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Remember the time when our parents used scales and inches tape to measure the room or other dimensions of any particular area. Other than that, people measured the dimensions of a classroom or office room manually. Nowadays, a distance measurement app can solve all your problems. An online tape measure App Android can also give measurements to precision and accuracy.  Let’s see which one of the following is the best Android measuring app.


Best Measuring Apps For Android

If you are a person who needs to measure something on your phone, then this is the best article for you! We have compiled a list of best measuring apps for Android that will help you with measurements. Check out these 8+ best measurement apps and find one that suits your needs best!


Measure – Best Measuring App Android

measurement app

This is the distance measurement app used to measure any object. A user needs to direct the camera properly and tap to the starting point. Wherever a user taps, dimensions will be shown concerning that point. Thus, the dimension of each line will be seen.

This Android measure app is integrated with augmented reality. Further, there are no ads within the app. The app interface is user-friendly. However, object detection, it requires great lighting effects.

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Ruler – The Best Ruler App Android

tape measuring app

This is the simplest ruler app I’ve ever known. A user has to choose whether he wants to measure in centimeters or inches. All you need to do is select to measure from the sides of the smartphone. This meter app Android measures the length or width of small things within seconds.

But, only this distance measurement app is limited to measuring in inches and centimeters only and is limited to the length of the phone. It contains a lot of ads. However, it will occupy less storage space and is very easy to use.

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Ruler – Bubble Level – Best Smart Online tape measure

best measuring app

This is the latest distance measurement app that contains a bubble level, a 2D rule to measure to sides with the cell phone all at once, and an on-screen ruler and angle measurement utility. This utility requires the smartphone’s camera to get a measurement of the objects.

This app gives measurements to precision. However, the interface is quite common and this online tape measure app android contains annoying ads. It saves the picture for any other sort of measurement. This application measures distance android for free.

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AR Plan 3D Ruler – Android Height Measurement App

measure app android

This online tape measure App for Android is also integrated with augmented reality. With this technology, a virtual tape ruler lays on real-world objects. This camera measurement app helps in designing and creating a 3D floor plan without any difficulty.

A user can measure the height of the room in meter, centimeter, millimeter, inch, feet, and yard with this height measuring app. A user can also tape measure windows and doors. Further, it automatically calculates the area and perimeter of floors, walls, and doors. With a 2D side view, a user can create a side view floor pan and share it on multiple social platforms. This is the best app to measure height.

The AR Ruler App has the following characteristics:

  1. This App allows you to measure linear dimensions in centimeters, meters, millimeters, inches, feet, and yards.
  2. The system uses the Intelligent Taping method to measure the distance from the device camera to a specific point on the detected 3D plane.
  3. This software enables you to measure corners on three-dimensional surfaces.
  4. The Area and Perimeter option allow you to measure the room’s perimeter and area.
  5. The AR Ruler 3D enables you to measure the sizes of three-dimensional objects.
  6. The length of a path can be calculated using the AR Ruler.
  7. Allows you to measure height relative to the recognized surface using a tape measure.
  8. It creates a plan projection for drawn items and exports it to PDF format.
  9. The On-Screen Ruler app – measure tiny things right on the smartphone’s display.

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Angle Meter – Free Measurement App

distance measurement app

Need an app for measuring the angles? The Angle Meter is the answer to this question. It uses the concept of arc tangent gravity between the two axes and displays accurate results. This picture measurement app gives the user an option to measure the slope on the surface with the specific angle mode. It also offers several customization options. In its preview mode, with this best room measuring app android, pictures from the gallery can be seen.

Not only this but there are also other options to save images or recordings in the database and view them later in the form of lists or charts. A user can save a measurement file (Excel sheet or charts) for later use.

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GPS Fields Area Measure 


This app is specifically designed to measure outdoor surroundings. For instance, a user can measure the golf area, any garden, or farm via this app. The practical usage of the app involves roof area estimation, trip planning, or the solar panel installation process. The app is used by many companies in the market due to the exact measurement results. The app proves helpful for farm, building, and construction site contractors.

Tap more than 2 points on the map for measuring. However, this app can not measure travel distance from one object to another.

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ImageMeter – Laser Measurement App


This online tape measure App for Android can measure areas, angles, and length in your picture. A user can take a photo and set dimensions instead of getting into a fuss of drawing sketches.

Also, it supports Bluetooth laser distance measurement devices. If a user misses taking a dimension of a certain area, it will automatically take measurements from the saved picture. It will also take measurements from those parts which are difficult to be measured.

It supports accurate value input autocompletion and text annotation with user-defined texts. This measure of distance app gives the user an option for text insertion, drawing basic shapes, and drawing by hand. This laser ruler for android also exports images to PDF, PNG, and JPEG.

The supported Bluetooth laser distance meters are eTape16, Leica Disto D3a-BT, Leica Disto D8, Leica Disto A6, Leica Disto D330i, and many more.

