Best Offline Strategy Games for Android

Roaming around the Play Store to find the best offline strategy games? Better if it’s a hybrid of a card game and a strategy game?

Then you are in the right place to get your hands on the best offline strategy games for Android. You can enjoy amazing games without the need for a constant internet connection like Vainglory, XCOM, Kingdom Rush, etc. Just download them and jump into the battles and goal of achieving game plans. These best strategy games are good for increasing the intelligence level. Just like you’re playing chess in real-time (these are not chess games, though).

Proper planning will be required for these strategy games. Let’s have a look at some amazing offline war strategy games for Android, which you can download free from the Play Store.


Best Strategy Games Android

The best offline strategy games for Android include The Escapists 2, Civilization Revolution 2, The Battle of Polytopia, XCOM Enemy Within, Kingdom Rush, Mushroom War 2, Vainglory, Clash of Clans, and The Board Game.


The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout - Launch Trailer

Escapists 2 is considered one of the best offline strategy games for Android. This is one of the amazing offline war strategy games for android which comprises breaking the prison and planning. It is all about certain exciting techniques to break the prison.

The whole game revolves around finding ways to escape from jail through ugly tactics. Moreover, it involves stealing items, which brings in money and can be used for bribing the guards. Meanwhile, you can also provide training to the prisoners in the gym or library to defeat them in this contest cunningly.

best offline strategy games for android

One of the best things about this pixel-perfect offline strategy game is that you can play with your friends as well. With effective control and multiplayer feature, Escapists 2 has become a great prison escape conquest plan game.

Download: The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout ($6.99)


Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2: How to launch nuke!

Another best offline strategy game for Android is Civilization Revolution 2. In this rpg game, you will start building an AI Empire, armies, and increase your production. However, you can win this game by defeating your enemies and setting out certain strategies as well.

These ways involve, playing the role of not so famous leaders and dominating them through gathering 20,000 gold, establishing a World Bank, and acquiring cities up to 20.


Moreover, in this Revolution 2 game, the other ways to conquer your opponents are either by an economic victory, great people, and wonders. You can be the one bringing a civilization revolution with the help of establishing a United Nations or you can be the first one to send a ship to space.

This version is a paid version, so you will not be facing any ads in your way of winning this cultural war. So, you can download this offline war strategy games for Android, which has now been optimized well from the button below.

Download: Civilization Revolution 2 ($9.99)


The Battle for Polytopia

Imperius Timelapse | The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle for Polytopia is another offline strategy-based gameplay, which comprises of tribes control battling. So, based on the number of cities you get the control, you will get the stars. And through these collected stars you can acquire several other technologies for your tribes like trees, troops, and resources.

In this battle arena, it is up to you how to spend these resources wisely and assemble your troops effectively. You can play the Battle of Polytopia in a number of ways and a quick and easy pickup and play version. In the solo-play game, you will get 30 turns or you can continue playing until the single tribe.


You can customize this gameplay, which includes a pass-and-play option. This battle play can be enjoyed with your friends and can be played later on. The easy-to-the-crazy way of play makes you fall in love with Polytopia with its four amazing tribes. If you are a battle freak, you should play this one of the free offline strategy games for Android.

Download: The Battle for Polytopia (Free w/IAPs)


XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within - Official "Security Breach" Trailer

XCOM is considered one of the best offline strategy games for Android, whose task is to stop the invasion of aliens on Earth. XCOM is a mission of taking out all the alien enemies and you will be the commander to lead the troops in doing so.

The whole gameplay revolves around kicking the aliens out of your territory and these missions are followed by the upgrades, new abilities, and weapons. During your every turn you are going to face aliens advancing and you can control them through your troops.

free offline strategy games for android

After you will complete your mission of restricting the aliens from invading the Earth, you will then come back to your XCOM HQ. In the end, you will be awarded new abilities, weapons, and upgrades as well. It is a turn-based strategy game that comprises a number of missions to stop aliens to invade the planet Earth.


Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Android Trailer (Official)

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game which is available on Google Play Store and you can download on your tablets and Android smartphones. Thus, Kingdom Rush is one of the free offline strategy games for Android and it is all about protecting your kingdom.

During this game, you will be fighting in the mountains, forests, and wastelands with the help of the troops and a strategic approach. Thus, you can rain fire on your enemies, which are hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards, and other nasty fiends.


On your commands and hired warriors, you will be able to fight the monsters and cease them from entering into your kingdom. So you can download this amazing strategy based game from Play Store 2019 and enjoy saving your kingdom from the dark force.



Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 English

Mushroom Wars 2 is another one of the major offline war strategy games for Android. It is an award-winning best strategy game in which you will be facing enemies with an army of mushrooms. And you can get control of mushroom soldier armies in online and offline contests.

offline strategy games for android

With Mushroom Wars 2, you will have rts experience and amazing gameplay and graphics features. In this game, there are four tribes of mushrooms and you will control your troops and move around the map to conquer other mushroom huts.

In this way, mushroom troops will defend them against the other advancing enemies. For this purpose, you have to develop special skills for this one of the offline war strategy games for android. Thus, the real war will begin in Mushroom Wars 2 when you start gameplay with online multiplayer.


