Free Spy App For Android Users: 17 Undetectable Apps

Are you looking for Free Spy App for Android? These days, it seems like every kid owns a smartphone. And while parents want nothing more than to keep their kids safe online, smartphones are often used to do things we don’t necessarily approve of.

From sexting to cyberbullying, there are many reasons why parents don’t always trust what their kids are doing on their devices. But spying software isn’t just helpful in monitoring your kids’ activity; it can also help keep tabs on employee activities.

Many apps out there claim to be able to monitor someone else’s phone without them knowing. They’re called “spyware” or “monitoring apps.” Some even offer real-time monitoring, allowing you to see who they call, text message, email, etc.

Spying isn’t always bad, though. If you want to track your kids, spouse, or partner, there are plenty of good options. And some of these apps are entirely free. What follows is a list of the best Android spy applications currently available.


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mSpy is a spy app that is great to use if you suspect someone is cheating on you. You can see what they do online, where they go, what they say about you, etc. If you want to know if your partner is lying to you or not, mSpy is something you should try out.

This free hidden spy application lets you track your spouse’s phone remotely. You don’t even need physical access to your smartphone. All you need to do is install mSpy on your mobile device and connect it to your target’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Once you’re done doing that, you’ll be able to see everything they do on the web – including social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, Line, Kik Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

You can also find out whether your partner is talking to another person over the phone or not. Plus, you can keep tabs on what they type on their keyboard, read their text messages, listen to their voice memos, record phone call history, and much more.

All this information will be shown on the map interface, including the exact times they opened certain sites and visited specific locations. You can also set up alerts to let you know whenever your partner leaves the house or goes somewhere new.

In addition to spying on your partner’s online activities, you can also ensure that their smartphone isn’t used by anyone else. After installing mSpy, you can choose which contacts you’d like to block. They won’t be able to call or send texts to your spouse anymore.

If your spouse uses multiple SIM cards, you can still follow them while they’re roaming abroad. Just download mSpy on your smartphone, pair it with your target’s smartphone via Bluetooth, and start tracking them wherever they go.

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eyeZy is one of the best mobile apps to monitor your child’s smartphone activity while they are away from home. You can use it to track your kid’s online activity, including browsing history, location information, photos, and video recordings. With eyeZy, parents can check up on their children’s activities even when they aren’t around.

The app works with most smartphones running on Android 4.0 or later versions or iOS 7 or later versions. To take advantage of this feature, download the eyeZy application onto your device and log into the account via Facebook or Gmail. Once logged in, you can see every detail of your child’s phone usage.

You can also set up alerts to notify you whenever specific keywords are used, such as “Facebook” or “Instagram.” If you want to know exactly where your child is, you can use GPS tracking technology within the app. This way, you don’t have to worry about sending someone to your house to check up on your teenager.

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Spyine is one of the best spying apps people worldwide use. In addition to monitoring the target device’s activities remotely, you can even record videos while keeping track of what the person does on their phone. Moreover, many useful features include call recording, text messages, browser history tracking, calendar activities, contacts, photos, WhatsApp conversations, etc.

The app allows viewing the list of installed applications, screenshots, SMS messages logs, browsing history, call log, actual location tracking, reading emails, listening to voicemails, taking pictures, running files, controlling the camera, blocking calls, deleting data, changing settings, access file system, uninstall apps, and much more.

Moreover, there is no limit on the number of devices you can use to monitor. Because of this free application, you no longer need to worry about spending money. If you want to download Spyine, follow the link given below.

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uMobix is Mobile Spyware that allows you to spy on your target Android device by remote commands. This app gives you access to every aspect of your target smartphone, including text messages, detailed call logs, email monitoring, browser history, WhatsApp chats, Facebook posts, photos, videos, installed apps, browsing history, voice mails, contacts, calendar events, and even GPS locations. You can view a live video feed of the target phone screen and take screenshots.

You can install this phone tracker app on your target device without getting noticed. Once installed, it works silently in the background taking snapshots and recording audio whenever the target device is unlocked.

This stealth mode software lets you monitor your child’s smartphone, spouse, employee, competitor, friend, family member, and anyone else you want to keep tabs on. With uMobix, you are never out of reach.


  • Remotely Monitor & Control Your Target Device
  • View Live Video Feed Of The Phone Screen
  • Take Screenshots On The Fly

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Clevguard is a phone tracking app that lets parents keep tabs on their kids while away. The app offers real-time location tracking, call recording, text messaging, photo sharing, GPS mapping, and remote lock screen controls. Parents can monitor their kids’ movements via a live feed or a map view. They can also receive notifications whenever someone tries to reach out to their kid, and they can adjust settings such as how long the app records calls and texts.

You can use the app to protect your kids from strangers, predators, and cyberbullies. Just install the app on your kid’s smartphone and open it whenever they leave home. Then, please select the area where you want to restrict their movement. You’ll receive an alert on your device when the chosen location is entered.