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EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Measurement App


Via this online tape measure app for Android, a user can view the exact distance from a particular object with the help of a camera lens. A user has to direct the camera in the direction of the object and the app will show distance from the object. This distance app also has a superb 3D measure camera grid which makes the app easy to use.

It measures distance likewise a tape ruler. A user can share measurements on social platforms. The upgraded version has the feature “Dynamic Photos”. It takes measurements after the picture has been taken. It also switches on the camera flash if the surroundings are dark.

However, this app is not suitable for measuring construction sites. This app to measure distance android will deal with small objects only. Get this measuring online tape measure app free!!

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Smart Measure App

Smart Measure App

The Smart Measure app is the next best measuring apps on the list. It’s a measuring software that mostly utilizes your smartphone’s main camera. The camera then calculates the distance and height of an object. Simply press the distance button to utilize this program. The program will attempt to estimate the distance between you and the target object if you point at the bottom, touch the height button, and tap once more at the top. All you have to do now is the point at the bottom, press the height button, and tap again at the top in order for it to calculate his height.

While all of this may appear rather complex, the program is as accurate as your own guess. We think this app is fantastic but not completely correct. As technology advances, it will undoubtedly be more useful; however, for now, we would recommend using a measuring tape.

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Other Measuring Apps

Well, we discussed distant measuring apps before, here we will talk about other measuring apps.

Sound Meter

Sound Meter

This sound app displays values by measuring the noise produced by the surroundings. A user can view slight graphics within high frames by this sound app.

It uses a gauge to specify decibel values. The app also shows current noise references and its graph lines. However, voice-over ~90 decibels cannot be recognized by some gadgets.

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Qardio Heart Health – Measurement App Free

Qardio Heart Health

Measuring blood pressure with a hand device was difficult but now with a single click, you can measure your blood pressure. It is ever easy to use the app. It measures blood pressure and weight then with the user’s permission it shares data to other apps like Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal. A user can set reminders and view charts. It makes health tracking for a user easier.

This app is your caretaker. Download this app for free.

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Thermometer++ , distance measurement app

It is the best app by well-known developers, Singulario Apps. It displays outdoor temperature and humidity concerning your current location. A user can also get information about the location he wants to know. Moreover, a user can convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. However, as the name suggests, it clicks to mind that it checks a user’s body temperature, whereas it is limited to weather conditions only.

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Step Counter – Pedometer, MStep

best measuring app android

A built-in sensor is used to count your steps with this pedometer. It does not contain a GPS receiver, so it will need to be charged more frequently. It also keeps track of how many calories you’ve burned by walking and how far you’ve gone. The graphs will show you all of this data in an easy-to-understand manner.

Simply press the start button, and the counter begins counting your strides. It can auto-record your steps even if you are not looking at it, whether your phone is in your pocket, armband, or hand. This step counter utilizes the built-in sensor to count your footsteps. It doesn’t require any GPS tracking because there is no GPS monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Android have a measuring app?

Google’s augmented reality app “Measure” turns ARCore-compatible Android devices into digital measuring tapes. Utilizing the app seems to be relatively easy. The digital tape measure can measure both height or size. Measurements performed by the app aren’t at all times correct.

Is there an app that measures height?

EasyMeasure is the reply to this query, as this app lets you Measure Things with the Camera Lens of Your Cellphone. As for the appropriate camera height, EasyMeasure offers its reference that, if you maintain your cellphone at eye level,  The camera height is 4 inches fewer than your whole height. In accordance with this calculation technique, you’ll be able to set the camera height. This app supports both Android devices and iPhones.You can read more about this App, as we have covered this App in this Article.

How accurate are measuring apps?

Measuring Apps is not Always accurate, as if you measure the same object twice, you will get different results every time. So we can say that difference of 20% is always there, but measuring apps can overall give you an idea which technically you can do it with the naked eye.

Can I use my phone as a ruler?

Slide Meter could be your App for the purpose, you need to use your own Android Smartphone Device to simply take length dimensions. People frequently utilize their Android Smartphones as miniature computers. Utilizing the hardware installed onto your device, you may use your own smartphone as a compass, protractor, ruler, torch, tape measure, and far more.

How far can the measure app measure?

The tape measure normally goes up to 40 inches, so we can say that the Measure app came very close. What exactly is the conclusion? This can certainly be useful if You find yourself without the physical tape, but when you require exact information, it seems like it is still advisable to utilize a physical measuring apparatus.

Hope you like the online tape measure Apps listed in this Article, Finally, since most, if not all, distance measuring apps on the Google Play Store rely solely on telemetry and sensor units from your smartphone to function; therefore, significantly lowering their overall accuracy. These were still some of the Best Measuring Apps For Android; while they aren’t very precise, they will assist you in estimating sizes.

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