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Do you ever want a smartphone that gives you super-advanced vision? Just imagine using that to smash all the limitations to see the things that are far beyond the reach of your eyes. So now you do that in reality too. Yes, there are some applications out there that allow you to do this. That application is known as see through walls app. Don’t think that the see-through walls camera app can let you spy on your siblings or allow you to peek into your neighbors. But keep in mind that these see-through walls app iPhone is not something X-ray type.

Oh, don’t be disappointed; maybe we will also get to the point where we have that type of technology. But still, these see-through-wall apps for android and see-through walls iPhone app is still giving a magical experience. The see-through walls app free can be downloaded by reading the article below.

See Through Walls!

The apps mentioned in this article help you see through walls and require internet connectivity along with your GPS location. This will show you all the things in your nearness or the stuff that are light or miles away via thermal imaging camera sensors. You can easily download the apps from the Play store.

Apps like walabot and walabot DIY have helped scan millions of walls, making guesswork easy for DIY-ers, plumbers, renovators, carpenters, contractors, and installers. They have been endorsed by famous publications like popular mechanics, this old house, metal studs, ESPN, the pipes, and various others.


See Through Wall App

There are a lot of see-through wall apps to let you know everything about your surroundings. Mentioning some of those applications below;


Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map

Just imagine doing star gazing while being under the open sky at night. You can do that alone, with any of your family members or your friend. Of course, it will be great if you become able to just finger any of the Celestial body and its name just sparks. It is possible with the use of Google Sky Maps. This see through walls app can recognize and locate all the astronomical bodies only by holding your android device upwards in the corresponding direction.

This stud finder that sees through walls makes you able to know and observe about varied stars, constellations, galaxies, and planets. This can even astonish you in a way that you daily perceive a red glazing star at night is actually not a star, but a Red Planet said to be Mars.

Another high point of this see through walls app is that if you do not want to go outside or there is quite cloudy weather out there, so enjoy using this application indoor. It works accurately inside your home too. And one more of the best features of Google Sky Map is that you never need an active internet connection. It works accurately, even without an internet connection.

Download Google Sky Map


Star Chart

thermal imaging

Now Star Chart is another see through walls app iPhone. It even provides some additional features in comparison with Google Sky Map. But Star Chart is a bit more advanced and fanciful. This see through walls app iPhone has a star clustering backdrop along with the vaporous illustration. It is by a 15th-century astronomer named Johannes Hevelius.

You can just tap on a planet or star, and a small window equipping information about the celestial body will pop up instantly. Zoom in feature is present on both the apps, but the Star Chart zoom-in feature is a bit more detailed.

Another of its amusing feature is that you can command it through your voice. It could be saying like, where is Jupiter? Look at that Cigar Galaxy. This will become fun to seek particular astronomical objects. See through walls app free is available for iPhone.

Download Star Chart from App Store


Tweeps Around

see thru wall

You may be curious that there is someone tweeting around you. So this see through walls camera app answers this to your question. You just need to hold your smartphone in a horizontal direction or hold it in any direction. This application will show you all the latest tweets sent out by various people around your location.

The user interface of this thermal camera app is excellent. One of the corners of the screen will show you the Tweeps in dot form on the image that seems to be radar. This app is even able to show you the distance from the place you are where that specific tweet got posted.

But you need is to spin around at the angle of 360º from a place where you are and get to know about the fascinating tweet. See through walls app free available for Android.


Photos Around

app store

The functioning of this see-through walls iPhone app is a bit similar to Tweeps Around besides its main feature that it also facilitates you with the nearby location photos in place of just tweets.

This see through walls camera app could a useful thing when you visit any new place and seek particular spots there. All you need to do is to direct your camera in that direction and discover images. This presents the tweets and pictures from the rear side in the background; this adds augmented reality to the whole experience. This app is also available for Apple users.



android phone , see through walls with iphone

This see through walls app for android is a location-based AR browser that allows you to connect worldwide in a smart way. Just you need to hold your smartphone and get engaged with your instant happenings. With this, the app for the android vision field, you will get info about locations, finding restaurants, getting known about people, and even playing the augmented reality games.

This app works with the services called Around me, TripAdvisor, and Twitter. Its AR browser can also show the articles and videos of YouTube and Wikipedia related to your surroundings.

Download WikiTude for Android / iOS 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an App that lets you see through walls?

The see through walls application is one of the latest applications introduced in iPhone and androids. This application does not mean that you can every time spy at your neighbor’s will be helpful for you to get information about your surroundings. The android and iPhone users can easily get an advantage by downloading this application on your mobile phone. There are some of the application of see through walls is:

  • Google sky map
  • Star chart
  • Tweeps around
  • Photos around
  • Wikitude

How can I use my Smartphone to see through walls?

The smartphone users can easily download the see through walls app free on their mobile. This application only needs your good internet access and GPS location should be ON. From this link, you can easily download this application on your smartphone.

Is there a way to see through walls?

Yes, radio is the way to see through the wall. The radio is having an ultralow-power signal that covers about 1,000 miles.

Is there any Device to see through Clothes?

Yes, Nude is one of the devices approved by Apple Tuesday. In this, you can easily scan through the clothes.

Can IR cameras see through walls?

No, these IR cameras can only detect the heat rays which pass through this camera. It can only take an image of the object through thermal imaging.

Can Police see inside your House?

Yes, with the advancement in technology, the police also have a radar system that able them to see inside the house, and it will increase their efficiency. This radar system can see inside the house more than 50 feet.


These see-through walls iPhone apps and android are best to know about your surroundings and nearby location. You can use these whenever you want to find something around you.

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