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Instagram is one of the popular social media accounts where people love to post pictures and videos and share stories with the world. Moreover, this social networking site has several attractive filters for users. You will also get updates on the latest events like New Year, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Besides unique filters to edit your pictures and posts, people love to customize Instagram comments and captions of posts and videos.

However, suppose you want to post your photos and videos with funky Instagram fonts. In that case, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to use Instagram font generators like fortifying, mega tags, etc. These fancy text fonts, like Instagram font generator bold, italic, etc., will make your posts stand out on Instagram. Let’s find out and download Instagram fonts that work with android.


Instagram Font Generators In 2020 . Best Font Generators


Best Instagram Font Generator

Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram comes with attractive Insta fonts to make your social life more appealing to the world. Download any of these Instagram Font Generators and try comic sans, fancy letters, and different characters to make your post stand out. You will find many stylish text themes like Instagram font generator bold, italic, Latin alphabets, ASCII characters, and more.




Font customize is not a big deal with the use of Fontify. You must download this fantastic app on your phone and choose the right font as per your suitability. The Fontify application is highly user-friendly, and you can apply different styles to your quotes, poetry, or any suitable description regarding the photo or video for posting on your Instagram account.

Moreover, Fontify is an IGfonts generator you can download on your smartphone without taking up colossal memory space. So, Fontify is a handy font generator and consumes fewer data from your Android device. Another fantastic thing about Fontify Font generator for Instagram is that you can customize fonts for your Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Meta Tags Font Generator

instagram font generator bold

Meta Tags Font Generator has a unique option to preview the edited text font before posting it on social media. After selecting a required font, put it into the Meta Tags font generator app and click save to see the magic styles on your Instagram posts.

This generator provides plenty of options to choose stylish fonts for your Instagram profile. Once you see an approved preview version of your desired font style in the Meta Tags font generator, you can copy and paste it on social media. An Instagram and Twitter font changer makes your posts attractive to viewers.





Sprezz Keyboard – font for Instagram


If your fonts don’t work for social media, you can try these fantastic Sprezz Keyboard characters to add text in the required section. So you won’t have to copy and put the font in the Sprezz. Just go to the settings of the Sprezz Keyboard application and select the required font from bold, italic, Arabic, upside-down font, and a lot more.

From the settings, you can choose any font for Insta. This Instagram font generator is only valid for iOS devices. If you want to add a fancy look to your Instagram posts with Unicode symbols, then Sprezz is a good option. Click below and get Instagram fonts that work with android.



Fonts for Instagram by LingoJam

instagram font generator

Another best font for your Instagram is LingoJam, which has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, you will find all the font options on the right side of the original text, which you copy and paste to edit.

For your feedback, there is a comment box at the bottom. There are few ad pop-ups on this Font for Instagram by LingoJam, but overall you will get creative and cool fonts for your Instagram.



Instagram Fonts Generator – cool font on Instagram


Like any other font generator for Instagram, this Instagram Fonts Generator brings several cool symbols and text symbols to make your posts eye-catchy. This application allows you to see the cool text cast in a beautiful font, which you paste in the first text box. You will also get fantastic emojis to represent your text styles in expressions. So, this Instagram font generator fills your post with many favorite emojis at the bottom of the page. Click Below and get Instagram fonts that work with Mobile.


Instagram Fonts – best font for Instagram

instagram font generator bold

The Instagram font is another font generator bold italic app for your phone or laptop without lags. This Instagram font generator comes with a relatively simple and easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is type a text or paste it in the mentioned box and scroll down to see the different styles of fonts.

Copy and paste the font into your Instagram account’s comment section, caption, or bio. Another best thing about Instagram Fonts is that you can “load more fonts” if you get bored of the usual font and special characters. You will find a “load more fonts” button at the bottom of the page.

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If you are wondering how to use Instagram font generators, they all almost work the same way.

  • After pasting or writing the text in the required area, you choose the font style.
  • Now open your Instagram and select your desired image or video from the gallery.
  • Now you can cut and paste the font from that app into your caption
  • You can also paste the desired font in your post’s Instagram bio or comment section.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do you Get the Fancy Font on Instagram?

It is straightforward; you have to install some cool Instagram font generator apps, and you are good to go. Some Instagram font generators are bold, italic, Latin, Fontify , Mega Tags Font Generator, and more.

How Do you Get Different Fonts on your Bio?

You must download Instagram font generator apps and choose your font. Write whatever you want and copy and paste it into your bio.

What is Instagram’s Font called?

Instagram uses different fonts for its website or application. It does not have one specific font. Such as, it uses the font Freight Sans for the iOS version and covers all the primary text that needs attention and has to be a headline. In comparison, the font Neue Helvetica covers all the other stuff. Instagram fonts that work with android are Systems Roboto along with Freight Sans.

How Do you Get Different Fonts?

In Androids, it is much easier to get your font changed. For example, go to the settings, and click on the display section. There, you will find different font sizes and styles. Such as Samsung has given a few fonts as default; you can also get some in the Galaxy store online. 

How can I Change the Font style on my iPhone?

It is difficult (almost impossible) to change the font on the iPhone. You cannot change it by setting or downloading any font generator app. You can increase or decrease the font size and bold or un-bold it by changing settings.

How Do you Change the Font on an Instagram post?

With different Instagram font generator apps, you will have plenty of options to change your font. You can write or copy and paste the post in the font generator app, then change its font and copy and paste it on the Instagram post. 

How do you Get the Cursive Text font on your Bio?

There are many Instagram font generators and bold and italic apps, but one of the best is LingoJam. You can use it to get the cursive font for your bio. 

What is Instagram’s classic font?

Instagram’s classic font is not one specific font. The Instagram font that works with android is Roboto and Freight Sans for iOS devices. 


We have mentioned a few Instagram font generators for your Android or iOS devices. You can find other font generators for your Instagram on Google Play Store or Application Store. If you want to make your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account profile cooler than ever, download any of the fonts mentioned above and enjoy them on social networks. You are just one download away from customizing Instagram fonts.

So, what are you waiting for? Install these best Instagram font generators to get bold, italic, or Arabic text styles and increase your followers.

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