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Today, most of our conversations are done via several apps on smartphones. The most famous among them are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. People also use the default messaging app on their smartphones. The crux is that our conversations, most of the time carry important information in it. Which we can not afford to make it public, therefore, the android hide message app is introduced. There is also a risk that it can get deleted mistakenly. Or, any of your friends whom you have given access to your smartphone can read the text messages. Do you know about hidden messaging apps android? If not then, to help you out there, we have listed the best Android apps to hide text messages from all the prying eyes out there. This video might be helpful to see how to use hide text messages app or tell you about the secret text message app. The best-hidden text app is mentioned below. best hidden text app
Vault - Hide Pictures / App Lock


Vault-Hide SMS, Pictures and Videos

hide text messages app

When this app was launched, it was not very famous. It gained popularity with the passage of time. Now, it has more than 100 million downloads, which in turn is the ultimate success for the developer of this app. It received the best reviews as well. Moreover, its latest version has finally come with customized features. If you did not like this app in its initial stage, now surely you will. This is the best alternative app to hide your text messages, even calls on Android.
It shares a friendly User Interface. Try downloading this app and you will love its supreme features. You will go into a city of enhanced security features for text message encryption on Android. A user can also choose a PIN pattern like a lock to open certain apps on your phone like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, etc. A user can hide his personal SMS and calls via this app, so no one can access his data. It is heavy, therefore, it will take a little bit more time than other applications. But once it is installed, you will surely be thankful for it. It is not at all a paid application.


GO SMS Pro – The Best App to Hide Texts

best hidden text app

GO SMS Pro is on the hit list nowadays. Android users largely use it. It has upgraded to the 7.0 version. This time, the customization settings are bigger and better. The look of its interface is completely new and different.
Besides this, the app is free to download. GO SMS Pro allows a user to set up the PIN for the private chatbox. A user must select the contact he wants to do the private conversation with. The text messages will appear in the GO SMS Pro chatbox. It will not be displayed in the default text messaging app. Not only this, but a user can also hide a private chat app from its home screen when the stealth mode is on.


Private SMS and Call -Best Hidden text app 

How to lock message on android 2018

This app has got maximum downloads from the Google Play Store as compared to the rest. It has the best features so far. After downloading the app, the user must set the PIN code. This PIN prompts when a user tries to access the contacts and text messages. This app can also be hidden from the home screen.
Once the PIN is selected, the private contacts are imported. The messages even phone calls by these contacts are hidden from traditional apps. In addition to this, a user can select another notification tone so that he will know that he got a message from private contact.
Still, if anyone lets his PIN code known to another person, the other person will have access to all the private message box and phone calls.

Message Locker – SMS hide app

message locker
Message Locker is another famous app to hide text messages. This is sort of an app lock as well. It also demands a PIN code to access the selected apps. It is free to download. The most exciting feature about this app is that a user can schedule WhatsApp messages with these apps.
However, it has an attractive user interface. A user can add selected apps by clicking + icon. It will showcase third party applications. A user will select the apps and then those selected apps will get locked. Next time, they will require a PIN code to access that app.
Adding to this, the app got positive reviews and has around 50 million downloads till now.
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Calculator – Hide calls and text

secret text message app

This app works as a secret text message app. This cannot be detected easily by anyone. As it is the calculator, so it is not possible to hide. According to its name, it is a calculator, but, it is an app lock. The password is a combination of numbers and arithmetic operators. A user can set a password as 6789- or 6789+. A user will enter this code and the app will get unlocked.
All the incoming messages and contact information will be protected once the app lock is applied. However, it is a calculator, so you all can imagine its interface. It’s boring, but damn it is so genius. The sad thing is that this app is not free.


Hide SMS – Android app to hide text messages

Hide SMS is also a secret text message app. It keeps the selected messages hidden from the rest of the messages. A user just has to select a certain message he wants to hide. PIN code is required for this purpose. So, if any, other person uses the user’s phone, he can’t see the important text messages. All the incoming texts directly come to a private chat area. Moreover, there is unlimited space for private messages. This app can also be hidden from the home screen. A user can dial *** 123456 ### to open the app.

So here we have described the best apps to hide the text messages on Android. You can download any of these apps so that your privacy would not be violated. I think, GO SMS Pro is the best among them. I have used it personally. It has a good User Interface.
A user can choose one hiding app, and this will import all the messages of the selected contacts. There will not be a hint of chat left on your default messaging app. If you need an app like this, then what are you waiting for? Go and download now. Also, tell us in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an app that can hide text messages?


Hiding text messages using the appropriate app is pretty simple. Several options will help your android phone hide message through an app which is called VAULT. Through this app, you cannot only hide messages but also pictures, videos, and whatever you want to keep secret. A pin-like password can be accessible through which your vault can be open besides this you can access with plenty of other benefits too. 

For hiding your text messages firstly download hidden text android app Vault and import the contacts in the app, once you import the messages or number, it won’t appear in your phonebook and neither of its text.


How do you hide a text conversation?


You can hide a text conversation but it depends which texting message app you are using if you want to hide a text conversation the best option having Vault download and if it doesn’t suit you and you are finding other options then you can try having an android hide message app if you do not have one then you can download hidden text app and hide your messages from your screen and save it in private messages which you can only access through a pin provided when you want to read.


What is the best app for private texting?


According to claim the best app that claims that it provides you best end to end encryption along with private texting then Signal Private Messenger is the best app that helps you stay private with no third party interruption.


What Apps do cheaters use?


Most of the time it depends on psychology that whether or not the person’s intention if he/she wants to cheat he/will even though cheaters can use any app whether it’s WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger or any other. So, it depends on intention, not on the apps he or she is using. Because there are several hidden text apps that a person can use with privacy. 


How do you communicate secretly?


Research says that Steganography is the app that plays the cue very well, and this secret text message app can hide messages and you can play in the safe zone; you can hide your messages or image in another form of a picture that helps you communicate secretly without a problem. Snap chat is also a secure way of chatting of you upload it’s setting to delete after viewing.


How do you find hidden text messages?


To find hidden messages firstly you need to have a fair knowledge of what apps are used to hide messages, that includes several messages hiding apps, once you get to know that WhatsApp or Vault or other apps are being used and the phone has privacy then you can have a fair idea of that the person has already hide messages. That you cannot access.


Can you make text messages private?


Yes, you can make text messages private, several options in your phone can help you save your text privately or archived them so that you can have hidden text messages private and safe. Some of the options include save as private and achieve the conversation. secret text message apps like Hide SMS & Calculator can help you out in making this possible.


What is the most encrypted messaging app?


WhatsApp stands first as a most encrypted messaging app that claims that it has the security feature of end to end encryption. That means no third party cybercriminals cannot access your messages or pictures.


Are texts private or safe?


Yes, private texts or Short message services are both private and safe as there are limitations to the policies and security of the companies you are using.

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