14 Best Free Media Players for Windows 10

best media player for windows 10

When it comes to choosing the media player for windows it can be very easy and difficult at the same time. The new coming formats of media file types make it difficult to choose the right media player. Most of the people are using windows 10 and they wander about the best media player for windows 10. As all media player does not support video player so question about best video player for windows 10 is also valid. We are going to tell you about the windows 10 video player, mp4 player windows 10, and the best media player in this article.

14 Best Media Players for Windows 10 (2020)



We will provide you all the required details of a few of the best media players for windows 10.


VLC Media Player

best media player for windows 10

The VLC media player is the best media player for windows 10  and all mobile devices. A VLC player is open-source software that frequently getting better with time. 

Why prefer a VLC media player?

There is no doubt that the VLC media player is one of the most popular players around the globe and reason is very obvious that it supports almost all formats and that too without any cost. You do not need to download any codecs to run this program and make streaming very easy for you. The VLC media player is arguably the best video player for windows 10. 

  • Simple user interface.
  • Loaded with all the required tools.
  • Easy to use functionality.
  • Support video streaming.
  • Easily usable with the keyboard.
  • No extra codec requires.
  • Support almost every fie format.
  • Built-in equalizer to boost sound.

  • Files to be played from the folder.
  • Tags are not available.
  • The library is difficult to manage.
  • The interface is not customizable.

Supported Platforms:

The VLC media player supports almost every platform that includes Windows, Chrome OS, Android, BeOS, Windows phone, and IOS, etc. There is no doubt that VLC is one of the best windows 10 video players for a large number of users in their opinion.



best media player for windows 10

The media player software by Kakao the Korean company is among the league of best media players. The PotPlayer is rated among VLC, GOM, KMPlayer, and SMPlayer, etc. The PotPlayer is one of the best mp4 player for windows 10 among many other players.

Why prefer PotPlayer?

PotPlayer is rated high for users who want a lot of options. It is preferred since it utilizes GPU more efficiently to provide better video and audio. The settings of the player make it the best media player for many users around the globe.

  • Support many video and audio file formats.
  • Support playback for broken files as well.
  • Auto resume from last played.
  • Support subtitles.
  • Built-in equalizer.
  • Adjustable brightness and contrast.
  • Setting skins are easily downloadable.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for many functions.
  • Difficult to setup.
  • Settings are too many to be easily understandable
  • Advanced settings are the way to difficult.
  • Suitable mostly for advanced users.

Supported Platforms:

The PotPlayer is supported for windows only and created basically for Windows users. The compatibility for windows only makes it the best media player for windows 10.



windows 10 video player

When it comes to using the most current file formats for audio and video KMplayer is rated high. KMPlayer is a dedicated player for windows which makes it one of the best video player for windows 10 among many other players.

Why prefer KMPlayer?

KMPlayer is one of the best windows 10 video players due to the support of various codecs and high definition services. KMPlayer has got various functionalities and that includes installation of external codecs. The KMPlayer provides you with freedom for customizing the video player according to your requirements.

  • Advanced video settings.
  • Video controls and media engine
  • Supports 3d display.
  • Highly customizable experience.

  • Lack of functionality for music.
  • Difficult interface for beginners.
  • Too much ad and third-party content.

Supported Platforms

KMPlayer is designed for Windows and makes it the best media player for windows. KMPlayer also supports Android and IOS since 2014 after the launch of the mobile app.


Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

windows 10 video player

Media player classic – Home cinema is also known as MPC-HC is a free open source media player for windows. MPC-HC is the best media player for windows over a long period. The player came into being in 2000 and also supports the old model of computers.

Why prefer the media player classic – Home Cinema?

MPC-HC is the lightest of the player for windows. The MPC-HC supports all common media file types for playback. The small size of MPC-HC makes it the best media player for windows 10 with low storage devices.

  • Fast and light player.
  • No special installation requires.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

  • Syncing music is not available.
  • The picture quality is not controllable.
  • Supports very few formats.
  • Lack of customization settings.

Supported Platforms

Unfortunately, MPC-HC only supports windows and no version is available for any other operating system. The support to only windows makes it the best video player for windows 10.


