4 Best VLC Media Player Alternatives

VLC Media Player is one of the best media players, with no advertisements on the software. Still, you may be searching for an alternative due to some security flaws and cons. It is entirely free with open-source software. Previously, security researchers said that VLC Media Player is vulnerable to hacking. It has also recently been confirmed by the VideoLAN that VLC Player is not even vulnerable to being hacked. However, video players like VLC, or we can use VLC media player alternatives like MPV player, 5 Kplayer, ACG player & KM Audio Player.

VLC Player Alternatives - 10 Best VLC Alternatives


Alternatives to VLC

Suppose you are looking for an alternative VLC Audio Media Player. In that case, you will find some of the best alternatives in this article.


5K Player – media player better than VLC

It is one of the great subtitles Media Players and a best VLC alternative. You can also search for videos online on youtube, online tv, and radio. As it supports media stream formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, CD, MP3 (audio files), MPEG, WMV, AVI, AAC, and many more. The player has a well-developed user interface with a video of Full-HD/4K/5K/8K resolutions.

Best features:

  • 5 KPlayer has a built-in DVD feature that allows the users to have playback footage from DVDs and Blu-rays.
  • 5K player also supports Dxva2 hardware acceleration, and this will eliminate lags and improve the video quality with high-resolution footage.
  • 5K player doubles up the video player with an internet radio channel.
  • It helps you browse your old playlist as it saves all your playback records.
  • Aids in video editing also.

5k player media , video player like vlc


ACG Player – VLC Replacement

ACG Player is the best Media player, a great VLC alternative if you own a Windows 10 device or laptop. One of its major highlights is barebone UI, consuming low resources and running efficiently on a low-specced PC. Moreover, you can also play or pause, fast-forward, and rewind the video. You can also control the volume with the help of touch-screen gestures.

The best features of the ACG player are as follows:

  • It is lightweight and flawless on windows tablets.
  • ACG player offers touch screen controls with gesture-based playback control.

media player


KM Player – Best VLC alternative

KM player is another good alternative of VLC media player which supports MKV, OGG, 3GP, FLV, AVI, FLAC, and many more. This player is available on computers and also supports Smartphone Operating Systems like Windows, mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Best KMPlayer features:

  • The player supports 36 languages.
  • It has a well-developed UI and easily navigates.
  • It’s able to share your videos and clips on Facebook Youtube etc.

KM Player


MPV Player – alternative to VLC media player

This is another good alternative to the VLC media player, or in simple words, video players like VLC, which is a free media player, open-source, and cross-platform program. The video playback speed on this media player is controlled with the mouse, which is helpful for the touchscreen device.

  • It also supports formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, AAC, MKV, and many more.
  • The operating system supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I use instead of VLC? 

VLC player has been an essential tool for many PC users. But for those who are looking for players like VLC, there are multiple options:

  • BS Players
  • Winamp
  • KM Player
  • GOM Player
  • SMP Player

Which Media Player is better than VLC?

It’s all about your choice and priority. Still, KMPlayer has been a favored alternative to the VLC player because of its extra features.

Does VLC have Viruses?

VLC is available without ads and you can watch free videos with no hassle. There are no viruses, malware, adware, or malicious code in the player. However, to avoid any risk, better you download VLC players directly from the VLC player’s official website.

What is the latest version of the VLC Media Player?

The latest version of the VLC player is “3.0.10”, which was last updated on “April 26, 2020”.

Which VLC version is Best?

The best app version of the VLC multimedia player is the latest version, “3.0.10”. This version has terrific features, i.e., it can play 3D audio and 360° video file and supports dozens of video formats. And gesture-based playback controls are another great addition to it.

Is VLC Media Player Better than Windows Media Player?

Windows Media-player stream videos smoothly on windows, but sometimes it experiences codec issues. Choosing a VLC player over Windows Media-Player will be better if you want to run some file formats because VLC supports all formats. In short, Windows-Media Player is primarily a video player like VLC.

What is a Suitable Replacement for Windows Media Player?

The best alternatives to Windows media-player are:

  • VLC player
  • KM Music Player
  • GOM player
  • SMP player
  • SMplayer

Can Windows Media Player play VLC Files?

To play VLC files in Windows Media Player, you only have to add those files to Windows Media Player’s library.

Why is VLC so Good?

VLC player is famous for its unique features. It supports all file formats without downloading extra codecs and is accessible without ads.

Is VLC Dangerous?

Generally, the VLC player is safe to use in your system. However, a few malicious media files can harm your system. So to avoid this trouble, only open trustworthy files and keep the player updated to the latest version.

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