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Remember the time when you had to sign a PDF document after printing it? Who else will forget all the hassle one had to go through. It is almost 2020 and some of you do not know that signing a PDF document without printing is possible. Digitally sign PDF documents on Android tablet, app and smartphone-like note 5 is also possible. All the thanks to Adobe Reader. Sign documents on an Android device are so easy now as now we have an app to sign documents android.

There are a lot of benefits to signing a PDF document digitally. It can be on your Android device. A user does not need to sign, scan, or fax after printing the paper. It saves a lot of time. A few numbers of taps and you will do signing the document. Adobe reader facilitates its user to sign the document and mail it to the particular person. This all can be done without opening a scanner or printer. Apart from this, you do not have to waste a lot of papers in printing then signing then scanning.

Wait!! You are also saved from wasting printer’s ink and messing up your gadget with a couple of files i.e. One by signing the document and one without the signs. Android apps have made it easy to sign PDF on phones and tablets.


Signing a Document on Android


Sign Documents on Android

Signing a PDF document does not require WiFi or any other internet connection. You can sign a document while sitting on a plane or doing the shopping. Is not it easy to sign it on Android gadget now? The electronic signatures can be saved on the Google device as well. Sign pdf on Note 5 and android tablet is also possible.

How to sign documents on Android

  1.  Download Adobe Reader from Google Play to your mobile devices
  2. Install it.
  3.  Open a PDF file that you want to sign
  4. Select Adobe Reader to open it
  5. Open PDF document, find where you need to sign.
  6. A top menu will appear
  7. Tap icon which resembles a speech bubble
  8. From this menu, you can fill the forms, make doodles and type words
  9. If you are ready to sign, tap the icon that is similar to a fountain pen
  10. Once you tap the icon, you will tap on the document where you will sign.
  11. If it is the first time to sign the document digitally, you will be exploring a screen to create your electronic signature.
  12. Sign the PDF document with your finger.
  13. If you are done with signatures, click on to checkbox, and then your signature will be a part of your document.
  14. If you tapped on the wrong area, IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL AT ALL. Tap on it so that it will be highlighted. It will highlight with a box with 4 dots.
  15. You can drag the highlighted signature into the area where you want to place it. Your signatures can be resized as well. Moreover, you can customize its color, thickness, and opacity. You can also delete the signatures.
  16. When your signature will be at the accurate place, tap on to the back button to go back to the original menu.
  17. Click the menu button and then “Share.”
  18. You can email your signed PDF document.

However, Adobe Reader also has a document viewer on the left side of the navigation menu. This is the case when you have downloaded a PDF already. But, you are not able to find it. This app can scan into your storage to find the PDF document. You can successfully find from here and digitally sign pdf on Android devices like Note 5.

Apart from sign documents on Android phones and tablets, it can also be done on Apple devices. If you have an iPhone you can sign the PDF documents in the iOS mail app. If a user has a Mac and he uses the preview option to sign the documents, the user’s signature will sync automatically from user’s Mac device to an iPhone or iPad so a user does not require to recreate his signatures. Document signing is not such a difficult task now.

Save Your Signature For Once

android app sign pdf

This feature is helpful and easy to apply to digitally sign PDF documents on Android like Note 5. But, it only works when you want to sign documents in the Mail app. For instance, you have mailed a PDF document and you need to sign it and email again. Sign and send the PDF documents is a lot more easily now.

To do this task, you need an email present in your inbox, specifically.  Tap the PDF attachment. Then click on the icon “Markup and Reply”. The icon will be shaped like a toolbox. Click on to the right bottom portion of the screen while viewing the PDF.


Adobe Acrobat

android app sign pdf

Adobe Acrobat is another version of Adobe Reader. It is the best Android app to sign PDF. The user can digitally sign pdf on Android. It has more functionalities than the basic version. It also gives the functionality of electronic signing. Thus, a user can sign documents on the phone and sign pdf without printing. Adobe fills sign up seems like a blessing.

Other Android Apps to sign PDF

  1. DocuSign
  2. Fill and Sign PDF forms
  3. PDFelement
  4. Handwritten PDF e-signatures

So, what you are waiting for? Download the mobile app right now, draw your signature and tell us the experience. I hope you like our efforts about the app to sign documents android & sign pdf android tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign a PDF on my Android?

Usually, it happens that when you want to sign a PDF you have to download it, print it then sign it and then scanning it back, this procedure not only takes time but along with it it is quite annoying. There is an android app to sign a pdf, it will take a few easy steps:

  1. Install the app SignMyPad on your android phone.
  2. Then look for options open in Pdf and it will pop up the opened Pdf
  3. Click add on the pop-up and click the signature 
  4. Sign your name and then click done.
  5. And save it in your email.


What app allows you to sign a document?

Yes, WhatsApp allows you sign a document and it does not require any app to sign documents for android all you have to do is do three simple steps:

  1. Click on the document and click “open in” and see for option sign in SignEasy option. 
  2. Sign next to your signature option and draw your signature
  3. Then save it in WhatsApp document

How do you Esign a document?

You can easily Esign a document because certain free apps will help you access E signing a document and you can easily digitally sign a document. Follow the following easy steps:

    1. Sign up on the free version of Docusign and get you logged in.
    2. Select a new document and upload the following document you want to Esign. 
    3. Then clicks on sign option and follow their steps. 
    4. And save your Esigned document


How do I digitally sign a document?

It is quite easy to digitally sign a document, all you have to is to follow simple steps:

  1. Click at the file tab
  2. Check for info
  3. Check for option Protect Document
  4. Click on add to digital signature
  5. And save it on word, excel, or any other format you want to save it.


How do I sign a PDF on my Samsung?

The same procedure lies on every android phone to sign a PDf. There is an android app to sign a PDF. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the app SignMyPad on your android phone.
  2. Then look for options open in Pdf and it will pop up the opened Pdf
  3. Click add on the pop-up and click the signature 
  4. Sign your name and then click done.
  5. Save it in your email.


Is there an app to sign a PDF?

Yes, several apps will help you to sign a PDF. The most of inn these days is SignMyPad and it carries these few easy steps:

  1.  Install the app SignMyPad on your android phone.
  2.  then look for options open in Pdf and it will pop up the opened Pdf
  3. Click add on the pop-up and click the signature 
  4. Sign your name and then click done.
  5. save it in your email.


How do you sign a PDF return?

You can sign a PDF return by following a few easy steps:

  1. Open your file in Adobe Acrobat reader
  2. Check for option fill and sign in the tools panel on the right side of your screen.
  3. Click on the option sign and check whether you want to Type, Draw, or paste any image.
  4. Apply your signature and you can easily drag, or change the position you can also resize it and then save it.

Is Digital signature free?

Yes, several apps help you sign a digital signature for free, yes free! No cost at all one of those apps is Docusign.

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