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To all those farming game lovers, you will surely know the best farm building game i.e. Harvest Moon. This game is in the hit list on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Not only this, but its other variants also received a good rating and positive reviews. Still, it is the best farming simulation game on Android and PC. There is always a time when the use of something makes a person bored. Maybe, a person wants to play other types of farming games. Games like Harvest Moon can be played on smartphones and PCs and also games like harvest moon for android. So here we are to help you. We have listed all the farm simulation games down for you. Hurry up before it gets too late.

Games like Harvest moon


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The Plantera is one of the best farm building game PC. It has a bright interface. A player has to grow trees, fruits, and cattle raising. The cute graphics will make you indulge in the game. The goal is to make your garden bigger and better. Not only this, but there will also be helpers, which will help you with your assigned tasks. Largely, the task consists of planting crops and trees.
Furthermore, a user can help others in crop raising. The superb feature of this game is that if the user quit the game, his helpers will not stop working. This game is a must-try.




best farming games android, terraria
Terraria is also included among games like Harvest Moon. It is the best farming game on Android. However, it is not a full-fledged simulator game. The focus is on fighting, building, seeking, and gouging into the gaming zone. It has unique graphics that can easily appeal to users. This role-playing action game is all about collecting the resources and utilize them.

Moreover, Terraria is about going through the caverns, which may have treasures and various resources. This will contribute to making new items in the stock. Earning money is not the actual focus. The main part of the game relies on building and crafting whereas the action-adventure portion comes after it. This is among the best farm building games. However, this is available only for $9.99. These are the best games like harvest moon for android.


Staxel- Best Farm Building Game

best farm building games, staxel
If you are addicted to the best farming games, then you must know about Staxel. The game is accompanied by blocky RPG. The attractive feature of this game is that it is much faster than other farming games for the pc.
There is no problem concerning loading the data and the rest of the things. It provides the user with more subjects as compared to other best farm building games. It can be downloaded only at $19.99.


Hay Day

Hay Day
Hay Day is included in the series of best farming games android. It is similar to the format of the most famous farming simulator game, FarmVille 2 country escape and FarmVille tropic escape. The plotline of the game is that the player’s uncle is not able to look after the farm properly. Therefore, his responsibilities are transferred to the player.
A user is supposed to view a little tutorial. Making a dock for fishing, trading with neighbors, and harvesting wheat are the major tasks. A user can build his own town. Besides this, he can invite others to visit your place.

Hay Day is included in the best farming games for Android. Its mobile version is available for free. This is the farm simulation game, but the mission is loading and unloading stuff through boats, trucks, and shops. Download it now!! What you are waiting for?


World’s Dawn

games like harvest moon, World's Dawn
World’s Dawn is a farming game, but it falls into its category. There were farms in the previously mentioned games, but here, it is all about the seaside. A player has to grow food for himself and live along the seaside. He can also work if he desires. A player can work for twenty-four hours or just raise the animals present in the field.

Not only this, but a user can also opt for hunting. The presence of townfolks makes the environment alive. It is the best alternative to Harvest Moon. It is available only for $ 9.99.



Don’t Starve Together

Don't starve together

Don’t Starve Together is a sequel to the most known survival game Don’t Starve. Playing games like Harvest Moon also include this in the list. This game is much more daring than its predecessor. Here the goal is that the player has to survive as much as possible. A user can view the crafted items, resources, and the environment around him. He learns how to live in a deadly environment. Its downloadable version is available only for $5.99. It is the best farming game on Android.



Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Diaries of a spaceport janitor
Best farming games, especially for the PC include Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor. This game is different from the rest of the farming simulation games in many ways. A player acts as a character named Janitor. His job is to reduce the trash into ashes.
However, his dream is to leave the plant of Xabran’s Rock. There is no task related to farming activities. He just has to do his assigned tasks properly. His work with vigor may contribute to making his dream come true. You can play this game is just $4.99. This is the games like harvest moon for PC, so let us enjoy



Voodoo Garden 

games like harvest moon, Voodoo Garden

This is one type of best farm building game. It is one of the games like harvest moon for pc. Here a player has to grow the herbs, shrubs, vegetables, and fruits. He has to gain farming experience. These products will further help in unknown accessories. A player can kill wild swamp animals that destroy the fruits and vegetables.

A user can also raise pets, they can be slaughtered to have magical benefits. How about a farming game connecting with something magical. Go and enjoy voodoo magic and fun to play the game. This super magical game is only available at $2.99.



Stardew Valley

games like harvest moon ,Stardew Valley

The best game which looks like Harvest Moon is Stardew Valley. It is another level of the farming game. It can be downloaded as $14.99. A user has to grow crops, enjoy life in the farms. Moreover, raising animals is the job of the player.



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game is Harvest Moon?

Harvest moon game is about the “farm story”. This game was developed by Amccus for the Super Nintendo Entertainment. Harvest moon game was launched in Japan. People used to play games on PC like Harvest moon. In this game, the player has to take good care of the entire crop. He has to give water, harvest the crop in time. Harvest moon receives good feedback from the player even its graphic is awesome still people are addicted to this game.

Is Animal Crossing similar to Harvest Moon?

Animal crossing and harvest moon both are similar games. They both are about the farm. Harvest moon and animal crossing these types of games catch the player’s attention. Animal Crossing must be played daily whereas harvest moon does not have such hindered.

Which Harvest Moon game is the best?

Most of the people are the massive fan of playing harvest moon. They love to crash their time in playing this game on PC or their android phone. A friend of mineral town is known as one of the best harvest games available. This game is having different features from the rest of the harvest moon.

Is Stardew Valley better than Harvest Moon?

Stardew Valley is one of the animation games. The Stardew valley has different directions and moves to make than the harvest moon. Stardew Valley is better than harvest moon. The player finds more interest, more dialogues, and relationship counting in this game.

Can you marry the same gender in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

No, you cannot marry the same gender in harvest moonlight of hope like other games such as Stardew Valley.

What’s the point of the harvest moon?

Harvest moon signified the importance of the rising of the sun. When the sunrise from the east it lights up all the things and the farmers are waiting for it to go to their fields and start their work. In this game, the player has to manage his time to complete his all daily task.

How many Harvest Moon games are there?

There are about 14 different types of series in harvest moon.

It can be mediated as the latest version of the Harvest Moon games. Give it a try.
Apart from these, other video games include the Idle Farming Empire. It is fun to play this game. However, for the games mentioned above or games like harvest moon for android, a strong internet connection is needed. Enjoy these games like harvest moon for android and let us know in the comment section.

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