Worst Inventions of Mankind- Check 25 Useless Inventions

Mankind with great minds has come up with brilliant inventions to make this Earth worth living. However, some of them are considered as worst inventions ever as they have caused unimaginable destruction of human beings and the Earth. Let me give you an overview of some of the horrible inventions or we can say Useless Inventions of mankind like Agent Orange, Gas Chamber, and Smell-o-Vision.

Top 10 Worst Inventions Of All Time!


25 Worst Inventions


Agent Orange

agent orange

Back in 1943, a biologist Arthur Galston started working on a plant hormone named triiodobenzoic acid. He wanted to change the growth season of soybeans, but it was not successful. Instead, the crops started defoliating as a result of agent orange.

Later, the U.S army used this Agent Orange or herbicide to destroy the crops of enemies for a better view. The U.S military troops used this worst invention of mankind during the Vietnam War to destroy the thick forest of enemies.

Impacts of horrible inventions like Agent Orange on humans and the atmosphere were worse. The side effects of Agent Orange were adverse than expected. And it caused birth defects and cancer in Vietnam and among the U.S troops as well.



worst inventions

Smell-o-vision was the name of a machine that used to let people smell whatever they see in the movie. During 1960, a man named Hans Laube applied this technique in one movie, which was named “Scent of Mystery”. How can you smell whatever you see? Sound weird!

Although, the technique sounds so funny where the different scent was projected through the tubes so that it may reach every seat in theatres. Based on the song or picture, the smell was triggered. Smell-o-vision was never used again.


Gas Chamber

horrible inventions

The gas chamber is considered as one of the horrible inventions of mankind. There were no good intentions behind this invention which was used as a torture cell in humans and animals.

Several people were kept in large chambers forcefully during the Holocaust to inject poisonous gases. This was the most preferred method to kill millions of people in World War II.


The Electric Chair

worst invention of mankind

This process of execution by electrocution was invented in 1881 by Alfred P. Southwick from Buffalo, city of New York. This is the worst invention ever of mankind, which was originated in the United States.

Under this method of execution, the condemned prisoner is tied to a wooden chair. He is then, Electrocuted with electrodes placed on his head and legs. This has been used as an alternate method to hang prisoners in the U.S and the Philippines.


Nuclear Fission

agent orange

Nuclear power is considered as a sign of strength and power. On the other hand, this is the worst invention of mankind as nuclear war has its uncontrollable side effects.

Scientists discovered that if you remove the nucleus of the atom, it releases a large amount of energy. As a result of this invention, the number of nuclear weapons has been created which are highly toxic for living beings.



horrible inventions

Tobacco rolled into a piece of paper was invented in the ninth century as a cigarette. In the beginning, cigarettes were just discovered as a religious ritual and now it has become an addiction.

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, and it may cause death as well. Around half of the smokers die with tobacco-related diseases and due to this its one of the worst inventions ever.


Chlorofluorocarbon CFCs

worst invention of mankind

CFCs chemical is highly toxic to the atmosphere of the earth. This chemical compound is called Freon gas, which is used in refrigerators.

Chlorofluorocarbon is damaging the protective ozone layer of the earth. We all know that the ozone layer protects us from the cancerous UV rays of the sun. Unfortunately, such worst invention of mankind is deteriorating the ozone layer year by year.


Electric Facial Mask

agent orange

The electric facial mask claims to make your skin fresh and younger while massaging your face. Scary enough! I think we all would love to choose the manual facial procedure instead of this horrible & Useless Inventions.



worst inventions ever

Gunpowder is another worst invention of mankind from the seventh century. It was invented accidentally by a Chinese Alchemists while looking for medicine for immortality.

They found that a mixture of sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal is capable of creating a strong weapon. What an irony! The weapon has killed millions since its invention.


Hydrogen Blimps

horrible inventions

Usually, helium is used in blimps or airships. But in 1931, the Hindenburg disaster occurred, when the makers of this airship decided to use hydrogen instead.

