Zong PUK Code And 8-Digit PIN Code 2019

If you are a Zong subscriber and sometimes you have your mobile SIM card blocked. Without PIN code and Zong PUK code number, you cannot be able to activate your SIM card. There is a solution to unblock your Zong SIM card through restoring the PUK code. This article has highlighted the facts about how to unlock PUK code, Zong PIN code and Zong PUK code generator as well.

Zong has become the best mobile data network operator in Pakistan. It is growing telecom services throughout Pakistan with more than 31 million users. Here are mentioned some methods to find the 8 digits PUK code number which will help you unblock your Zong SIM card.

zong PUK code

What is a PUK Code?

PUK is basically a Personal Unlocking Key code used to reset the Personal Identification Number PIN in case you have lost it. The Zong PUK code is used on the 3GPP mobile devices with Zong network.

Unblock Zong SIM Methods:

In case you have your SIM blocked by entering a wrong or an incorrect number three, four times, you have no need to worry. Zong Company has introduced certain methods for not only unblocking your personal SIM card, but you can also reset the Zong PUK or PIN code.

Following are the methods through which you can unblock your Zong SIM card. Let’s have a look at these tricks and procedures.

How to unblock Zong SIM or Reset PUK and PIN code?

So, let’s talk about how to unlock Zong PUK code in Pakistan. If you have accidentally blocked your SIM card by entering an incorrect number or else, then you are just few steps away from unlocking it.

Note that your Zong SIM must be registered in your name, otherwise you may not be able to avail this opportunity of getting new code number. The owner of the Zong SIM card will get that code so you can also ask that person.

how to unlock puk code

Find out your Zong PUK code through SMS:

In order to unblock your SIM, you must know about the Zong PUK code number. If you are unable to find that particular number to know how to unlock PUK code, just follow below mentioned steps.

Fortunately, you can get this PUK code by sending an SMS as well.

  • All you have to do is type “PUK” in the message option.
  • Then, send it to 830
  • You will get a PUK code of your Zong SIM within few seconds.

There is another way that how to unlock PUK code through getting a code in your mobile. You can get the PUK code through CNIC. Follow these steps and get your Zong PUK code on your phone.

  • Write mobile number, CNIC and 1 in the message section.
  • You will get this Format 03XX XXXXXXX 37405-XXXXXXX-X 1
  • Send this format to 7172
  • In this way, you can get the desired code number on your phone instantly.

In order to make sure that you may not forget this code again, jot it down somewhere safe. So, if you get your Zong SIM blocked by mistake, get your Zong SIM PIN or PUK code through any of these methods.

How to unlock PUK code with the help of Helpline or Customer Support?

In case you want to inquire about the PUK code of any other Zong number or you have your Zong SIM card already blocked permanently. Even if your phone is blocked, you can easily find out the PUK code of your SIM. Just dial a Zong helpline number from any other Zong SIM.

Here are a few steps you can follow to avail this customer service:

  • Dial a three digit number 310 from your mobile dialer section.
  • By dialing 310, you will be connected to the customer care Zong Helpline.
  • The representative of Zong Customer care will ask you to provide an 8 to 15 digit SIM card number written on the back side of your Zong SIM card.
  • The customer care representative will ask you about the details of the SIM owner like name and Mother’s name.
  • After providing the relevant and correct information, verification will be done.
  • After passing through a verification procedure of Zong SIM ownership, you will be provided with the Zong PUK or PIN code number.

Zong PUK Code Generator:

According to the no. 1 data network Zong, you cannot generate a PUK code with the help of any software. Therefore, it is suggested to use your SIM carefully in order to avoid unnecessary blocking.

The default PIN number of Zong is 0000 and this is the only way to unlock the SIM. However, if this method does not work for you for the first time, then there is no need to make a second attempt.

Note that it is better not to enter the same Zong default PIN code again and again. Otherwise, you may get your Zong SIM blocked permanently and it will be a headache for you unlock it easily. And keep that in mind that there is no such Zong PUK code generator that will save you from the misery later.

Zong PIN Code Generator:

Just like a Zong PUK code generator, there is no such Zong PIN code generator as well. However, you can change the Zong SIM PIN from your mobile phone settings. The Zong PIN code generator can be changed easily just like a Password and you can keep it safe so that you may not lose it.

Here is the method through which you can change your Zong PIN code:

  • Firstly, go to mobile Settings
  • Secondly, select the Change PIN code option on the menu
  • The service portal will ask you for the current PIN code
  • Add the default PIN code in the required space
  • The administrator will ask you to enter the new PIN code of your choice. Enter your desired PIN code number.
  • Your Zong PIN code is successfully changed from old to new PIN code.

Other Options:

With the help of the above mentioned procedures, you can easily get your Zong PUK code number and unblock your SIM. Moreover, if you want to save yourself from the chaos, you can also download APP Locks from the Play Store of App Store.

Thus, if you install Lock applications, you will no longer need to worry about the PUK and PIN codes any more.


Additionally, it is also recommended to beware of those Apps who claim to generate your Zong PUK and PIN code through any software. Zong is only responsible for providing you with an authorized PIN and PUK codes.

Moreover, Zong keeps the creation of PUK and PIN codes highly confidential and no third party has access to this information. It is better not to try any such App or software.

Zong Background:

Zong is considered as the first China mobile setup overseas and notified as their 100% subsidiary. With amazing GSM service of Zong has become the fast internet service provider. Moreover, it also offers you with several Calls and SMS packages along with 4G/LET internet which has now accessible to both Prepaid and Postpaid users.

In Pakistan, Zong headquarter is located in Islamabad. With approximately 33 million subscribers, it has gathered huge user base. This is the reason Zong has gained market share of 21% in the world of cellular networks in Pakistan.

Hopefully, the information on how to unlock PUK code and Zong PUK code number will help you to overcome any unfavorable incident in the future.

Share it with your loved ones and stay connected for more details. You can also tell us about your views regarding Zong PUK code in the comment section below.

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