Outdoor Apps that are Best Adventure Apps in 2022

Are you looking forward to spending some time outdoors this summer? If yes, then these apps might come in handy. They’ll give you access to information about the weather, Hiking trails, camping spots, etc., without having to leave home. The outdoor space has always been a great place to enjoy nature. Whether hiking or fishing, going out into the wilderness provides us peace and tranquility.

However, finding the perfect spot to go camping adventures can be challenging. There are several things to consider before heading out into the wild. Here are five apps that will help you plan your next adventure.


What is an Outdoor App?

An outdoor app is an application designed specifically for outdoor trips. These apps include navigation tools, custom maps, and other features that allow users to plan their outdoor adventures. Outdoor apps are a great way to stay connected while on the go. In conjunction with your mobile device, you can utilize them in a variety of ways. You can use them to navigate unfamiliar areas, find directions, read reviews from fellow travelers, and more.


Best Apps for Outdoors

A smartphone is one of the most valuable tools out there. You can use it to take pictures, record videos, play games, read books, and much more. But it isn’t always easy to find apps specifically designed for outdoor activities. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite apps that let you do about anything outdoors.


Gaia GPS ($19.99)


app for outdoor activities


Gaia GPS is a GPS application for iPhone and Android that lets you download topo maps for backcountry use. The App lets you download mapping data for offline use, so you don’t need to worry about cell service in the backcountry hiking.

Gaia is a cartographer’s dream come true. This free App allows you to switch between satellite, USGS Topo Maps, Cycling and Road maps, National Park Visitor Maps, Century-old topos, and more. You can download as many maps as needed. And it’s all free.

The App includes turn-by-turn navigation, route planning, live traffic data, automatic rerouting, voice navigation guidance, and more.


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Leafsnap (Free)


outdoor gps apps


LeafSnap is a free iOS & Android app that allows you to take pictures of plants and instantly find out what they are.

The App uses machine learning technology to analyze photos of leaves taken from around the world. It then compares those images against a database of over 200,000 species of plants, narrowing down possible matches based on size, shape, color, texture, and pattern.

Once you’ve identified the plant, you can view information about it, including familiar names, scientific names, habitat, growth habits, medicinal use, nutritional value, and even whether it’s poisonous. You can also add notes to help future visitors identify the same plant.


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SkyView® Lite ($1.99)


apps for outdoor activities


It’s simple to see why SkyView is one of our favorite applications. With over 40 million downloads, this software allows you to shoot night sky images and identify celestial objects. It doesn’t need GPS; open the App and point your device at the sky.

It includes a compass, moon phase indicator, and interactive Milky Way galaxy map. There are informative films if you wish to learn about stars and constellations.

SkyView’s modes are Explore, Discover, and Map. In Explore mode, you can find galaxies, nebulae, and stars. Tapping an object will tell you its distance, size, shape, color, and daytime visibility. Tap the image again to enlarge it.

Discover mode provides you access to tens of thousands of amateur astronomer photos. This covers deep space shots of the Moon and Mars. There’s no limit to how many times you may flip through each photo, but others like the “lightbox” function to peruse quickly.

Map mode uses your device’s location data to show eclipses and meteor showers. The App can alert you to these events, and you can set alarms.


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Animated Knots ($4.99)


best outdoors apps


If you want to know how to tie a knot, you’re probably better off just asking someone else. The App walks you through each step of tying knots, including how to make a basic square knot, a bowline, and a sheet bend. You’ll even find tips on how to tie a reef knot, a clove hitch, and a fisherman’s knot. There are over 300 knots included, including many different types of lashing knots like the bowline, sheet bend, and clove hitch.


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PeakFinder ($4.99)


apps for outdoors


PeakFinder lets you view the landscape around you in 3D. Just open the App and hold your device over the horizon. A map shows where the highest points are located, along with a list of the tallest peaks. Tap one of those peaks, and the App will give you a detailed look at the peak, including elevation, distance to the next mountain range, and whether there is a trail leading to the top. If you want to see even more information, tap the peak again, and you’ll be able to access the weather forecast, sunrise times, and more.


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Cairn Hiking and Safety Tracking ($4.99)


best outdoors apps


Cairn is a free iPhone app that lets hikers use all the phones in its mobile network to collect data about cell coverage along their route. It gathers information from the devices, including GPS coordinates, signal strength, and whether they are moving or stationary.

Before you start, set up emergency contact, enter the hike you’re taking, and select an expected return time, the application will automatically alert your contact if you don’t make it back. If disaster strikes, look for the colored dots on a map to see where you can squeeze off an emergency call or send a text message.


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PeakVisor ($5.99)


apps for outdoors


The world is full of unique places. But how do we know where they are? With PeakVisor, you’ll never miss another photo op again. Just hold your smartphone up, and it’ll instantly recognize the location of every peak, waterfall, cave, lake, river, and hut within a few miles of wherever you’re standing. And once you’ve found it, it’ll tell you the elevation too.

You don’t need internet access; the App works without cellular data. All that’s required is a GPS signal, which is why it works anywhere. So go ahead and explore the world around you. You won’t ever miss another picture opportunity again.


