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The never-ending battle and the eternal rivals, iOS, and Android, are yet again put into the spotlight because of their diverse user interface this time. But wait! What if I tell you that now you can enjoy both the interfaces iOS as well as Android ones on your Android phone through iPhone launcher for Android. This iOS launcher will give you an iPhone theme for Android, so download these iPhone 11 and 10 launcher apps!


iOS on Android? iPhone X Launcher


Best Android Launcher

It is no surprise that there is a remarkable difference between the interfaces of iOS and Android devices. On one side, Android’s interface is more flexible and offers an ample amount of customization options. While on the other side, iOS offers an easier, fluid, and static yet restrictive experience. 

However, the main purpose isn’t to involve ourselves in the debate of superiority. Instead, I want to aware of all the android users that you can experience the iOS interface on your Android phones through some third-party apps called iOS launchers. 

iphone theme launcher for android

In case, if you are looking for some good iPhone launchers for Android, keep reading to know our top picks!

One Launcher

If you are looking for the best stable iOS launcher for your android phone, One Launcher is the one for you! One Launcher does a perfect job of cloning the iPhone’s interface along with the accuracy. 

launcher app

One launcher offers a variety of iPhone features on your Android phones such as iOS transition effects, icon packs, and system icons. This launcher will make your apps scattered across the screen just like the iPhone’s homepage. You can also have a few customization options to arrange icons according to your preference. 

The advantages don’t end here. You can also categorize your phone apps. Categorizing apps will make it easier for you to carry out tasks on your phone rather than wasting time finding the app in the cluster. 

One Launcher is available on Google Play. You can download it easily!

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Phone X Launcher

Right after the launch of the iPhone X, we all fell for its interface, didn’t we? The good news is you can now have that amazing iPhone theme for android phones!

iphone 10 launcher download

This launcher will put a mask of iOS 11 on your Android display and make it function exactly like iPhone. If your android phone has some top-notch display already, it is a cherry on top when you’ll add iPhone X’s interface!

This iOS 11 launcher app also comes with customization options giving you more control. So, don’t wait for the iPhone 10 launcher download. 

iOS 11 Launcher app is easily downloadable from Google Play Store.

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xOS Launcher 2020

Another smooth app that can give your android phone a makeover like the iPhone is xOS Launcher. xOS Launcher provides you an iPhone interface along with a variety of customization features, and who wouldn’t like that?

What makes this xOS Launcher unique? This app is great in terms of compatibility. You can run this even on entry-level android phones

This app can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store. 

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iOS 12 Launcher

Let’s just break it; iOS 12 is actually very dope when it comes to mobile software systems. Hands down the most interactive interface one can ever get!

Well, don’t be disheartened by my Android fellas. You can also take advantage of iOS 12, and no, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy the iPhone first. 

This iOS 12 Launcher that can you search from the Google Play Store converts your Android phone’s interface into the brand new iOS 12. Through this launcher, you can actually set apple-themed wallpapers and get notifications, just like the notification of the iPhone. 

ios 13 download

Furthermore, calendar, contacts, and weather information can also be retrieved in an iOS 12 manner, and trust me; it is actually amazing! Not only this, to give you the actual look and feel of the iPhone, it even has rounded corners just like in newer iPhones. 

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iLauncher X

If you are a person who doesn’t like to play around with phones much but still love an easier interface just like iOS? Then this launcher is the answer to your questions!

new iphone launcher , ios launcher for android

iLauncher X marks to be the easiest and simple launcher in our list. Just by a single click, it can change your android icons into iPhone’s icon.

iLauncher X is limited in terms of customization which makes this app static. 

On a brighter side, this launcher is lightweight and fast. You can easily download it through Google Play Store. 

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Launcher iOS 13

[iOS 17 Launcher] iOS 17 Launcher for Android Preview

If you have an Android device but want to experience the features of an iPhone, then you should install the Launcher iOS 13. It is the most simple and easy to use iPhone launcher for Android. It turns your Android device into an iPhone by giving it the same look and features. Lastly, It even adds the iPhone X notch on the top of your screen. 

The Launcher iOS 13 is customizable, which means that you can make changes to it according to your preference. By installing this iOS launcher for Android on your device, you can turn it into an intelligent and powerful device, better than it was before. You can easily download it from Google Playstore.

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Launcher iPhone

ios launcher for android

For a perfect iPhone interface, without any glitches or instability issues, Launcher iPhone is the perfect iOS launcher for Android. It is so accurate that you will feel like you are actually using an iPhone. This will give your phone the same icon packs and system icons like an iPhone, along with the exact transition effects. Plus, It also enables you to categorize your apps according to their usage.

It Launcher iPhone turns your phone into an iPhone clone but it can be customized to retain your previous settings or make new changes according to your liking. It is easily available on Google Playstore.

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Control Center iOS 13

ios launcher for android

Everyone wants a smooth interface with customization options when they install a launcher on their phones. The iPhone launcher for Android by the name of Control Center iOS 13 serves this purpose. It is a trouble-free launcher that gives your phone access to settings similar to the iPhone. The best part about this app is that it can run on all Android devices, so the version of your phone won’t be an issue if you download this launcher.

With simple and easy customization options, you can change the settings however you like keeping your convenience in mind. You can download the Control Center iOS 13 from the Google Playstore.

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Control Panel 

YouTube player

Using an Android device, one usually misses out on the control center shortcut toggles of an iOS interface. Worry no more, as the iOS launcher for Android app Control Panel, is here to make you experience all iPhone like features on your Android. It adds shortcut toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, volume, and brightness to your phone making it as close to an iOS interface as possible.

So if iPhone is not an option, then Control Panel – Smart Toggle is the app you need to customize your phone and enjoy the iPhone experience. Head to the Google Playstore to download it.

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Final Thoughts

I know the urge to switch to an iPhone’s interface without actually getting an iPhone due to its cost worth and restrictions. Don’t be disheartened! This problem is almost solved for you!

As mentioned above are one of the best iPhone launchers you can get for your Android phone. Just by a simple download and few taps you’ll be up running your phone with an iPhone’s interface.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use iMessage on Android?

In normal cases, iMessage cannot work on Android because of the difference in interface. Apple has special end-to-end encryption that secures the messages between the sender and receiver device. So only devices that can decrypt the messages are able to use the iMessage app and they are Apple devices. But there are some apps known as iOS launchers for Android, which can make iPhone apps work on Android devices.
Some apps that can enable iMessage to be compatible with your Android are:

  • One Launcher
  • Phone X Launcher
  • WeMessage (for iMessage only)

So download these apps to experience iPhone like features on your Android device.

How do I get iMessage on my Samsung?

As Samsung has an Android interface, it requires an iPhone launcher for the Android app to be able to use iMessage, which uses an iOS interface compatible with Apple devices only.
You can install the following app on your Samsung device to use iMessage on it:

  • Launcher iOS 13
  • xOS Launcher 2020
  • iLauncher X

What is the best iMessage app for Android?

There are several iMessage apps for Android such as:

Are launchers safe for Android?

IOS launchers for Android are perfectly safe and can be installed if Android users want to experience iOS interface. Most iPhone launchers for Android are easily available for free download on Google Playstore.

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