How To Use -Ok Google Turn On Flashlight- For Android Phone

Google Assistant is google’s own created smart assistant which performs the user’s commanded actions. It has an impact on other technologies as well, as it interacts with users. There are various methods to turn the flashlight on. Today, we are talking about how can we say OK Google, turn on the flashlight.  It is really helpful when you are doing any task, and cant tap on the flashlight. You can simply tap on to google assistant and say phrases like “ok google flashlight”, “hey google turn on flashlight”. 


Turning on the flashlight with Google Assistant

Google is more like a google it was years before. It has developed in almost every field. Google’s integration with artificial intelligence has crafted many pathways. One is its smart assistance.

Toggle on Google Assistant


To make this feature work, you are required to enable Google Assistant in your devices. This assistance is supported in Android versions 5 and above. Touch and hold your home button for its activation. You can also say “OK Google”. 


Turn On Flashlight

google turn on flashlight

Once this starts working, you can now say “hey google turn on the flashlight”. If the assistant is enabled, then you can clearly observe an animation at the bottom of your phone screen. Similarly, if there is a certain movement in animation, then wait for a torchlight to on. If it does not work, you can say some alternative phrases like “google turn flashlight on“.

Flashlight in Notification Panel



Swipe down the notification panel, there will be a torch icon. Tap on it and flashlight is on.

If there you don’t see a flashlight in the notification panel, then go to notification panel settings. The settings icon is mostly at the top right corner. Tap on the icon and it will you list of default apps you want to embed in the notification panel. Enable flashlight from there.


Flashlight X Widget


Press and hold the home screen for a few seconds. A few apps will be seen there. Drag the torchlight to your screen. Now, it will be displayed as a widget on your mobile screens.

In some older smartphones, torch as an app is not available. So, here are a few apps you may download in order to get the torchlight functional in your devices.


Flashlight apps available for Android Phones

Check out the various torch apps for your smartphones. Click on the Download button below to install on your phones.


Flashlight Widget

google turn on flashlight

This app uses the camera to make the torch work. The power button widget can be displayed at your home screen and with a single tap you can make it work. The app’s size is less than 30KB. Additionally, it does not show ads and is totally free to install. After downloading it, you can say “hey google turn on my flashlight” and it will be on.




Icon Torch – Flashlight

flashlight on

This apps comes with a simple interface and is free to download. The app size is so small even a small smartphone is able to bear it. This app has no settings. Further, the app can be placed at a quick launch bar, navigation bar, notification bar, or home screen. To activate the app, tap on the torch icon, and to make it off it you can tap again. Or just say, google turn off the flashlight.




Power Button Flashlight – LED Flashlight Torch


After downloading this app, press the power button 3 times for 3 seconds. You can use volume buttons in the pattern up, up, down and the torch will on. Apart from that, you can also say, ok google turn on my flashlight. It is free to download, and you do not need to unlock your phone screens to turn on the flashlight. You can also shake the phone when the screen is on to make the torchlight work. Thus this app has various ways to turn on the light. This app can ask for accessibility permissions.





ok google turn on flashlight

This is the fastest and brightest torchlight one can ever download. It can use the screen’s light and camera’s LED, like a flashlight. It offers more than 10 light colors. The elegant design, with widget enabled, provides blinking and SOS mode. If google assistant is enabled in your devices, you can also say, ok google flashlight on. 




Easy Flashlight – Super Bright LED Flashlight

hey google turn on flashlight

This torchlight up like a real LED light. The easy to use interface is so captivating. Also, the app does not consume much of your memory space. You can also say, google turn on my flashlight if your device supports google’s assistant. The app comes with widget support and works if you are using multiple apps with it.




Power Button Torch/ Flashlight


power button android

This torch is handled by a smartphone’s power button. Press the power button a couple of times to switch it on. You can turn on even from the notification bar as well. Further, you can say ok google turn off the flashlight to off the light. The size of this app is bearable for your smartphones. There are no ads within the app.




Pure Flashlight – Super Bright LED

LED torchlight

This is a free-to-use app. It comes with free built-in images. Moreover, the torchlight can be used even if the screen is locked. It has a simple and user familiar interface. The app has no additional settings. Google Voice Assistant will light up the torch for you. Also, the contains no ads and no in-app purchases. What is the wait for? Click the button below and download this app now. Pure Flashligh App is one of the best hey googles turn on flashlight App currently Available. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Assistant able to turn on the torch?

Yes, once you enable Google Assistant in your devices, it will make the torch on.

Which devices support Google Assistant?

The android version 4 and above support google’s assistant.

Which torchlight app works better on smartphones?

All the apps work perfectly. We suggest you download the power button torch as it can turn on the torch with physical buttons. You do not need to unlock the screen first.

Are flashlight apps available apart from Android?

Yes, flashlight apps are available in Apple and Microsoft as well.


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