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When you want to watch a video for any reason, be it entertainment, for guidance, to study, find and listen to music, for knowledge, literally anything, most of us instantly turn to YouTube. Why would anyone not? Videos in different qualities, there’s something for everyone, and it’s free. This makes one wonder, a major content distributor like this has got to have some decent competitors, right? So, let’s look at some of these other free video websites like YouTube and see if anyone holds a candle to YouTube, and which one could be considered the best YouTube alternative. 



Best youtube Alternative


Dailymotionvideo websites like youtube, Dailymotion

Built not long after YouTube, this popular and free site is the most major competitor. With a staggering 100 million+ viewers per month, it’s easy to understand why it’s the best YouTube alternative.

Dailymotion featuring both professional and amateur videos, has a straightforward interface, a search bar, and categories similar to YouTube. If that doesn’t grab your attention, the site now offers monetization of the videos uploaded, according to the views received. The only downside is the few limits which the creators have placed on the uploads; 10 uploads per day, 2 hours of videos per day, and 60 minutes per video. 

You can visit the website by clicking here


Vimeo – alternative to youtube

other websites like youtube, Vimeo

This site is for creative souls and allows users to unlock their full potential by having no video length limit. Most of the videos featured are professionally made, and this site gets its share of creative professionals like musicians, photographers, ad agencies, etc.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo does not offer any monetization on the videos. Users can ‘earn’ in a different way: being a built-in community website, there’s an option to donate or ‘tip’ as the site calls it. The interface of this website is outstanding, and most of the videos are in qualities that surpass YouTube, 4K ultra HD to be exact. Users can upload videos, comment on them, and share them on their social accounts. 

You can visit the website by clicking here


Dtube – youtube substitute

free video website like youtube, Dtube

If your main requirement is privacy then you’re in luck because this is the top privacy-focused video website out there. Being decentralized, meaning the data is stored on a blockchain and not uploaded and streamed from one centralized server like with YouTube, you can count on your data staying pretty safe. This setting prevents hackers from accessing your data so your personal information and video settings cannot be tampered with. 

What makes this website stand out is the lack of ads, no recommendation algorithms, and there is no censorship. This isn’t exactly a website like YouTube, but with so many additional perks, why not try this out instead of YouTube?

You can view the website by clicking here


Twitch – similar to youtube

websites like youtube, Twitch

Most gamers are probably familiar with this site, a site built solely to serve the needs of gamers! 

With this video hosting platform, users can live broadcast their gameplays for other gamers to live stream, or to be viewed later. Users also have the option to upload their previously recorded uploads, generally called premiers or reruns, but this option is mostly recommended to users with a large following. Users can also monetize their uploads, but the payoff isn’t as impressive as YouTube. This is the closest YouTube alternative for gamers!

You can view the website by clicking here


The Open Video Project

open video project


This is the grandfather of all video sharing websites! A website which began in 1998, and is the hub of knowledge. This website operates like a large library of videos, and its main goal is to preserve videos. Users can view the videos, but they cannot upload any themselves. If someone believes their video/s belong there, then they have to contact the Video Project’s administration to gain approval and have them upload it. This is for sure one of the best, free video websites like YouTube.

You can view the website by clicking here


BitChute – site like youtube 

free videos, BitChute

A peer to peer video-sharing platform that uses torrenting as a way to download videos. This site allows users to upload content without any restrictions, as there is no censorship or a central server like the one YouTube has. 

Users are encouraged to upload all kinds of videos. After a video has been uploaded, users can play the video on their mobiles or computers, after downloading and seeding it. 

You can view the website by clicking here


Crackle – youtube related sites

alternatives to youtube, Crackle

So here’s another website like YouTube… but also very different. YouTube has launched its premium service which showcases its exclusive shows, other streaming services can also be considered its competitors now.

Crackle is a video streaming website launched by Sony. Here, users can create an account for free and stream various movies and TV shows. While this site doesn’t allow users to upload videos, making it different from other free video websites like YouTube, streaming of videos can easily be done. 

You can view the website by clicking here 


PeerTube – youtube like website

video sharing sites, PeerTube

Another free video website like YouTube that works similar to torrenting. Through this site, users can share their videos… from their computers. This is a peer to peer sharing platform, where there is no ‘one’ central server, which hosts all the uploaded videos. Users upload their videos from their computers, and other users can download or stream the videos through torrenting.  

There are no data restrictions, no advertisements, and no upload limits, making this one of the most convenient video websites similar to YouTube.

You can view the website by clicking here


Internet Archive Video Section

uploading videos, Internet Archive Video Section

The literal meaning of archive is to store or preserve data, and this is exactly what this site aims to do. Internet Archive has a directory of videos, where users contribute by uploading old documentaries, TV shows, and other videos. You won’t be able to find recent movies, by top production giants, but classics or educational videos. 

The purpose of this site is to have videos always available to the public and to help solidify its cause, the site is free to use and there are no restrictions of any kind placed on uploads. 

You can view the website by clicking here


Veoh – Alternative of youtube

youtube alternative sites, Veoh

Now coming to a website that may be the best YouTube alternative, Veoh. This website features an easy to use interface along with personalized user-generated content. There is also no usual restrictions like the number of uploads or video duration limit. 

This site is perfect for those who wish to stream modern and classic TV shows and movies, along with interacting with other users. Videos are available in different qualities, but to watch in HD, users need to install the Veoh web player. 

With this all-in-one site, you can upload, stream or share videos on any of your social media accounts, as well as join social groups on the site itself, connect with different people and get the best out of this video-sharing website.

You can view the website by clicking here


Many of you may be wondering why there’s even a need to look for alternatives when YouTube is already available, but you’d be shocked to see you might actually need these! Consider these reasons:

  • Protect your private data: It’s impossible to prevent sites, especially ones like YouTube, to collect data, be it in the form of cookies, or collecting data to ‘improve their services’. These sites can distribute that data to their partners making your information vulnerable. These alternatives may show you various ads, but at least your user profile will stay protected.
  • Stray from the usual: According to the date you provide, YouTube shows you results similar to that, but because of this you’ll never be able to know if your interests may lie in other categories too. Make use of these YouTube alternatives to get to know outside your ‘Google-set’ filter settings.
  • There’s so much more to explore: Many videos and the majority of the movies aren’t available on YouTube so why not look at other sites to fulfill those needs. If you want educational videos, how about looking into The Open Video Project? Or, if you’re in the mood to watch some creative flicks in 4K quality, how about checking out Vimeo?

We hope you liked this article. Comment your favorite YouTube alternative below!



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