When smartphones came into existence, the most known game was subway surfers. This topmost addicted game is available on iOS, Windows phone, and Android. Subway surfers type running games is also available on every possible operating system out there. There are different types of subway surfers game e.g. A mobile application and a desktop application. The game is about a boy running away from an inspector and his dog. Within time, fun games like subway surfers gained popularity as well.

A user becomes addicted to subway surfers type running games because of appealing User Interface. The user earns scores by earning gold and gems. Moreover, certain targets are set to unlock a specific mission. There is unlimited time to play fun games like subway surfers. You can play it anywhere with or without the internet. The internet is required to buy any stuff from coins or gems earned. If you want more running games like subway surfers, then you must give this blog a read. But before starting reading it, here’s something for you.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are the competitors of each other. However, talking about subway surfers, it has a colourful interface and attractive prizes. Whereas, Temple Run 2 is a serious game. There are many hindrances while running before the Guerilla. Subway surfers have features like a hoverboard, but here a user can use carts and zip lines. A user to do jumping and sliding to keep himself safe from the obstacles.

However, the user moves the device in the direction he wants to move the character. This game is much more advanced as compared to its opponents.

Sonic Dash

subway surfers type games, Sonic Dash

Sonic dash is another game like subway surfers. This gameplay is developed by Hardlight. It shares attractive features also. Here sonic is the character and it has to collect gold rings. Further, it has to stay safe from enemies and hurdles. The camera angles depict the beautiful 3D scene when the character is jumping and sliding. The colourful graphics and good music behind its back have a major contribution in making the user download this game.

Further, sonic is not chased by any specific character. The other characters are unlocked after going the user passes certain levels. A user can upgrade the accessories from the rings he earned. However, this game is only available at Google Play Store. It is a free gaming application with in-app purchases.

Rail Rush

fun games like subway surfers, Rail Rush

This game is also included in the category of running games like subway surfers. The idea of this game is taken from Temple Run 2. The adventurous gameplay starts when the player wears the shoes of Bob Molenchaser and goes through the mines. Here there are tough challenges like deadly things showing up from the mines or volcanic hot water sprinkles towards the player. The player has to keep himself safe and jump around to get the gold and gems, protect it in the weaving and tilting position.

Moreover, there is one challenge right after the other one. A user has to build up the focus to unlock the other challenges. This game carries more serious challenges than any other one. However, the characters are replaceable and their accessories can be purchased. This app is also available in the Google Play Store with in-app purchases.

One Epic Knight

running games like subway surfers, One Epic Knight

This is also among subway surfers type games. Here the character serves as the Knight. He will confront the enemies in his way. The character is accompanied by the sword so he can kill its enemies. A user can also change his sides to dodge the enemies. The shield is also provided to the knight to stay safe from enemies and their deadly attacks. However, it disappears after a certain time or when enemies attack it.


Talking about the reward, coin chests and coins are gifted to the person. Collecting coins is a major concern. As a user can also upgrade its accessories with these coins. Furthermore, the frilly tracks, broad falls, and challenging obstacles are worth trying out this game. This game is only available at Google Play Store.

Ski Safari 2

endless runner game, Ski Safari 2

Let’s get out of deadly enemies and games associated with them. Ski Safari 2 is another action-adventure game like subway surfers. There is a variety of snowy animals in this game. Sea lions, Penguins and birds which can flip can be seen in this game. The gameplay soundtrack also resembles that of subway surfers. It is also available on the Play Store with in-app purchases.

Jetpack Joyride

similar to subway surfers, jetpack joyride

Jetpack Joyride is also among the running game, but it is a little bit different from subway surfers. It provides the functionality of side scrolling., which seems like an enjoyable activity. This developer of this adventurous game is Halfbrick studios. Easier controls give a user much more flexibility. The graphics which are used are of high resolution. These top features really make the game attractive and addictive. The game is all about a character named as Barry Steakfries, he steals a Jetpack from the laboratory. In the laboratory, the main hurdles involve laser beam light, zappers and missiles.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

games like subway, Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This game was developed after the appreciation, the movie received. There are three minions named Jerry, Carl and Dave. A user has to pass the challenges to get bananas as a reward. Avoiding obstacles and unexpected attacks from their boss is the toughest challenge. However, they have the ability to upgrade their strength. All these activities are done to get the title “Minion of the year”.

The most distinguishing factor among the rest of subway surfers type games and Minion Rush is its different modes. Gameloft has surely done an amazing job. The modes include limited time racing, global events and other special missions. This is the super perfect game for all the minion’s fan out there. This game is also available on Google Play Store with in-app purchases.

Agent DashAgent Dash

The game is all about a well-dressed secret agent who is running away from enemies. There are various traps in its way out. It has the main idea and the similar concept, that is of subway surfers and other games like that. The agent has been provided by ammo, he can use this to shoot at certain targets. A user can collects gem and later, use the gems to upgrade the character. This is user-friendly and simple to play the game. If a user finds this game interesting, he can simply get addicted to it.

The other games similar to subway surfers are Rayman jungle run, a giant boulder of death, monster dash, canabalt, hunger crunch, looney tunes dash and many more.

Try these fun games like subway surfers and let us know in the comment section.

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