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First Aid (Free)


best outdoors apps


Assuming you have a smartphone, several first aid apps available could be helpful in an emergency. Some apps, like the American Red Cross First Aid App, are free and provide access to information on handling more than 150 joint first aid and life-threatening emergencies and guidance on CPR use. The App also includes a toolkit with step-by-step instructions and videos on what to do for common injuries and illnesses.

In addition, there are instructions on preparing for severe disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and cyclones, as well as synchronization with emergency phone numbers from across the world, enabling users to contact for assistance directly from within the App.


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SpyGlass ($7.99)


best apps for outdoors


Spyglass is a GPS device for the outdoorsman. This App includes a map overlay, compass, speedometer, digital elevation model, satellite imagery, distance tracker, and even celestial navigation. With a wide range of functionality and features, Spyglass is designed to make your life easier.


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AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run ($29.99)


outdoor planning app


AllTrails is a great hiking app that can help you find the perfect hike for your next adventure. With AllTrails, you can easily find nearby trails, get detailed trail maps, and navigate with GPS. The App includes trip logging and photo sharing to share your adventures with friends and family.

AllTrails is a great way to explore beautiful places around the world. With over 50,000 user-submitted trails already available, it makes finding a hike easy. Once you download the App, you’ll see a map of the United States and Canada, where you can find hikes near you. Tap one to add it to your list and start planning your trip today!


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Maps 3D PRO – Outdoor GPS


app for outdoor activities


Have you ever reached the middle of the route and realized that you had missed some critical topo markings on the route map? You may have also concluded that a trailhead sign was obscured by a tree, which explains why you passed it up. With Maps 3D Pro, you can map out, store, record, and even broadcast your trip in three dimensions. You may now design your journey in three dimensions, save it, record it, and share it with others. This tool enables you to observe the complete trip from all different perspectives. You will always be completely aware of your position on the map, regardless of whether you are looking at the earth below you or the sky above you.

Before venturing off the beaten path, quickly download the maps for usage when you are not connected to the internet. After you have downloaded the maps, you will be able to readily locate them again at a later time by searching for “Map 3D Pro.”


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Weather Live ($3.99)


Weather Live


There are many weather apps, but Weather Live offers detailed data in a well-designed and customizable format across iOS & Android platforms.

Weather Live includes precipitation, pressure, visibility, and animated weather radar with hourly, daily, and seven-day forecast data. You can set up alerts for specific locations and receive notifications via email, SMS, push notifications, or Apple Watch.

Like all apps that rely on live data, it’s impossible to use Weather Live without an internet connection. However, you can customize your layout by choosing different types of information like temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, UV index, and much more.


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If you’re a hiker, then you know that having the right App can make all the difference on a hike. And when it comes to long-distance hikes, there’s no better app than Atlas’ Guthook Guides. This must-have App provides detailed maps and information for thousands of trails worldwide, offline GPS support, and much more.

The App uses your phone’s GPS to find and navigate you while offline and includes a comprehensive worldwide list of trails. You can view trails alphabetically, by region, or by difficulty level. If you want to plan, there’s even a feature where you can add tracks to your “to-do list.”

So whether you’re planning your next thru-hike or looking for a new trail to explore, check out Guthook Guides.


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Star Walk 2 ($2.99)


Star Walk 2


Star Walk 2 is an app that lets you explore the night sky. It uses your device’s GPS to show you the sky’s stars, planets, and constellations. You can also use the App to learn more about each star or planet.

No matter where you are, camping under the stars or indoors, looking up at the night sky through a window. Star Walk 2 gives you access to information about the constellations, planets, satellites, and galaxies above you. You can even use the App to locate any object in space, such as a star cluster or galaxy.

The App offers a variety of features, including the ability to overlay images of the moon and sun over the sky, find the nearest planet, and identify the brightest stars in the night sky. There are also sections dedicated to astronomy, mythology, and historical events, making Star Walk 2 an excellent tool for amateur astronomers and casual stargazers alike.


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What are the Best Outdoor Navigation Apps?

There are many different navigational apps available on the market today. When choosing a navigational app, you must consider what activities you will use it for. If you are looking for an app to use while hiking, then AllTrails or Gaia GPS would be good choices. Plus, If you are looking for an app to use for outdoor activities such as backpacking, then Tracker or Navigation would be good choices. If you are looking for an app that can be used offline, then Gaia GPS or AllTrails would be good choices.


Why Do You Need Apps for Outdoor Trip Planning?

App also helps you to plan your outdoor trip routes by providing maps for offline use, the best outdoor apps, and the best outdoor adventure apps. It is a free version that will help you to plan your hike and biker routes. You can use waypoints to find the best route for your outdoor adventure. The App also provides offline maps for the outdoors, which will help you to find your way even if you are not connected to the internet.


Tell Us About Your Favorite Outdoor Apps!

There are many great outdoor apps available that can help you plan your next adventure. Apps like AllTrails and Gaia GPS are great for finding nearby trails and mapping your route. Other apps like Weather live can help you track the weather in real-time so you can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws. No matter your next adventure, there’s an app to help you make the most of it!

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