How to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number in 2021

Quite often, you don’t have a lot to work with when tracking someone’s movements via phone. Most times, all you have to go with is probably a name, number, and the iCloud credentials. Thankfully, that’s more than enough information to track the target’s location and movements in order to track cell phone number.

One of the key considerations at this point is picking an app that secretly sends you their location and other details remotely. While we have tons of apps available, each has its pros and cons. For premium features, chances are that you will pay to gain access to premium features and a greater selection of options.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the best options out there, apps that allow you to track someone’s cell phone number and or their iCloud account information.



One of the most trusted names in this sector is Spyier. Using the target’s phone number, you can keep track of their physical location, keeping tabs with other activity on their phones. This handy app works on both iOS and Android phones, each producing excellent results.

The discreet operation of the Spyier app makes it a top choice in this category of applications, along with its wide selection of features. For more information about Spyier, follow this link.

So, what makes Spyier so special?


The Spyier dashboard

When using an app, you want a simple, yet elegant layout with easy access to app features. Spyier has one of the best designs out there, making it an ideal pick even for first-time users.


With a simple click, you can navigate the tabs on the left and switch between photos, location, messages, calls, and so on. With such a well-thought-out design, it guarantees a fantastic user experience.


Data Privacy

Unauthorized access to information may inconvenience everyone involved, with security being a chief concern. On this platform, however, it doesn’t save your private information, so all data remain safe. There’s no edit function, meaning that all files maintain their original form.


No Root or Jailbreak Required

For special tasks on a phone, apps often require a rooted device to function properly. In this case, that is not necessary. Not only is it convenient for the user, but your system files also remain safe from unwanted corruption or deletion. Even without rooting, Spyier stands heads and shoulders above the apps that demand the procedure.


A Wide Selection of Features

Most spying apps offer basic features while still demanding paid subscriptions. With Spyier, you can monitor almost all activity on the phone, including incoming and outgoing communication via calls, texts, or social apps. This array of features means that you have the proper insight into what’s happening in real time.


Setting up Spyier

Step 1: You begin by creating a Spyier account via your browser using your email address. The process only takes a few seconds.

Step 2: The second step varies a bit depending on if you want to track an Android or iOS phone. 

For iOS: You need the target user’s iCloud account and password. 

Step 1: After registering your own account using your email ID, enter the target account iCloud details for verification.

Step 2: After all the details are verified, click the Start button and begin your surveillance process.

For Android: An installation on the target device is necessary. Here’s how you go about it.

Step 1: After creating your account, select your preferred plan depending on the service desired and the duration. 

Step 2: Install the Spyier Android app on the target device. You don’t need to root or jailbreak. Simply visit the Spyier website where you’re prompted to swipe for the download to begin on the target device. In a few seconds, the app is ready for installation and setup is complete in several minutes.

Step 3: Log into your Spyier account to access the dashboard and begin monitoring the target phone. The software works on any browser without hanging or glitching.

No worries though, the app remains invisible and runs discreetly in the background without triggering any notifications.

Step 3: Once all that is accomplished, you may begin remote surveillance from a browser using your account. Once you’re done spying, you can conveniently remove the app with the click of a button from your Spyier dashboard.

Spyier is easily one of the best apps out there, giving you real-time location data, as well as recent locations visited by the target phone user.



Minspy is another handy app that facilitates surveillance on both iOS and Android devices. Just as is the case with Spyier, there’s no need to root or jailbreak your phone for the software to work. While it may not be as famous as some names in the market, this powerful tool grants you access to the user’s location, contact list, call log, calendar, messages, social apps, photos, and so much more. 

A simple installation is necessary when running the software on an Android device, while iOS only requires the target user’s iCloud information.

track cell phone number


With Minspy, you can easily keep tabs on all correspondence in and out of the phone, along with the user’s real-time location. The colorful dashboard has tabs set on the left side, allowing you easy navigation through the platform’s many features. Whether on Android or iOS, Minspy does a splendid job.



When tracking a user’s activity using their cell phone number or inorder to track cell phone number, Spyine is an excellent choice. Same as the two platforms reviewed above, you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device for Spyine to properly work. 

track cell phone number


On the dashboard, these are some features available:

  • Live Location
  • Contact list
  • Call log
  • Messages
  • Browser history
  • Social apps
  • Calendar
  • Photos

The app remains hidden once installed on Android devices and triggers no notifications. Due to its small size, Spyine doesn’t drain the battery or slow down the target user’s phone. On iOS, the process is 100% web-based and requires no installation.


Final Take

Mobile spy apps are the much-needed remote tool that helps you keep an eye on your kids’ movements as well as their online activity. In an age where there’s so much mature content online and one can’t possibly block each URL individually, the likes of Spyier, Minspy, and Spyine come in handy.

There’s an unrivaled level of convenience and efficiency on your end when using one of these platforms. Having such an app allows you to carry on with your daily routine, only taking a peek once in a while to see where your child is and what’s happening on their social media accounts.

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