How to Check Ufone Number? Ufone Number Check Code

If you want to know how to check Ufone number or how does Ufone number check code work, then read on. You’ll learn how this service is useful for Ufone Customers’ in Pakistan, how it works with every mobile device, and how easy it is! There have been a few occasions when you’ve forgotten your Ufone sim number or discovered one on the road with no balance remaining to call anybody. So the first question that springs to mind is, “How to check Ufone number without phoning anybody?” You don’t have to worry, because we’ve got some answers for you.


How to Check Ufone Number? Ufone Number Check Code


1 Method :

  • To begin, open the Phone dialer on your phone.

how to check Ufone number

  • Dial *780*3# and press the call icon.

how to check Ufone number

  • When you’ve finished, your number should appear on the screen as shown in the image above.


2 Method :

how to check Ufone number

  • The users will receive a notification from the Ufone service with information about their Ufone number, including activation date and Sim owner name, after some time.

Remember the following: This isn’t a free service, and there will be charges involved. So make sure you recharge your phone before using the service.


3 Method :

This is the most straightforward method.

  1. Simply open the keypad dialer on your phone.
  2. Then, dial *1# to see your phone number on the screen.


4th Method :

Customers of Ufone can dial 333, which is the Ufone helpline, to verify all information regarding their Sim number. You must follow the instructions given by the operator carefully., and you must provide all of the necessary information requested. The Sim owner’s name, phone number, etc. will be shared with you by the operator.


About Ufone

Ufone is a premium telecom operator that was established to provide relevant communication modes and services for the citizens of Pakistan. Ufone provides simplified tariffs without any hidden charges while also being run by PTCL, but operating as an autonomous body with world-class technology advances in telecommunications progress every day. Telecom operator Ufone Focuses on unique needs and wants while staying true to its promise: we will always keep providing you with what matters most!

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