Paid Apps For Free Legally – How to Download (Android +iOS)

What’s something which both Android and iPhone users have in common?

They both love free premium apps! And both of the users can agree there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to download an app from the internet but finding out it’s not free or is up with an in-app purchase.

The easier (and illegal) method is to download the ‘cracked’ version, basically to illegally download those apps.

Or you can get apk files of the app from the internet by paying a small amount of money. There is a possibility people will buy apk files and convert them to other types of file systems like android game apk, windows phone 8 games, etc. People shop online as they don’t want the hassle of using mobile application stores or downloading factories.

Surprisingly, there are a number of options. So, whether you’re an Android smartphone user or an IOS iPhone one, you’ll definitely find a method that works for you, and by downloading these paid apps for free, in a legal manner, you won’t have to resort to horrendous means to get them. Let’s Explore Free paid apps for iPhone & Android.


Paid Apps For Free Android


Amazon App Store

free paid apps for iphone

Many people might be skeptical to see Amazon on this list, but it’s really not that surprising. Amazon has come far and has evolved into much more than just a shopping site.

To stay in the competition, the Amazon store daily offers one best-selling paid app for free. This way, users have the option to try out paid apps without in-app purchase! To download this, users will have to download the Amazon play store app through the Amazon site.

The steps are fairly easy to understand: Go to the Amazon website > Create a user ID > Download the Amazon App store (you may need to change the security settings on your phone, as most Android consider apps, from sources other than Google Play, as harmful) > Check out the free paid apps available or the variety of free new apps, whatever works for you!

On that, if you’re looking for discounts on specific apps, you can add them to the watchlist to keep an eye on their prices.

Go to Amazon App Store



AppsFree – Free paid App Android

free download, AppsFree

AppsFree is a simple-to-use application, which lists the paid free apps for a limited time. This app offers tons of features like notifying users when apps of certain categories are available for download, sorting the apps according to user preference, checking minimum ratings, etc. There is also an option of blacklisting keywords too, so apps containing those keywords won’t appear indefinitely. This app also boasts a rating of 4.6/5 on Google Play with over 18,000 downloads. While this app contains ads, it’s still a convenient and practical source for getting paid apps. Check the specific link to Download Now.


Paid Apps Gone Free

google play store

This app, PAGF, does exactly as the name implies: offers paid apps for free download. This app, currently in Beta, is available on Google play and has a different outlook than the apps previously mentioned. Instead of featuring a list of the paid apps on the app itself, it leads users to a blog that displays the daily-updated paid apps. These apps are free for a limited time and the blog daily refreshes the list. Other than showcasing the apps, the website also has filter options, where users can easily find the best app they’re looking for, as well as see the Play Store ratings of the apps.

Note: There are a few other apps of the same name, and possible scams, so make sure to download the one from Chiki Softworks.


Paid Apps For Free on IOS


App Shopper – android paid apps for free

download paid apps, App Shopper

AppShopper is a website that maintains a directory of apps, and daily refreshes and updates it to get the 10 paid apps available for free, on the Apple App Store, for a limited time. The number of apps available isn’t fixed at 10, but this is the average, most iPhone users will get per day. This website is similar to Paid Apps Gone Free in its features and purpose. Users have the option to add apps to their wish list as well, so the app will notify them via notifications about any changes immediately. This is pretty useful since the Apple app store regularly puts up special discounts and offers on its apps. This site is the best that IOS users can get, to download free app & ad-free paid apps for iPhones.


How to earn almost $100 an hour with Google Opinion Rewards so you can buy in game stuff for FREE!


Visit AppShopper Now


Paid Apps For Free Android & IOS


Google Opinion Rewards 

paid apps for free ios

Google Opinion Rewards is a fun and handy app, which helps you when you help others. Basically, through this app, Users take surveys designed by Google to improve user experience. The surveys generally ask about locations, Youtube recommendations, movies, etc.

In return for answering the questions, Google rewards the users with ‘credits’. Android device users can purchase apps on the Play Store through these credits. IOS users have the option to transfer these credits to their PayPal accounts since they don’t have access to Google Play.

The frequency of the surveys varies and is somewhat inconsistent at times, hence the average rating on Google Play. This app, even with faults, is still a good option to download free paid apps for iPhone and Android user.

Download Google Opinion Now


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Free paid apps on Android?

For Android, free paid apps are available. You just have to know some good ways to get paid apps for free on Android. Here’s a list of apps for you to do it. AppsFree, Aptoide, Blackmart, Paid Apps Gone Free, Freapp, App Shopper, and Google Opinion Rewards. So, get any of these and enjoy free paid apps.

How can I get paid apps for free?

You can get paid apps easy way for free for both iOS and iPhone; you just have to know some good options. Such as Amazon App Store, Blackmart, Freapp, Aptoide, AppsFree, and many more.

Are Cracked Apps illegal?

Cracked Apps are similar to pirated or copied versions of the Apps. These cracked apps are considered illegal in many countries. Some even have rules and laws against it.

Are Cracked Apps Safe?

As far as the third-party stores don’t have any viruses or bugs, from which you are downloading cracked apps. Then, it is safe to download, install, and run these cracked apps. Otherwise, if the third-party app marketplace has viruses or malware, then it can cause harm.

Can I install apps without a Google account?

You do not necessarily have a Google account to download any apps. You can download the file easily and install it anywhere on the pc.

What can I use instead of the Google Play store?

You have several options if you do not want to use the Google Play store. You can use useful apps like Amazon App Store, GetJar, Mobogenie, SlideME, F-Droid, Aptoide, Blackmart, Uptodown, and other third-party app stores.

What is the best Android app store?

There are many best Android app stores; you just have to choose the one you like. Some of them are SlideME, Amazon Appstore, Aptoide, 1Mobile Market, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Mobile9, Opera Mobile Store, Blackmart, and Mobango.

Is Galaxy store better than Play Store?

Galaxy store is a platform for Samsung, which helps in updating Samsung’s exclusive apps or stuff, as well as other apps. But the Play Store seems to have more collections of apps. Moreover, if your phone is of any brand, other than Samsung; then with Play Store, you can easily access all other apps.


Hopefully, this article will be useful to anyone looking to download paid apps for free, be it Android or iPhone users. For anyone, looking to download apps illegally, it’s better to download through these methods. Unsafe sites and risky illegal downloads may damage your phones and infect them with viruses.

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