Funny Text to Speech Apps for Android 2020

Smartphones have definitely made our lives easier by automating our tasks. Not only that, but we can also browse, visit web pages, and search the relevant content on our smartphones on the go. But there is a limitation on our readability on the small screens during the night time. So, we have compiled a list of some useful and funny text to speech apps widely popular. The users can enjoy funny voices by simply inputting the written text to funny text to speech conversion apps available on Android smartphones.

Funny text to speech voices

Narrator's Voice APP

Well, reading tiny text on mobile screens is definitely harmful to eyesight. Not only that, but we also have to adjust the brightness according to the light present in the surroundings. A majority of the apps now provide dark or night mode to facilitate users. On the other hand, the readability on small screens is surely difficult for elderly people. In order to address this issue, a myriad of text to speech apps are available. One fun part is that the user can enjoy funny voices after text conversion. These useful yet funny texts to speech conversion applications facilitate users to convert the written text on different websites and PDF files to speech and voice.

Native Text to Speech Conversion App

Before getting into the details of different Android apps available, let us discuss the native, inbuilt text to speech conversion feature available in the Android smartphones. Yes, Android phones come with a native Text to speech conversion feature provided by Google. Actually, Google translates the app works as a text to speech conversion. In this way, the user can communicate with foreigners. This feature works with all the applications and web pages.

You simply need to select the text anywhere on your Android phone and tap on the translate option. You will be re-directed to the Google translate interface where you can select the output language. The output language will be the one in which you want the text to be converted to speech. Just make sure that you have enabled the text-to-speech output option in the settings. By the way, you can also take the photo of the surrounding signboards in foreign languages and convert them to speech via Google translate app.

Now, let us discuss some funny text to speech conversion apps. All these apps are categorized on the basis of simplicity and user-friendliness.

TK Solution Text to Speech (TTS)

This is quite an amazing and funny text to speech conversion app. It has got a simple and interactive interface. There are three adjustable knobs right at the top of the home screen. You can adjust the speed, pitch, and volume of the converted voice. All these options allow the user to convert text to natural-sounding speech. There are multiple options for language available. You can simply type the text or copy from the clipboard on the main screen and then click on the speaker button. You can convert the text to funny voices in languages like German, English, Spanish or Russian, etc.

funny text to speech

Well, there are some additional features that allow the user to load any text file. Moreover, you can save the converted speech into a .wav file to be listened to later. Whenever you convert any text to speech, you can see the sound effects’ animations at the top.

If you want to translate a text into speech and save it in an audio format, then Text to Speech or TTS is the ideal text to speech app. It offers:

  • More than 30 different languages 
  • Almost 25 voice formats 
  • Translates unlimited text 
  • Adjustable-rate and pitch of voice 
  • Saves text for future use
  • Converts text into audio files

It is rated amongst the top rated text to speech for iPhone and Android users

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Talk free – Android text to speech app

funny text to speech

This is by far the simplest ever application for an Android smartphone. It makes your phone talk to you if you enable the autoplay option. It converts your smartphone into a talking device and the voice will start reading any written content on the web page or while typing. There are two main requirements for the smooth working of this application. First, you need an internet connection. Second, it works with the inbuilt TTS engine on the phone. It can convert the text to many languages by typing the text or importing a text file. This funny text to speech app offers the following features: 

  • Hear what you type 
  • Read web pages aloud 
  • Ideal for speech impaired people 
  • Best for visually impaired people 
  • Fun to use 
  • Play/pause/stop option 

Talk Free is a user friendly and fun app used by people, making it one of the popular text to speech app available. 

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funny text to speech

This app has got an upgraded interface with options available on the left side window. This is quite an advanced text to speech app with loads of options and features. You can add new files or open any file from the phone. You can also open a new tab from the phone browser to open a web page. The settings menu is available on the bottom right of the home screen. It has got an elaborate list of languages than any of the TTS apps.

You can adjust the voice rate and pitch accordingly. Another add on that the speech tone can be adjusted by checking different phrase segments like comma, sentence, etc. You can customize the entire look of the T2S app. Lastly, it can also enable a speaker button that allows you to convert any copied text to speech anywhere on the phone.

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Narrator’s Voice – Text to speech App for Android

funny text to speech, Narrator's Voice

This is quite an advanced funny text to speech and voice app as it allows the user to play around with funny text to speech messages. As the name indicates, it has got a male and female narrators’ voices. You either import a text or type in and convert it to any of the given voices. It has got a social media platform look and allows you to earn coins by connecting it with your Facebook account. It allows users to earn coins to unlock different features including ad removal, gifts, and video formats. You can also interact with other users. Also, you can add as many voice effects as you want, including speed, chorus, echo, reverb, and many more.

If you want to have some fun with your friends, the Narrator’s Voice is the perfect app for you. It converts your text into funny voices that you can share with your friends. It’s special features are:

  • Create and share amusing messages in the voice of your choice 
  • A huge variety of pleasant-sounding voices
  • Special effects can be added to the speech 
  • Can be used to add narration to videos 

In short, this App is an amusing and funny text to speech app which is being used by thousands of people who are enjoying it to the core. 

