How to Control Android Phone Remotely 2020

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We are living in a word where everyone is busy while doing chores and holding smartphones on another hand. Not only this, but a person can also have 2 or more android phones and keeping track of notifications is not easy. Similarly, parents need an Android remote control Android device over the internet to access their kids’ activities. The need for remote phone control access is necessary nowadays. Remote control Android phones is such a helpful tool.

There are many tricks to turn your Android phone into the Android phone remote control. You can synchronize it through desktop monitors or via notebooks. You can set a connection via another Android gadget. For this, you will be needing to install the apps and have a secure internet connection.

Accessing Android Phones From Monitors or Laptops

There are several apps designed for this purpose only. Let’s discuss this in detail.

ISL Light Remote Desktop

It is alternate to TeamViewer. A user can look at the activities going on Android Phone whenever he wants to. Download this app to your phone and install it on the computers. A code is given to the user for verification purposes. It also has the support of chat. However, an authenticated ISL online account is required for a new session.

This app is also helpful to troubleshoot your android phone’s problems and save the data.

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To use this remote phone access app, a user has to connect his smartphone to a laptop or pc with the USB cable. Once, the phone is connected with pc, a user has access to system tools, contacts, images, and SD card content. However, it will take time to start the process. Further, it supports HD screen resolutions.

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This android remote control app makes users access the Android phone from Windows. It also displays messages, calls and all those app notifications which a user chooses to receive. The highlighted features of remote display control Android app are file transfer, contact, and message management, displaying notifications and remote access and control. The exceptional feature is that the user can attend calls vis PC or laptop. 

Once this remote control android phone app is installed, it can create a back up on your PC. It is capable of sharing a clipboard between phone and PC. 

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This remote control android phone app allows the user to connect a computer’s mouse with an Android smartphone via USB cable. The android gadgets are also controlled via this app. It acts as a monitor for the PC or laptop. A user is required to drag the computer’s cursor over screen boundary to use it with a smartphone.

If a user gets its pro version then a user can use a keyboard with Android phones. Drag and drop option is also available with this version.

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Vysor- Android control on PC

This android remote control app enables you to control your Android phone on your desktop. A user is allowed to control the phone with cursor and laptop or PC’s keyboard. If you have presentation material for a meeting or classroom, then this app is ideal. It mirrors your Android device and makes presentation delivery easier.

Thus, in all ways, Vysor provides the best remote assistance. Install this app on your Android Smartphone. After that, enable the USB debugging mode. Download the Vysor Chrome app for PC. Note that Windows users will be required to install ADB drivers. Run the setup and here Vysor is installed.

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Remotely Control Android Phone From Another Phone

A user can also control his Android device while monitoring it through another smartphone. These below-mentioned apps are really helpful for parents to look after their kids. 



This is a remote app that will manage one smartphone with the help of another smartphone. This remote Android phone app has 2 control methods. 

Allow Remote Control button enables to share display screen. In this mode, root permissions are not given. 

Connect enables a user to share the screen as well as control it. Here there is no need for root permissions. As the user has full remote access to it.

However, this app is in beta version. It is working great with many of the Android devices.

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 Screen Share – Remote Assistance

This is a remote access Android app which allows screen sharing. Its easy-to-use interface urges the user to download this app. This remote phone access app gives you the option to choose between a helper or a distributor. Connect it with another Android device and start the remote assistance. There is also an option for voice chat. This app serves as a phone remote control.

This app is beneficial to troubleshoot phone’s issues and guiding via smartphone to new Android users.

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This is specially designed for monitoring purposes. The idea is to monitor the children who have phones or tablets and to monitor the activities of employees. Parents, business managers, supervisors and many people who have these types of jobs can get this application for having an eye on the activities. Hence, it is an easy remote control android tablet over the internet via Spyzie.

This app runs smoothly on Android smartphones. However, it is not free. There are subscription packages, monthly and yearly.

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AirMirror lets the user manage his Android smartphone from Another smartphone. This phone remote control app is developed from the developers of AirDroid (Mentioned above). If you do not want root permissions to be asked, simply Toggle on the “Non-Root Permission”. This method is somehow tricky. 

Download AirMirror on one smartphone and AirDroid on another. Run the setup. Create a new account on it. After successful signup, the connection between the two phones is established. Now you can remotely manage Android phones via this remote control android phone app without any hassle. 

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This remote phone access application is last on the list. It is widely known and extensively used by many of Android users. TeamViewer has a mobile version as well. It allows the user to access the phones and share the keyboard. A user can easily access another smartphone remotely. However, the phone to be monitored and the other one has to be connected via Wi-Fi

A user is required to download TeamViewer QuickSupport on one device and TeamViewer on another. Open the TeamViewer QuickSupport, a code will be received by the user. Enter this code and click on “Remote Control”. After that tap “Allow” to carry on the monitoring activity.

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Thus these were the Android phone remote control apps. If I would have to remote control my Android device, I will use TeamViewer. What will you opt for?

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