Emoji Faces You Should Know & Emoji Face Meanings Explained

So you want to know what these emoji mean? Emojis are the new way to communicate, and we’re not talking about emojis on your phone. We’re talking emojis in general! With emojis being such a huge part of our lives now, you must know what they mean and how to use them properly. This blog post will cover emojis that everyone should know and their meanings. You’ll also find out which emojis have different meanings depending on where you live or who sent them to you. Emojis and their meaning are explained with pictures that will surely help you find your favorite emojis and their meaning.

Emoji faces are a type of emoticon known as smileys and are frequently confused with emoticons. Emoji faces are employed on SMS and social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. What do emoji symbols mean? The meaning of each emoji is sometimes debatable, made more difficult by heart and hand markings.

Emojis are not always used correctly, according to Unicode’s guidelines. They might have distinct meanings within certain groups. Snapchat has its own set of Snapchat emojis, for example. So, exactly, what do emojis signify? The emojis and their meaning are as follows:


Happy Face Emojis

The meanings of various happy-faced emojis, ranging from those with grins to those laughing.


Smiley Faces


blushing emoji

Smiley Face With Smiling Eyes is the most commonly used emoji. They express delight or optimism. Depending on the situation, they’re sometimes referred to as Blushing/Blushed Face and Shy Face.

After receiving a minor wound or criticism, they may also be a last resort to alleviate part of the stings.


Other Smiley Faces

laugh happy emojis


Smiling Face With Open Mouth has a wide range of variations, such as:

  • A smiling face with an open mouth and smiling eyes is shown.
  • The grinning Face is the emoji symbol for laughter, and it’s also known as “grinning mouth,” “grinning countenance,” or “grinning face.”
  • The Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Tightly-Closed Eyes is one of the most popular and recognized types of emoticons.

The three emojis above are all similar to the two basic grin emoticons. They’re frequently used to convey more joy, as they do with these smiley faces. A message using one of these emojis is usually very good. They’re rarely employed unfavorably or critically.


Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat

smiling sweating emoji face

The Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat is also a sign of happiness. The message conveyed by this emoji is frequently one of delight at how a possible negative event turned out well.

If you’re feeling pleased about something, this emoji is a good choice. If you sent a message informing someone that you just passed an extremely demanding exam or received the all-clear from your doctor, for example, this icon would be appropriate.


Face With Tears of Joy

tears of joy face emoji

The Face With Tears Of Joy symbol is used to express amusement. When someone sends a joke, “LOL” is frequently replaced with this emoji.


Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face

crying with laughter face emoji

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face is the most recent version of “ROFL,” a popular internet lingo term to know.


Upside-Down Face

upside down face

“Upside-down face” is slang for not taking yourself seriously or talking about something pointless. It may also be used to convey irony.


Zany Face

zany emoji

Zany Face may seem flippant. This is appropriate if something is amusing but pointless. It’s also known as the Drunk Face since it implies a less-stressed state.


Smiling Face With Sunglasses

cool face emoji

Coolness is portrayed through the use of the Smiling Face With Sunglasses image. It’s occasionally meant in jest, but it can also indicate “deal with it.”


Flushed Face

embarrassed face

The Flushed Face expresses shame over an uncomfortable situation or blunder. As a response to compliments, it is frequently used self-deprecatingly.


Face Savoring Delicious Food

savoring food emoji

The Face Savoring Delicious Food may be utilized to anticipate, enjoy, or cleanse oneself after a delicious meal. It’s also known as the Hungry Face emoji.


Nerd Face

intelligent geek face

An emoji with a “nerd face” is someone who has a deep knowledge of or passion for a particular subject. It’s also occasionally used ironically.


Smirking Face With Starry Eyes

starred eyes face

Smiling Face with Stary Eyes implies you’re anticipating seeing someone or performing something exciting.


Face With Party Blower And Party Hat

celebration emoji

When people are having a party, the Face With Party Blower And Party Hat emoji is used. It’s ideal for a friend’s birthday celebration.


Flirty Face Emojis


Smirking Face

sexual innuendo face


Smirking Face has a sexual undertone. It’s most often used in connection with sexual innuendos or suggestions.


Winking Face

wink emoji

Winking Face indicates that the message was intended to be amusing. Any Winking Face-accompanied message should not be taken seriously. Winking Face is frequently used in tandem with suggestive communications.


Stuck-Out Tongue Faces

stuck out tongues faces

The most frequent variation of the Face With Stuck-Out Tongue meme is this one:

  • A stuck-out tongue and a winking eye are two classic signs.
  • With a Stuck-Out Tongue And Tightly-Closed Eyes, You’ll Look Like A Mime.

To express amusement, Winking Face is used in conjunction with other symbols.


Relieved Face

relax phew face

The term “relieved face” refers to a facial emoji expression that conveys relief. It is, however, most often associated with happiness. It can also show indifference or purity in response to a provocative emoji.


Smiling Face With Halo

halo emoji

The Smiling Face With Halo is a sign of innocence. It may be taken seriously or humorously. For instance, this emoji could be used to inform your pals that you’ll be staying at home on Friday night to watch TV.