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Google Translate

If you’re looking for a text to speech app that offers translation in more than a hundred languages, then Google Translate is the best text to speech app for you. Some features of this app are:

  • Available for Android as well as iPhone users 
  • 103 languages available 
  • Translates text in images 
  • The option of saving previously translated words in a phrasebook 
  • Phrasebook can be accessed on multiple devices by logging in
  • Real-time translation 

All these features add up to make Google Translate the best text to speech app available.

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For speaking and translating the text into a wide variety of languages, iSpeech is the suggested text to speech app. Some features that make this app stand out are:

  • Supports all major languages 
  • Upload text to convert into an audio file
  • Voice to text conversion 
  • Translate by speaking 7 different languages 
  • Listen to the translated text in 18 languages
  • Human quality text to speech recognition 

The creators of iSpeech also made, which is an award-winning app for texting while driving. 

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FullReader - all e-book formats reader

FullReader is basically an ebook reader app, but it also offers text to speech conversion. Some of its features include:

  • Supports PDF and DjVu formats 
  • Used for listening to audiobooks 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Consists of 2 themes – classic white and brand new black 
  • Energy-saving option 
  • Convenient layout of all options
  • A built-in translator that supports 90+ languages
  • Reading aloud option with customization of tone and speed

FullReader is by far the best text to speech app for android users. 

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Speech Central 

text to speech app

Available for iPhone users, Speech Central is one of the leading text to speech apps. With a 4+ star rating, this app offers the following features:

  • Supports reading headlines as well as the whole article 
  • Can be imported from any website that has shareable links
  • Supports all documents, office files, and ebooks
  • Saves text in audio format which can be synced between Apple devices 
  • Best app for blind people
  • Audio files can be created and shared
  • It supports all major languages around the world 
  • Speech customization 

With such a wide variety of features available, Speech Central is no doubt one of the top-ranking text to speech apps available for iPhone users

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iTranslate Translator 

Translation App

iTranslate Translator is a text to speech app which offers translation in more than 100 languages. Some of its main features are:

  • Built-in dictionary for all languages 
  • Offers voice-to-voice conversations
  • Offline mode available in 40 languages 
  • Translates menus and signs 
  • Option to change verbs into different tenses

iTranslate Translator is an award-winning app, which has made its way into the list of the best text to speech apps for iPhone and Android. 

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Predictable APP

The sole purpose of Predictable is to give a voice to people with speech disabilities. This multi-award winning app speaks out the typed messages. Apart from this, it also offers the following features:

  • A simple and smart way to communicate 
  • A 10-key keyboard with extension for a 3rd party keyboard 
  • Intelligent word prediction
  • A phrase-bank to save commonly used phrases
  • British and American spelling selection 
  • Dyslexia support options 
  • The keyboard can be replaced with on-screen handwriting 
  • Screen customization with different colors 
  • Change the size of text 
  • Offline mode available 

With such a wide array of features, Predictable is the best text to speech app for speech-impaired people. 

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Another popular text to speech app is Pocket. It provides the option of saving stories to listen to later. Pocket has the following qualities:

  • Saves articles, magazines, stories, videos, etc from anywhere 
  • Has a clean layout making it easy to use 
  • Customizable display for relaxed reading 
  • Two-night mode themes – dark and sepia
  • A hands-free, eyes-free learning experience 
  • Available for use on laptops and tablets 
  • Available in offline mode 
  • Premium upgrade available to access additional features like unlimited highlights and automatic article backup 

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Voice Aloud Reader


As it is apparent from the name, Voice Aloud Reader reads from web pages, PDF files, and documents of other formats. This text to speech app has the following features:

  • Reads aloud over speakers or headphones 
  • Can be shared on WhatsApp 
  • Saves articles for future reading 
  • Articles can be added to a playlist for uninterrupted listening 
  • Articles can be arranged according to your preference
  • Read ebooks or listen to them by turning off the screen 
  • Vertical and horizontal text reading modes 
  • Control the volume, pitch, and rate of speech 
  • Speech timer available 
  • Auto language recognition 
  • Bookmark interesting articles 

Voice Aloud Reader has so many options for its users, that it is extremely easy to use. This is why it is listed in the best text to speech apps for android users. 

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What are the Best apps for text to speech?

In one word we believe a Narrator’s voice With basic text to speech options combined with fun features, is the best text to speech app. 

Are there any free apps that will read text aloud for Me?

Yes, There are a lot of apps that can read text aloud, Voice Aloud Reader being one of them. 

What is the most realistic text to speech?

Google’s text to speech engine WaveNet is considered as the most realistic text to speech engine. Amazon Polly is the second. 

How can I convert text to voice online for free?

There are several online texts to voice converters such as Text2Voice, Natural Reader and Note Vibes, to name a few. 

Is there an app that reads PDF aloud?

Voice Aloud Reader, FullReader, and Predictable are some of the apps that read PDF aloud.

We need to make the best use of our Android smartphones so it is important to know all the helpful apps to make our lives simpler and better. All the text to speech apps allows us to simplify our interaction with the phone. I hope the above articles give you clear guidance about funny text to speech voices. Please share your comments below pertaining to your favorite funny text to speech voices App. 

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