera. It can be operated on Wi-fi. It’s a multi-lingual app helping you read in Korean, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, English, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hebrew, etc. Moreover, this Xiaomi gadget comes up with a GPS/A-GPS tracking kerapp to help parents monitor the activities and location of their children.



Xiaomi 4G smartwatch for kids has a durable battery life of 30 hours, and it can get charged in 50 minutes. However, the manufacturer and the seller portal have not yet unveiled the actual battery life power of the cell inside these Mi Bunny-Watches for kids.



This 4G smartwatch of Xiaomi has IPX7 compatibility. And this compatibility makes it evident that they can withstand water. The device will never get affected, even if you swim or wash your hands wearing Mi Bunny-Watch.

BABY smartwatch


The width of this smartwatch for kids is 43 mm and 15 mm thin. If you measure a 4G Xiaomi watch including the strap, you will find it is 240 mm long.


Price and Availability

You will find these fantastic Xiaomi 4G smartwatches named Mi Bunny-Watch 3 on Mi Mall, TMall, Suning, and JD.com. It is available for $99.

While discussing the Xiaomi watches, we can keep the latest update of the foldable smartwatch filed as a patent by IBM in mind. In these patent details, you can see a stack of eight wearable devices displayed on top of each other. Each stack is 3 x 2 inches, creating a massive 12 x 8 inches display when unfolded.


Mi Bunny Watch 3 Review

Mi Bunny-Watch 3 has been launched as a real-time Kids’ watch, which comprises amazing features according to the needs of children. Moreover, these Kids’ Smart Watches are wearable for their little wrists and specially designed for them.

Around two years back, Mi Bunny-watches was released with a kid’s GPRS watch tracker Bluetooth as its primary function. Later, the tech giant of China named, Xiaomi, further upgraded the Kid’s wristwatch collection. Not only this, but you will also find unique features in this Mi Bunny-Watch 3 and its app.

Previously, Xiaomi released a Mi Bunny Phone watch 2C, and this Mi Bunny-Watch 3 version can be considered its update. Thus, children’s smartwatch invention is quite handy and light in weight as well.


Child Tracker Watch

This child tracker watch allows the kids to connect with their parents. On the other hand, it also helps parents to keep an eye on their activities. In other words, this device is specifically designed for child safety. Putting a nano-SIM inside the Mi Bunny-Watch 3 will allow the kids to call their parents without needing a phone.

Therefore, you do not need to worry if your children do not have a smartphone. They can send you voice messages and feel connected with you and their loved ones. It comprises a 4G network, which is dual. Moreover, Mi Bunny-Watch 3 can also be named a wearable baby watch. And it contains multiple options for connectivity, such as WiFi, 4G LTE, GPS with A-GPS, and BeiDou.

On the other hand, if we look at the camera Mi Bunny-Watch 3 owns, it provides you with a fantastic 30-degree shooting angle. The Kid’s tracker watch camera allows the children to take photos and videos. Thus, Mi Bunny-Watch 3 camera is a perfect gadget for kids to practice their camera skills.

The 2MP camera with HD quality can be easily reached through an application. This aspect of the Xiaomi Bunny gadget, a Kids smart GPS watch, is mind-blowing. Moreover, it helps the parents to coordinate with their little ones. This is the best way for parents to ensure their children are safe.


Mi Bunny Watch 3 Features Unveiled

This children’s watch has many other features, making this Bunny-watch 3 gadget a good option for your apple of the eye. These characteristics include Voice Assistant, Music Player, and Alarm clock. Bunny-Watch 3 is the best monitoring device for parents as well.

Furthermore, you will also find several games and riddles for your young ones on this Kid’s smartwatch Mi Bunny-Watch 3. Hence, your kids will be entertained during traveling and even at home. Most kids prefer to play games when they get bored. And this gadget brings multiple features in a single device for all the kids.


Waterproof Baby Watch

You do not need to worry if your child loves swimming and insists on wearing a watch in the pool. The Mi Bunny-Watch (works in EU/EEA/UK/USA) 3 is a fantastic invention by the tech giant and is compatible with IPX7. This compatibility helps it prevent raindrops, splashes, and even pools. Thus, you can buy your Kid these multiple functional watches.

The Kids GPS watch is waterproof, and you can wash your hands while wearing this fantastic device. Xiaomi Mi Bunny-Watch 3 is available in two unique colors, salmon pink and light blue. Highly unusual and durable straps make this Kids Smart GPS watch attractive to wear.

Thus, this is a fantastic invention of the tech giant and is available worldwide. If you plan to purchase Mi Bunny-Watch 3, you can buy it online from Amazon and other websites. Hence, if you are looking for a complete gadget to let your kids get entertained, then buy this device. And it will protect them from danger as well. So, it is suggested to buy this wearable device.

Considering the history of foldable devices like Galaxy Fold, IBM can’t pull off this technology. With the fast pace of technology, we may also see Xiaomi and other foldable watches in the future.

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