Devil Faces

imp faces

Mischief and naughtiness can be conveyed with the Smiling Face emoji With Horns and the Imp emoji. Because one is smiling while the other is scowling, they imply somewhat different things. The Imp emoji is more frequently associated with minor pranks and suggestive texts, but the Smiling Face With Horns implies more malice.


Kissing Faces

kiss emojis

The following are a few of the most well-known versions of the Kissing Face emojis:

  • Facial Expression Of A Kiss Throwing
  • Smiling and Kissing Face.
  • Close Your Eyes and Kiss.

They express love or affection. Although the small red heart in Face Throwing A Kiss is more romantic, it is still a kiss. The final three may be used to demonstrate innocent whistling as well.


Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes

heart eyed emoji

The Smiling Face With heart-shaped eyes emoji depicts love, devotion, or gratitude. It may be directed at a person, place, or thing.


Hugging Face

hug face icon

The Hugging Face indicates that you’re offering the recipient a virtual hug.


Negative Face Emojis


Some emojis are not intended to convey joy or mischief. negative emojis exist as well.


Blank Faces

neutral emojis

The Neutral Face and Expressionless Face indicate a lack of emotion on purpose. They may be utilized to show that someone is uninterested, cool, or uncomfortable.


Unamused Face

unimpressed emoji

Disgusted or suspicious Unamused Face conveys disappointment or suspicion. This emoji doesn’t indicate real fury or sadness; rather, it symbolizes a subtly negative emotion. You might send this emoji if you are unhappy with someone’s explanation for being late.


Face With Cold Sweat

cold sweating face

The Face With Cold Sweat emoji symbolizes worry or hard work. It’s most often used to describe a certain event. This emoji would show up if you sent a message to your family to explain that you’d be late for the workplace.


Sad Faces

sadness faces

The most popular emojis for expressing sadness are the Pensive Face and Disappointed Face. Both convey a sense of melancholy, remorse, regret, or any other negative emotion.


Pleading Face

crying face

The Pleading Face is a face that shows you’re requesting a favor. It’s the “puppy dog eyes” expression, and it’s not used often in serious situations. It might indicate that you’re almost on the verge of tears at times.


Disappointed But Relieved Face

cry tear emoji

Disappointed But Relieved Face is generally used to convey anxiety or pain.


Crying Face

crying emoji

The crying Face is similar to the reflective Face and disappointed Face. It comes across as more wounded than general sorrow.


Loudly Crying Face

tears crying face

Loudly Crying Face is a more powerful version of Crying Face. It displays hurt, discomfort and distress. It is frequently employed ironically in contrast to the other sad faces.


Worried Face

worrying emoji

The Face is that of a worried person. He or she may be horrified, disgusted, furious, and terrified.


Grimacing Face

grimace face

A grinning Face may also represent worry, embarrassment, or discomfort. It’s comparable to when you’d use SMH.


Face With A Raised Eyebrow

hmm skeptical emoji

Raise your eyebrow if you’re thinking skeptically or disapprovingly—perfect for when someone’s excuse doesn’t make sense to you.


Face With Monocle

monocle emoji

The Face With Monocle also indicates doubt, as if you’re reading a communication.


Lying Face

lying liar nose emoji

The act of lying has been painted on the Face. In Pinocchio, a nose grows when the boy lies. Use sparingly if you believe someone isn’t being honest with you.


Face Without Mouth

face without mouth

The Mouth-Free Face Without Words suggests that you are speechless. It may be used ironically, but it usually implies that you have no idea what to say during a difficult conversation or that you are unwilling to express yourself when embarrassed or enraged.


Zipper-Mouth Face

zipper mouth face

It’s possible that you can’t express yourself right now because of the Zipper-Mouth Face. However, it’s more frequently used to indicate that you can keep a secret.


Face With Exploding Head

blow up emoji

With an exploding head, the message is: “You’ve shocked me.” It’s frequently used when someone is astonished by something.


Face With Symbols Over the Mouth

sweary mad emoji

Over the mouth, a grimace with symbols replaces a curse word. This is used to convey irritation or fury.


Tired Faces

tiredness faces

Weary Face and Tired Face convey tiredness; they’re frequently utilized to portray world-weariness and strain as if you’ve had enough.


Sleepy Face

tired emoji

The sleepy Face is seldom a sign of tiredness. It indicates that the sender is ill or unwell, not exhausted.


Sleeping Face

sleep tired emoji

The sleepy face emoji, known as Sleeping Face in Japanese culture and Sleepy Face elsewhere, is used instead of Sleepy Face to express tiredness. It’s difficult to convey a message while genuinely asleep.


Confused Faces

confounded emoji

The emoji face with a befuddled expression and the word “confused” are used interchangeably to convey perplexity. Confused Face is also utilized to show awkwardness or an apology. For example, if someone has to cancel their schedule, they might utilize this emoji.


Face With Look of Triumph

triumph emoji steam

The Face With Look Of Triumph is a frequent misspoken emojis. It’s typically used to convey anger or irritation rather than triumph, often ironically.


Angry Faces

anger red orange emojis

The red Pouting Face is the most aggressive of the two, showing anger. They’re never used humorously like Face With Look Of Triumph.


