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gps app for android
In this digital era, there are a variety of useful apps being offered, and everyone probably agrees that one of the handiest apps in the market is Google maps, a GPS app for android. But, with the rise in competition, the real question is, is this app really the best GPS for Android? There are plenty of other map...
Music Downloader App for Android
Music is something we can all acknowledge to be universally loved. It definitely has come a far way too, from being stored in tapes and cassettes to now easily available online, for streaming and listening (Spotify being the best example of that). There are so many sources available to stream music, but many people still gravitate towards other mediums,...
best android tv box
Maybe you also know that TV boxes are quite popular nowadays. But do you do exactly know what a TV box is? A TV box is simply a small electronic device that gets transformed into a Smart TB by connecting to your TV. Most people consider getting the best android TV box. It is because; the best cheap android...
youtube alternative sites
When you want to watch a video for any reason, be it entertainment, for guidance, to study, find and listen to music, for knowledge, literally anything, most of us instantly turn to YouTube. Why would anyone not? Videos in different qualities, there’s something for everyone, and it’s free. This makes one wonder, a major content distributor like this has...
Paid apps for free
What’s something which both Android and iPhone users have in common? They both love free apps! And both of the users can agree there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to download an app but finding out it’s not free. The easier (and illegal) method is to download the ‘cracked’ version, basically to illegally download those apps. Or you can...
benefits of eating lentils
Lentils or Daal, as they’re normally called in Pakistani and Indian households, are the staple food in Asian and North African cuisine. They’re tiny seeds from the legume family and are packed in nutrition and energy! They’re so popular in Asian cuisines that a meal feels incomplete without their presence. That makes one wonder, what are the benefits of...



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