ACG Player

windows 10 video player

ACG is the best windows 10 video player engineered especially for windows 10. The player provides several technical features that are used by music experts such as mixing. The player is suitable for music professionals to change the music accordingly. This is also the best replacement for mp4 player windows 10.

Why prefer an ACG player?

ACG Player is designed for windows 10 and is the best media player for this operating system. The lightweight nature of player along with stunning features for music and video give it an advantage over other players. It supports almost all media file types and does not require any codec installation.

  • Customization under open user code.
  • Extravagant visual effects.
  • Easy user interface.

  • Limited platforms.
  • Open code creates a problem for beginners.

Supported Platforms

ACG player is currently the best media player for windows 10 and the reason is that it does not support any other operating system being developed only for windows 10.


GOM Media Player


GOM & company made the GOM media player for windows that provides facilities such as playing broken files and codecs finder services. The GOM means bear and that is why it’s icon is like a bear paw. The mobile app for the GOM player is also available and GOM also allows you editing of the video. The video editor makes the GOM as the best video player for windows 10.

Why prefer a GOM player?

The GOM player is preferred simply for a combination of features and a lovable interface. The GOM has a built-in codec finder that helps you to play any kind of file format. The provision of subtitles makes it one of the best media player for windows 10.

  • Free software with utmost codecs.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Codecs finder.
  • Many codecs pre-installed.

  • Connection to the internet at startup.
  • The next and previous button use for forward and reverse instead of moving to the next or previous file.
  • Missing minor features that are available on many other players.

Supported Platforms

The supported platforms for GOM player are android, IOS, and windows. The GOM is known as the best media player for windows 10 due to the user-friendly interface and availability of codecs.


DivX Player

divx player


DivX player works with certain file types of MPEG-4 and also used for rip DVD. The player is upgraded for HD quality videos and known as the best mp4 player for windows 10. The last update of the player was years ago that helps the company to protect its legacy.

Why prefer a DivX player?

The question may arise here is why DivX is the best mp4 player for windows 10. The answer is very simple as the program is full of features and to GO feature makes it preferable on many other players. DLNA streaming support is extravagant that makes your experience even better.

  • Outstanding library functionality.
  • Smooth FF and RW.
  • Advanced audio features.
  • Organized playlist.
  • Cast to screen.

  • Limited format support.
  • Updates not available according to current needs.

Supported Platforms:

DivX support windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. Mp4 player for windows 10 cannot get any better than it is already and known as DivX player. 




Player Kodi is an open-source free media player by the company known as the XBMC foundation. Kodi is available for many operating systems and as well as for hardware. It can be used on the television screen with remote control easily. Kodi is currently the best media player for streaming videos and music online.

Why prefer Kodi?

Kodi is preferable as it supports all major operating systems and also supports a lot of devices other than any other media player. Player Kodi is quite similar to VLC but few features add extra benefit to the best media player around the globe.

  • Works without keyboard and mouse.
  • Dedicated location for albums and singers.
  • You can use your smartphone as a remote control for playing on-screen.
  • Natural user interface.
  • Lyrics display for music.
  • Skins available with different features.

  • Tags create difficulty for beginners.

Supported Platforms:

Kodi support all platforms and that makes it the best media player for 2020.



Bluetooth phone to TV , plex

Plex is not free software like any other media player. This is a client-server accumulated with pc suite. This is the best media player for windows 10 as it allows you to make the changes according to your need.

Why prefer Plex?

Plex free version is suitable for many users due to its functionality and free streaming of movies without podcasts. The users who require more customization will need to pay for the product and with that, they can use unlimited benefits.

  • Easy setup.
  • Good streaming.
  • Detail information about shows and movies

  • No level of equality among platforms.
  • Streaming only locally.
  • Advanced settings are far too difficult.
  • Settings are hardly changeable.
  • Too many bugs.
  • No HTPC support

Supported Platforms:

Plex supports Mac, Windows, Linus, IOS, and Android. This is the best media player for windows 10 for average users.



VLC media , 5kplayer

5KPlayer is the best design for windows 10 as it supports many formats and that too without any extra codec. The simple player provides high-quality streaming and one of the best media player for windows 10.

Why prefer 5KPlayer?