Persevering Face

stay strong emoji

The persevering Face shows that you are dealing with something but continuing to fight.


Shocked Faces

frowning emojis

The Frowning Face With Open Mouth and Anguished Face portrays shock, horror, and disappointment. They are frequently seen as a pale imitation of Pensive or Disappointed Faces.


Scared Faces

anguish sweat emojis

You’ll notice minor variations between the Scared Faces:

  • Fearful Face.
  • Open-Mouthed Face With Cold Sweat.
  • The Open Mouth Face (sometimes known as the OMG Face) is a scary expression that makes your partner scared to death.

Depending on the level, the three shows range in degrees of terror, from mild fear to total terror. They may all be used ironically.


Other Face Emojis

Emojis are not only used to express sentiments and faces. Here are some additional emojis you may encounter.


The Monkeys

hear see speak no evil monkeys

The See-No-Evil Monkey, Hear-No-Evil Monkey, and Speak-No-Evil Monkey are utilized to express astonishment and humility. The specific monkey employed is determined by the content of the message.


Pile Of Poop

poop emoji

Pile of Poop is frequently used as a joke. It can be used in place of a swear word, berate someone, or criticize an idea or concept.


Hand Symbol Emojis

Many different hand emojis are available in messaging and online communication, each depicting a certain gesture.

Thumbs Up Emoji and Thumbs Down Emoji

like dislike hand emojis

  • The thumbs down and thumbs-up sign, which indicates whether or not the viewer likes what they’re watching
  • The thumb-up Sign is a positive emoji indication that someone is on board with your idea.
  • A thumbs-down sign indicates disapproval, dislike, or disagreement.


Sign of the OK Hand

okay hand emoji

The OK Sign is meant to show agreement, pleasure, or everything is fine. It may also be used to indicate that something is tiny. The “chef’s kiss” sign sometimes stands for the OK Sign.


Victory Hand

victory peace emoji

The Victory Hand is frequently used to represent an equal peace sign. It conveys neutrality, relaxation, or contentment.


Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration

celebration emoji

Raise Your Hand In Praise, also known as Praise Hands, is support or appreciation.


Open Hands

hug hands icon

The Open Hands emoji is a symbol that shows warmth, compassion, and trust. It might also imply you’re giving a hug, similar to the Hugging Face emoji.


Person With Folded Hands

thank you icon

The phrase “with folded hands” expresses thanks or requests prayer or supplication. It may be used when asking for a favor.


Call Me Hand

phone call emoji hand

Call Me Hand can have various connotations depending on the situation despite its name.

It’s comparable to a traditional phone handset, so it can be used to signify that you want to speak with someone on the phone. It may also be used to wish each other good luck by pilots. It’s also known as the “Shaka” sign in Hawaiian culture, which means “hang loose,” and is considered a sweet gesture was demonstrating togetherness.


Heart Emojis


When chatting online, you’ll encounter a slew of heart emojis with various interpretations.


Red Heart and Sparkling Pink Heart

love emoji

The classic love heart emoticon, expressing affection, friendship, or romance, is represented by Red Heart. However, if you want to add something different to the conversation, shine brightly with the Sparkling Pink Heart.


Colored Hearts

coloured hearts faces icons

How about all of those brilliant colored hearts? There are:

  • Purple Heart.
  • Yellow Heart.
  • Green Heart.
  • Blue Heart.

They’re all based on Red Heart, yet the color of their affection is usually associated with the heart’s hue. Blue Heart is frequently used in conjunction with sports teams that wear blue jerseys, as an example. Summertime Yellow Heart is linked to the sun and summer similarly.


Broken Heart

split heart icon

The Broken Heart emoji is the most exaggerated form of sadness. It may also be used ironically.


Emoji meanings can be confusing


Emoji (that’s right, the plural is the same as the singular) show up in advertising, captions, and films. In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries named an emoji the word of the year: “face with tears of joy,” otherwise known as “crying laughing.”The origins of emoji go further back than you might imagine. With over 60 percent of people over 35 classifying themselves as “avid” users, there’s no doubt that they’ll remain a part of our culture. There isn’t much agreement, though, on the meanings of these emojis in our texts and captions.

Emoji meanings can be confusing

From the meaning to the emotion, misinterpretations are too frequent in a 2016 research. From beginning to end, there are numerous misunderstandings. This confusion only adds to the problem when it comes to emoji riddles. Unicode is the basis for all emoji, but they look different on various major platforms, including Apple, Android, and Twitter versus Facebook and Google. The face emojis appear to be the source of most misunderstandings; after all, even in real life, one person’s joyful grin is another person’s sarcastic smirk. On Android, the emoji which appears to be grimacing is smiling on Apple devices! However, there is some broad agreement on the use and meaning of most emojis, some of it based on the Japanese creators’ intention, and some on how they have come to be interpreted and utilized in the West.


Emojis are still evolving as a method of communication, and emoji meanings remain flexible. They’re also surprisingly personal, so you must be on the same wavelength as the receiver to avoid offending them. Please share your comments pertaining to emojis and their meaning in the comments section below.

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