Pandemic: The Board Game

Pandemic the board game - Trailer (Android/IOS)

Another one of the best offline strategy games for Android is Pandemic, the board game. This game is all about taking over the world by protecting it from contagious diseases. Moreover, you can play this game with your friend or alone.

offline strategy games for android, Vainglory

In this game, it is you who will choose the character in order to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. Thus, your win depends upon the character you pick throughout the game to fight with appropriate strategies.

You can assist your team members and work with them to achieve your goals. The board game is to play and pass games which you can play with your friends. For more features you can get in-app purchases and expand the availability of your skills to win this challenging game.



Vainglory 4.0 EN

Vainglory is one of the amazing free offline strategy games for Android, which comes with a MOBA action genre. You can play this game with random opponents or friends, and create a random match against them. On the other hand, you can practice your strategies and skills offline as well.

In this Vainglory battle, you can develop certain abilities and rts experience smooth control and quick fightback modes. Moreover, the player will find five hero classes that will be able to unlock and upgrade certain battles.


All you have to do is to jump into the battleground and face the enemies, utilizing all your abilities and skills. In case, you are a newcomer in this battle mania, then don’t worry about the Vainglory gameplay features. Vainglory will let you learn amazing tactics in the tutorial so that you can jump right into the battle.


Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is another free offline strategy game for Android that brings the Clan wars on the battleground. Entering into the world of Clash will let you meet with unique troops. Moreover, you will get amazing upgrades for Town Hall 12 and a lot more.

You can join a clan and invite your friends to play this game as your opponent. The war is all about saving your village and cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls. You will be fighting with a number of players all across the world and use certain strategies to win the Clash of Clans battle. For more upgrade version, you can get in-app purchases as well from the Play Store.



Tropico – Out now for Android

Don’t tell me that you have never thought about “bossing” a country; I bet you did! Well, of course, not every one of us can be a president of a state, but you can still feel the taste of “power” in this awesomely fabulous game. Tropico surely is one of the best offline strategy games for android.

You are being put to the test with the role of a president of a Caribbean island of your own. You have to build an AI empire from scratch. During this game, You have to lay roads, strengthen the economy while boosting the industry and farming of your state, manage the trade balance with other countries, and much more. Sounds interesting? If it does, try your strategic skills with this IQ booster.

Download Tropico


 Plague Inc. 

Plague Inc. Trailer - Android

You must have seen lots of movies or TV series about plagues and aliens rampaging our earth, and there is always a hero that saves the planet. Well, this time, you can be the savior of humanity. Plague Inc. is one of the best free offline strategy games for android in history. To your surprise, this game was discussed on “The Guardian,” as well as the “The New York post.” Well, that sounds cool, right?

Its plot may look simple, but it is not. The world has been torn apart by a horrible plague that turns humans into monkeys. You, along with what’s left of mankind, will fightback and prevent our earth from turning into a kingdom of Apes. Want to be a hero? Then check this out:

Download Plague Inc


Bio Inc. 

App Preview

If you are being told that this game has been downloaded more than 10 million times, don’t you think this game will be really awesome? As a matter of fact, it is incredible and very unique. Because, in this game, you will be the “doctor of death.” That said, you won’t be saving the patients from dying; instead, you will send them to their final resting place by all means. Sounds interesting, right?

This game is not only a test of your strategic skills and planning, but it also challenges your memory power. You will have to create a deadly disease, and for that, you need to be extra smart, active, and attentive while playing this game. Of course, you will be obstructed by other doctors. So, want to be the “rebel doctor”?

Download Bio Inc


Total Domination – Reborn

Total Domination: Reborn - Desert Wasteland

This post-apocalypse thriller will surely keep you on your toes. This game is based on the future. The nuclear apocalypse has almost destroyed everything. You will have to regroup and set a base of operations and put up a fight against your enemy- Artificial intelligence.

You will be regrouping and preparing for the battles to save humanity from extinction as you are the last hope of humanity, and they are counting on you. While playing this game, You will strengthen your bases, equip yourself with modern warfare, and much more. See for yourself if you can lead the charge of the retaliatory. Here is the link to the game:


Defense Zone 3

Defense Zone 3 HD - Trailer

This action-pack and the jaw-dropping game is a sequel of a well-known series. With its overall rating being 4.6, this one surely deserves a spot in your playlist. Although the plot of the game has been the same as the previous installments, this time, you will be up against stronger enemy forces. This game brings new and more deadly weapons for you.

This game is not a “blind-fight” as you are up against a more robust and fearsome enemy, and therefore, you need to be smarter and more energetic. If you have played previous versions, you will have some tricks up your sleeves, and even if you are playing this for the first time, it will be more enjoyable.

Download Defense Zone 3


Galaxy Legend

best offline strategy games for android

This amazing and diverse game is a treat for space-games lovers. It is a true examination of your strategy and planning skills. You will be up against a lot of spaceships and space armies. You will have to fight your way to conquer a space colony, and you will make sure that it flourishes. In this game, You will be strengthening your space base, and your leadership skills will be tested. This game offers a lot of diversity in its missions, and it can easily qualify as the best offline war strategy games for android. The link is given below:

Download Galaxy Legend


If you want to play offline games, then you can try these amazing war strategy leagues. All you have to download them from a Google Play Store on your Android device and enjoy the unique graphics and gameplay.

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