Who Viewed My Instagram Profile Online?

Instagram, a social media application for sharing photos and videos is part of Facebook, which allows registered Instagram users to follow and unfollow other business accounts. As an avid Instagrammer, I always come across a question that ignites my curiosity about who viewed my Instagram profile and took a sneak peek into my life happenings. Instagram like any other apps cannot be stalkers free. Crack free tools to check Instagram profile visits app along with stalkers who view the Instagram story.

After extensive research on this niche, I finally came up with five handy applications on a play store that exactly knew Instagram metrics that I want to view and analyze. These free-of-cost applications managed to bring interesting stuff into the limelight.



Enlisting the five best Instagram profile visits app for stalking your stalkers. To view someone Instagram, please use mSpy


Five Great Apps To Inspect Who Visited My Instagram Profile




You cannot view your stalkers on Instagram by default, but this app has got an amazing user interface that lets you log in, your username and password with your Instagram as well Facebook account.

You can easily get a trend analysis of social media accounts where it will let you know about the users who view the photos that you post on your Instagram feed or Facebook page. If one of your followers tends to block you or change their profile, it will also notify you. It tracks hidden viewers with the date and day precisely.

If you are looking for a fancy app that caters to your suspicious instincts, then you should download this super cool yet easy-to-use Qmiran app.

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Follower Insight- Instagram Analyzer and Tracker

social media

With a booming 4.6 star rating on the play store, this Instagram profile visits app gives you an accurate and deep understanding of your Instagram account. The number of likes and comments made on photos and videos, the total number of followers, and the people whom you are following since the day you made your Instagram account are the basics that this app offers.

However, this is not the only benefit for which this app is famous for the ease with which you enlighten your curiosity about all the followers gained and lost on Instagram and the visitors that are just lurking on your profile but not following you back is the advanced feature that insists one to have this in one’s cell phone.


instagram profile visits app

Some people might be interested in knowing about the users whom they did not follow back. Who is blocking them after visiting their profiles? This app specializes in collecting data about ghost followers who only want to keep an eye on what you are doing with your Instagram. Best followers from whom you get maximum visits on your Instagram profile and they show their appreciation by liking and commenting.

Audience engagement is being monitored by this fantastic app and it works efficiently. It proves to be helpful for many Instagram users.

So what are you waiting for? Download the easy-to-use and user-friendly app that does not let you spend a single penny. It assists you in analyzing and tracking daily.

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Insights For Instagram – Followers, Ghosts, Stories

instagram stalkers free

If we count on its name that accommodates three factors that facilitate us in reaching a conclusion of who viewed my Instagram, then surely we are at the right place. You do not need to fret over the battery drain while downloading this application as it synchronizes your Instagram profile very efficiently and comes up with accurate information. In a very compact way, your ghost followers’ engagement with your Instagram posts can be tracked down and filtered. The stats displayed are easy to read and understand.

Anonymous viewers of your Instagram stories are also recorded. It’s a breathtaking design that does not let the user get distracted and optimized performance is the cherry on top. Spy on your stalkers, but in a smart way.

An app that gives you what you need at a glance. Bingo! What else do you want?

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Follow Meter – Unfollower Analytics For Instagram

follow meter

A splendid UI with a bunch of insights about your followers that track un-followers, blockers, ghost followers, and secret admirers, and that too all in one! Crack an app that saves a lot of your time. Free of glitches with smooth running and quick customer response is the answer to all your questions:

“Who viewed my Instagram?”

“Which profile visits my Instagram posts frequently?”

“Who are my Instagram stalkers?”

“Which follower is viewing my Instagram stories and feed?”

“How secret admirers visited my Instagram profile and check out my content?”

“How many likes are given on your Instagram photos and videos with detailed media insights?”

Added benefits that this meter reader allows is an in-app feature that lets you zoom your profile photo.

Cut it short, highly recommended!

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Followers & Likes Tracker for Instagram – Repost

photos and videos, free instagram story views

Saving the best for the last. Last but not the least, this charming analytics Instagram application digs deep into your one on one relations with your followers. It shows the most and least liked and commented hours with the number of viewers who visit your Instagram profile. Your new and lost followers are tracked very easily and sneaking into Instagram stories without any, the hassle has never been easy.


profile visits instagram

These exceptional features are not found in any other app. Relation comparison is its uniqueness, which encourages influencers to boost their followers.


instagram stalkers free

Try it and you will not regret downloading it in the first place.

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Using an Instagram Business Account to Find Out Who Looks at Your Profile

An Instagram business account lets you find out who’s been viewing your profile. You may also discover who has viewed your Instagram account by using a business Instagram account. There’s a catch, though: having an Instagram business account will give you access to important data regarding who has been to your page.

With a business account, you’ll be able to see valuable information about the people who view your profile, such as their location and age group. The insights will, however, not show the names of all the individual users that have visited your profile.

If that’s the sort of information you’re looking for, you can simply transform your personal Instagram account into an Instagram business account with a few simple steps. To do so, log in to your Instagram account and go to the Settings menu, then select “Switch to Business Profile.”

After you’ve logged in, Instagram will ask you if you’d like to pull your Facebook contact information. If you have a business account on Instagram that is connected to your Facebook page, then it will automatically pull the correct contact information from there. Your new Instagram business account is now ready to use. It’s worth noting that Instagram Insights does not collect historical data and begins collecting data only after the Instagram company account has been established.


How to Make Your Instagram Account Private

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private

Let’s say you’ve run out of ideas for how to find out who looks at your Instagram profile. Following are some suggestions for finding out who visits your Instagram account. You can stop anyone from viewing your profile by making it private, so long as they don’t already know you.

You might want to make your Instagram profile private if you’re concerned about people who may be stalking you on the platform. To go from public to private, open the Instagram app and change the ‘Private Account’ setting. It’s that simple. Switching to a private account will have no influence on your existing followers; therefore, after converting, you’ll need to remove undesirable followers or Insta stalkers one by one.


When a user visits the Instagram profile, Instagram does not record the nitty-gritty details of the stalkers. Instead, with an Instagram API, they are kept hidden from the public. It does not allow information sharing with third-party applications. In this regard, the benefit of having an Instagram business account over a personal account facilitates a digital creator. With efficient tracking of audience impressions, reach, website clicks, and overall insight on Instagram posts, staying up to date with the current trends become easy.

Personal accounts do not cater to this in-app feature while business profiles do support this. While making a switch to a business account, you can even view those people as your audience who do not follow your Instagram profile, but secretly keep a check on you by viewing your Instagram stories. Free Instagram story views are an easy way for Instagram stalkers to monitor their daily life activities. Instagram is not stalkers free especially when we have a free Instagram story view utility for personal Instagram accounts.

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