The app works with most smartphones running Android 4.0 or later and iPhone 3GS or newer. And you don’t need to worry about data usage because it uses a Wi-Fi connection to send information.

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Hoverwatch is a hidden spy App for parents to keep tabs on what their kids are doing. This free app offers live location tracking, real-time alerts about incoming calls and texts, and even lets you see what apps are used while you’re away. With Hoverwatch, you’ll know exactly where your kid is and whether he’s safe.

The app works across phones running Android 4.0+ and iPhones running iOS 7+. You can use it on up to 5 different devices with one account. Once set up, hover over the device icon in the status bar to check out the most recent activity. If you want to track another person, select “Add Another Account.”

To start monitoring someone, tap the “+” button next to their name. When you do, the hoverwatch will display its current location and let you choose how often you’d like to receive notifications. You can also view the history of previous sites and customize the types of information you’d like to receive. For example, you could choose to receive push notifications every time they make a call or text or only when they arrive somewhere new.

Once you’ve selected the settings you want, hoverwatch will send you updates whenever the target uses his device. To stop receiving updates, close the app.

You can also access the complete list of features directly within the app. Under the Settings menu, there’s a toggle for “Show Help,” which will give you step-by-step instructions on configuring Hoverwatch. There’s also a “Help & FAQ” section under the More tab, which includes frequently asked questions and answers.

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Cocospy is a powerful app that provides real-time location tracking, call history, text messaging, photos, videos, and even GPS tracking. With Cocospy, you can monitor activities on your child’s phone without physical access. You can view the live location map, check recent activity logs, see what applications are using screenshots, and much more.

The most important thing about Cocospy is that it works silently in the background and doesn’t require root permission. This makes it perfect for parents who want to know where their children are and what they’re doing. If you don’t have the technical skills to install the app yourself, Cocospy offers 24/7 support via email and chat.

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FlexiSPY is one of the best apps for tracking someone’s smartphone without being detected. This app allows you to monitor and control another person’s device remotely. You can use it to spy on anyone’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, HTC 10, Huawei P10, etc.

This app works like a charm because it hides in the background and does not appear in the list of installed applications. So no one will ever know that you are spying on them.

The app uses stealth mode technology to ensure you don’t get caught. It doesn’t require root access to work. It requires fewer permissions than most other similar apps.

You can install FlexiSPY on multiple devices simultaneously. And once you download it, there isn’t much else you need to do. Just open this free spy app for android and start monitoring.

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Spyera is an Android app that allows you to spy on target devices from a distance, including smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. You can use it to track anyone’s location, view photos, record calls, listen to conversations, read text messages, access emails, block phone numbers, and much more. It works silently without being detected by the target device. This spying tool is unique because it doesn’t require rooting the targeted device. With Spyera, you don’t need to install anything on the target device. Download the free app and start monitoring someone’s activities.

You can use Spyera for free for 7 days. After that period, you can purchase the premium version for $89 monthly.

The free version of Spyera lets you monitor up to 5 devices simultaneously. The paid versions allow you to monitor an unlimited number of devices.

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The PC Tattletale app is a powerful tool that helps you monitor what your kids are doing online. You can see everything they do on their phone, including text messages, photos, calls, videos, and even GPS location history. This includes all apps installed on their smartphone. This app lets parents keep tabs on their children while away from home. They can check up on their child’s activities without having to ask them every single day.

This spy phone app has been designed to help parents monitor their kids’ activity. Parents can use it to find out where their kids go, who they talk to, and what they say. Many advanced features include call logs, SMS records, WhatsApp chat records, Facebook messenger records, Instagram stories, Snapchat logs, etc. These things can be viewed by simply installing the app onto the targeted device.

Advanced Features include:

  • View Location History – Where your kid goes and how long he stays there.
  • See Who Your Kid Is Talking To – Find out who your kid is talking to over the internet.
  • Check Messages – Read all incoming and outgoing texts, pictures, videos, and voicemails.
  • Track Social Media Activity – Monitor your kid’s presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

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iKeyMonitor is a free parental control app that allows you to monitor what your kids are doing online. You can easily see all their activities like browsing history, installed applications, location tracking, chats, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, browser activity, etc. With iKeyMonitor, you can view detailed information about your child’s activity on his device.

You can install the application on both Android and iOS devices. Once installed, you can access all the data stored on your kid’s smartphone. You can even take screenshots of the screen to keep track of everything he does.

The best part of this spy app is that it doesn’t require root permissions. You don’t have to worry about installing third-party software on your kid’s phone because iKeyMonitor works silently without affecting the performance of your device.

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XNSPY is best for viewing photos, videos, and social media chats on Android smartphones. This app helps parents monitor their children’s mobile activity. With this app installed on your child’s device, you’ll be able to see what apps they use, how long they use them, where they go online, etc., etc.

