Zong Balance Share Code 2020- Zong Yaari Load

Zong Balance Share Code provides you an opportunity to share the balance with your family and friends in no time. It is so easy to send the amount to any other number with the same network through the mentioned code. This article will provide you a Zong code to transfer balances in 2020 which is only valid in Pakistan mobile Sims.

Zong Yaari Load Code 2020:

The Zong Yaari Load Code will help you share your balance with friends and family if they are the same network users. All you have to dial *828# from your mobile and the format is given in the example. You can easily transfer mobile balance through this code. This option is only available for Zong to Zong balance transfer. Moreover, this option is valid for only Zong prepaid customers.

  • Code dial: *828#
  • Minimum Amount Transfer Rs 10
  • Maximum Amount transfer Rs 200
  • After Yaari Load you should have Rs 5 remaining in your balance


  • Code Dial *829# for Balance request if you are short of the balance, before sending Yarri load

Zong Balance Share Code 2020:

  • Code dial: *828#
  • After this confirmation, you have to send 1 to confirm your request.
  • You can also request a balance from Zong users by dialing a code *829#.

When you use a Zong transfer balance code, you will be asked for confirmation. The transaction of transferring the amount through the Zong balance share code will be completed, once the confirmation message is received.

Other details related to the sharing of the amount through this network are as follows:

  • This option is only available for the Zong prepaid users, irrespective of what package they are on.
  • Standard taxes will be charged in this transaction and the above price for the balance share code is excluding all taxes.
  • These codes can be changed anytime by Zong Company.
  • Terms and conditions may apply to these Zong balance share code.
  • For more details about Zong packages and other services, you can visit the website of Zong

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