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Home decoration apps in Android and iOS which are best to design the interior of your house without costing you a penny can be found here. You can decorate your house in the best way through these amazing Android and iOS apps. This article will provide you an overview of best home decor apps or room decorating apps to make your house beautiful. Apps for Designing a room


IKEA - Home Decoration APP (Interactive)


You do not have to hire an interior designer to design your house now. You can now install your favorite interior designing app from Play Store and enjoy this amazing facility on your Android and iOS. With the below-mentioned room decorating apps, you can make your house beautiful.

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Applications which you can install on your Android handset and iPhone are as follows:


Home Decorating Apps

These home decorating apps will give you mind-blowing design ideas for the interior and exterior design of your house. From paint colors to the piece of furniture in the living room, you will be injected with millions of ideas through these home decor apps.

Whether your home is small or big, you will get professional designs from these home designing apps. These interior decorating apps will make your house more beautiful and attractive beyond your imaginations.


Homestyler Interior Design

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This is a 3D home décor tool and Interior Design Inspiration and helps you give your house a perfect décor. By following simple guidelines in these home decoration apps, you can renovate your house completely. All you have to do is to click a picture of your home space and add it to this home decor app and see the magic that how it will remodel your home.

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Home Design, 3D Gold

Discover Home Design 3D - TRAILER

If you want to completely remodel and beautify your home, then install this app on your handset. Home Design, 3D Gold will give the best architectural designs to your home and make it spacious and comfortable. In this App, first, you will be designing a Floor Plan, then it will furnish and decorate both interior and exterior of your home. This app provides you many pieces of furniture and accessories to set your house according to the trend.

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BrightNest is one of the home decoration apps that makes the homeowner happy by maintaining the house through simple tricks and ease their life. If you want a perfect wall paints along with the best interior, then this is the perfect App to implement your ideas. This app suggests the best tricks, tips, and help you incorporate the latest interior designs in your house.

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Houzz app is another complete package that provides you guidance for interior, home decoration, and architecture. It is not only an App but also a website that comprises of articles, features, posts, and blogs that help you decorate your house with exciting tools, furniture, and techniques. This is a free app and you can upload a photo on Houzz from your phone gallery to check various designs.

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Zillow Digs

zillo app

If you want to renovate and decorate your home, then Zillow Digs is an amazing app that makes it simpler and easier. It is a hub for interior designing ideas. In your iPhone or iPad through an IOS optimization, you can discover new ideas for your home and share it with the world after the implementation of those ideas.

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MagicPlan – home decorating apps

magicplan for Renovation & Construction

MagicPlan is an App that helps you to decorate your house from ceiling to the Floor. Hanging delicate and spacious chandeliers changes the whole look of the home for you and your guests. You need to trust the interior designing ideas of this home decor app and then see the magic.

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home decor apps , interior design app

With the help of the augmented reality technique, these apps will help you in your home renovations and home improvement. You can rely on any of these amazing room decorating apps without any doubt when it comes to the interior decoration of your house.

Moreover, these home decoration apps will let you know about which paint suits your house. You can prefer to use Benjamin Moore paints to give your house a lovely colorful look. You can choose the color from the color palettes as well.

The photo measures quality of these apps will help you design projects related to housing. After estimating the area of the room, which you want to design, this app will provide plenty of ideas.


iHandy Level

ihandy level , interior design app

Another important app for iOS device users is the iHandy Level. This is an amazing invention that will help you with the interior of your house with so much ease. All you have to install this app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and place it on the flat surface in your house.

The iHandy Level application will let you know about how much flat is your house surface. Moreover, you will be able to place certain objects in your house at the right position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Free Home Design App?

There is no one answer to this question. There are a lot of free home design apps, such as Homestyler Interior Design, Houzz, Home Design 3D Gold, Zillow Digs, and many more. All of them have different features for home designs. You have to choose the one that fits you best.

Is there an App to Decorate a Room?

Of course, there are plenty of apps that you can use to decorate a room. MagicPlan, Home Design 3D, and BrightNest give you fairly good ideas to decorate your room.

What App do interior Designers use?

Interior designers use different soft wares or apps for their professional design. These apps or soft wares may or may not be free. However, some interior designers do prefer Hutch, I Art view Houzz, or H&M Home Stylist to create professional designs. 

Who is the Richest Interior Designer?

Interior designers take a large sum of money to decorate and design spaces. The interior designers’ profession is not static. They have to go with the current trend, style, technology, and whatnot. Some of the richest designers are Kelly Wearstler, Peter Marino, and many more.

What App do Designers use?

Designers use many apps as per their needs. They have access to paid and free soft wares and apps. Some of the notable apps and soft wares are SketchBook Pro, Infinite Design, my Pantone, Fontly, Adobe Photoshop Express.

What is the Best App for Design?

Many designing apps are available for both windows and android phones. You have to choose the one that sits best with you. Some of the apps for windows, you can check out, are Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, or Affinity Designer. While for the Android, you can check Sketch’em, AutoCAD 360, and ArtFlow.

How do I Design an iPhone App?

First, you need to have an idea for an app. This idea will lead you to sketch the app. Then you need to do some market research and create the features of your app. Now, make a rough layout or mockup to check its design, and then find a good graphic design for your app. Find out appropriate tools and then design with them.

How do you make a Free iPhone app for home decor?

You can make your app free through several tools available. Use a free iOS App maker, such as Appy Pie’s free iPhone app maker, and build a free iPhone app. 

How do Beginners Create apps for designing a Room?

A beginner needs to learn coding and programming languages. Alternatively, they can use free app makers, such as iBuildApp app maker software to create apps.

How much does it cost to create a home Decorating App?

Well, there is no accurate or fixed cost to create an app. It depends on the design and complexity of your app; complex apps have are pricier. 

These room decorating apps or home designing apps will make you fall in love with your house. If you have plans to utilize any room decorating app, the results will be jaw-dropping for your friends, family, and even rivals.

Home decoration Apps actually works when you better implement those creative ideas mentioned in the app. Install these amazing Apps to get the best interior of your home.

Let us know if you loved these apps for designing your room in the comment section below. Share it with your loved one as we have tried our best to cover the home decorating apps you would love

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