5Kplayer is the best media player for playing high-resolution videos. This is also the best video player for windows 10 users as it runs smoothly formats like 4k, 8k, and HDR. It accelerates GPU to take the burden off from CPU. It works as a download manager as well from sites like Facebook and Youtube.

  • Video and music downloader.
  • Wireless streaming.
  • Good customer support.
  • Run all media formats.
  • Streaming with DLNA.
  • No plugin requires.

  • Create confusion for beginners.

Supported Platforms:

Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.



media monkey

MediaMonkey powered by Ventis Media Inc is the media player for windows and works basically for music. You can turn into a video player with the help of plugins. The player does not support many platforms but can be used with the help of plugins. The plugins can convert it into windows 10 video player.

Why prefer MediaMonkey?

MediaMonkey is the best choice for the music lover and it’s a powerful tool to manage your library. The digital media player is known as the best mp4 player for windows 10. It does not create trouble for you while managing a long list of music.

  • Over 40 criteria for music.
  • Remove duplicate easily.
  • Metadata can be extracted from the website.
  • DLNA enabled.
  • The conversion of files is also available.
  • Smart playlist.
  • Not suitable for multi-users.
  • Bugs arise more often.

Supported Platforms:

It supports windows and one of the best media player for windows 10.



MPV player ,

MPV is also one of the media players which are used by the people. Mvp is free to use and you can play it on WINDOWS, macOS, LINUX, and even on BSD.  In this project, the developers develop MPlayer and MPlayer 2 both are having different features and interfaces. MPV is having different features in that it includes several third-party scripts that add up other functions to the software. 

Why prefer MPV media player

Most of the people prefer to use MPV because they think that this system and the features are different. It is having a lighter system usage that makes you use MPV easily. It can easily play radio streaming with the help of the internet. MPV Media Player can adjust the quality, color, volume frame timing.  

  • To play this MPV the system requires any additional codecs.
  • MPV is considering as the best video player which can play the whole video on the screen without leaving any space.
  • There is no visible icon available on the screen you can control it with the help of a keyboard or mouse.
  • It provides you the good quality of streaming the video from YouTube.
  • With the rapid development and changes in its feature, the program can be updated automatically.

  • MPV has a difficult user interface.
  • The drawback of this media player is it is not supporting the themes

Supported Platforms:

It supports Windows, Linux, and Android.



mp4 player windows 10

This media player is launched by the ALLPlaye Group. It can work as a media player and can stream the videos. This media player is available in different languages like Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, and many more. It can work on a different operating system like Windows 7, Windows XP, Window Vista, and Windows 8. This media player provides you videos with subtitles and even it can automatically download it. ALLPLAYER can support the high-resolution videos up to 4k.

 Why prefer ALLPLAYER media player

ALLPLAYER media player is free of cost you can use it unlimitedly. This media player supports all the Windows. It can be controlled with remote as well. On this media player, you can do outbound streaming. The most amazing feature in this media player is that it is having an in-built codec.

  • It can play all the media files when any page cannot open automatically it start searching.
  • You can watch and listen to the videos with the subtitles.
  • This media player can be operated with the remote from the Android device.
  • In its setup, you can command it to use its codecs for the movie.

  • Setup extras it will allow the user to close the bundles of an application by clicking on a notification.
  • Some words in subtitles cannot be translated properly like filters the media player will translate as filtry.

Supported Platforms:

It supports Windows, IOS, and Android.


Movies and TV


Movies and TV is developed by Microsoft that allows the entire user to watch the movies on full HD. Previously it was known as Xbox video and Zune video in 2015 it was finally introduced as movies and TV.

Why prefer Movies and TV media player

Movies and TV media player is best for windows 10 which allows its user to watch the full HD movies and tv drama serials. Microsoft provides a big opportunity for the user to use this media player on windows 10.

  • It is free to download.
  • This media player supports both audio and video content.
  • This media player is overfilled with advertisements.
  • Users cannot change the media library.
  • It will not allow running DVDs or Blue rays.

Supported Platforms:

It supports Windows, IOS, and Android.

Please share your comments pertaining to free windows media player 10 discussed above, as these windows media player downloads can be done easily without any issue.



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