The hydrogen is more volatile, caught fire and the airship was destroyed causing 36 casualties.



worst invention of mankind

Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane DDT is an insecticide to kill mosquitoes. It was frequently used during World War II. However, later researchers found that it has drastic impacts on human health, causing neurological and fertility problems.

After this worst invention in 1873, it was banned due to the adverse impacts on humans and animals.


Anti-eating mask

worst inventions ever

The anti-eating mask is funny yet a horrible invention of mankind. It is used by those people who do not want to eat anything for fear of getting obese.

The mask consists of strips to be tied around your mouth to restrict you to eat anything. This apparatus covers your mouth and the strips go around your whole head. This seems so cruel!


Red Dye No 2

red dye no 2

Another worst invention of mankind was Red Dye No 2, a food color frequently used during the 1970s. Later, Russian scientists found that Red Dye No 2 can cause cancer.

Although nobody was affected by this horrible invention, it became the reason behind the ban of M&Ms chocolate for a decade.


horrible inventions

This heat resistant material used in construction proves to be harmful when reconstruction starts. Asbestos was banned in 1989 because of its’ life-threatening side effects like chest pain, breath shortness, and other abnormalities.


Lead Gasoline

agent orange

There was a time when lead was mixed with the gasoline to increase the octane number so that the car engine can be better knocked. However, after being used for six decades, it was banned due to its adverse impacts on the environment and human beings.



worst inventions ever

This is one of the extruded polystyrene foam used in making cups, plates, and other products. Styrofoam is a carcinogenic substance that can keep your soda cold, but it can also give you cancer.


Corn syrup

horrible inventions

Corn syrup has been frequently used as a replacement for sugar in processed food. It is used to sweeten the food and enhance its flavor. Unfortunately, this invention of mankind is not going to help you with obesity and it may get worse instead. So we can say that it’s one of the Useless Inventions of mankind.



agent orange

Dynamite is one of the horrible inventions by Alfred Nobel used to blast rocks and blow stuff. This has many deadly consequences and proved fatal for the earth.


agent orange

No doubt automobile is considered one of the great inventions as it has reduced the time to reach the destination. At the same time, automobiles are the reason behind many accidents every year and it has killed and injured millions.


agent orange

Rockets have been used by scientists to launch a satellite or to power the spaceship. However, they are the reason behind massive destruction through carrying nuclear weapons against enemies. This is also one of the worst inventions ever.



horrible inventions

Television has been considered as the greatest invention of all times due to the amount of information it delivers along with entertainment. However, spending hours and hours in front of this box has increased the obesity rate among younger and elders.



agent orange

The cellphone is one of the helpful devices created ever which has made communication easy. Although smartphones have made life easier so that people may connect, it has also created differences among generations.

This is also one of the worst inventions ever because people have become addicted to this invention now.



horrible inventions

The internet has made life easier and everything is just one click away. This is one of the best and worst inventions at the same time for several reasons. You can get in touch with anyone fast and remain updated 24/7.

On the other hand, this invention has reduced the need for newspapers and books. People prefer to read things on their phones and laptop now.

Spam Emails

agent orange

Spam Emails are considered as one of the horrible & Useless Inventions of mankind. Malware or viruses are sent through emails to infect your computer.

It is used to steal your confidential information like email, passwords, and credit card details. It may delete your important data stored on the system.


Bed of nails

horrible inventions

Bed of nails is another horrible invention of the century. It is a bed size wooden plank with numerous nails pointed upwards. The weight of an object placed on this bed of nails is distributed equally on each nail.

Therefore, the observant may think that anyone lying on it may get injured. However, the pressure imposed by each nail is not enough to kill or injure anyone. But there is seriously no use of this kind of invention which may hurt anyone any time. In short its one of the Useless Inventions.

Please share your comments below pertaining  to most Useless Inventions & Horrible inventions by Mankind in the comments below.

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