This free spy app for android offers several advanced monitoring features, such as Call Logs, Social Media Monitoring, Multimedia content Viewing, Remote Control & Data Wipeout. Here are some essential features of XNSPY:

  • Call Logs – Keep tabs on your child’s calls. See detailed information about each incoming and outgoing call, including name, number, duration, date, and time.
  • Social Media Monitoring – Monitor your child’s social media App accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat, Kik, Telegram, etc.
  • Multimedia Viewing – Watch movies, TV Shows, music, sports, games, etc., without downloading.
  • Remote Control – Control your child’s smartphone via a WiFi connection.
  • Data Wipeout – Erase all personal data stored on your child’s smartphone.

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WiSpy is one of the best spy phone apps for tracking your phone’s location without phone rooting. This app works on both rooted and unrooted phones.

With this app, you can monitor the site of your children, parents, spouse, friends, etc. This app uses GPS technology to find out the exact location of the person whose device you are using.

If someone tries to hide their location, they can see where exactly the person is located. In addition, you can also check what applications are being used by the target phone user.

You can even use this application to spy on the targeted device’s text messages, photos, videos, and voice notes. This app has extensive features like blocking calls, viewing contacts, listening to conversations, recording audio, taking screenshots, and much more. All these advanced tracking features make this app very useful and reliable.


  • Remotely view the location of the target phone user.
  • View the contact list of the target device. You will be able to know the name, number, email address, and other important information about the people whom the target device communicates with.
  • Monitor the location of the target phone using GPS.
  • Block incoming calls on the target device.

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The Minspy app is one of those few mobile applications that are being used by millions of people around the world. It allows you to track someone’s cell phone devices remotely without physical access. You can even see what sites they are browsing on the web.

With this app, you don’t have to worry about whether your partner is cheating on you or not anymore. There are many reasons why people use this app. Some want to know where their spouse is at every moment of the day. Others want to ensure their kids aren’t doing anything wrong online.

If you are worried about your children, this is the best way to keep tabs on them. People love this free spy app for android because it gives them peace of mind. They feel safe knowing that their loved ones are safe and sound. The monthly license cost for one device is about $39.99, but if you opt for a yearly subscription cost would be $119.99, which would be $9.99 monthly.

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It is an excellent Spy Phone App because it offers special features such as tracking calls, texts, location, and even taking photos. This app allows you to track targets’ activities secretly and remotely. You don’t need to worry about being discovered while installing this app. It won’t appear in the list of apps installed on the device.

This app is straightforward to use. All you need to do is download the app onto the target phone. Then, you need to open it once and start monitoring the target. You can choose whether to monitor calls, messages, SMS text messages, GPS location, and pictures taken by the target. This app is free to use, but there are certain limitations. There are no ads, and you can only view the information collected by the app.

The best part is that this app doesn’t require root access. So, you don’t need to worry that someone might find out what you’re doing. However, since this app uses internet access, it requires Wi-Fi connectivity. One device costs $39.99 per month, while a yearly premium plan is $119.99, or $9.99 per month, a very affordable price for advanced spying options.

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TeenSafe’s newest version lets you follow your target’s whereabouts, view what they do online, read their text messages, listen to phone calls, record chats, and erase images. You’re never caught.

This free utility doesn’t need root access. Install the app to get started. TeenSafe works with iOS and Android phones for convenience.

Once TeenSafe is installed, touch it to open. Click “Add Target.” Enter the person’s email or phone number. If you don’t know their actual name or number, provide their account name or contact. Once you add a target, TeenSafe will let you know. Tap the alert to begin monitoring software.

TeenSafe may warn you when multiple contacts log into accounts, send SMS, phone, or visit locations. TeenSafe can check your spouse’s Facebook when she uses her phone.

If you know where your target lives, TeenSafe works best. Set up geofences around where your target spends most of their time. Geofencing informs you when your target departs or comes.

Suppose you’d prefer not to know when your target travels there. Tap the map’s bottom-left icon to trigger geofences manually. Geofences can be disabled.

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How Can You Spy on Someone’s Phone?

If you want to spy on an Android phone, there are a few things you need to know:

  1. You must ensure that the target phone runs an Android version compatible with your spy app.
  2. You need to be able to install the spy app undetectable on the target device.
  3. You must ensure that the target phone is connected to the internet so the spy app can send data back to you.

Many different free spy apps for android are available on the market, so it’s essential to do your research and choose one that will meet your needs. Some apps are more hidden than others, and some are more undetectable than others. Choose an app with the basic features you want and feel comfortable using.

Once you’ve chosen a spy app, follow the instructions for installation carefully. Ensure you have all the necessary permissions on the target phone before proceeding. Once the app is installed, it will start collecting data from the target phone immediately. You can view this data from your device by logging into the app’s interface.


How To Check Your Phone for Spy Apps?

Check out a few ways if you think your phone may have a hidden spy app installed.

First, see if there are any unusual or unexpected apps installed. These could be apps you didn’t install or can’t remember installing.

Second, check for apps with unusually high access to your data and permissions. These could be potential spy apps. Third, check your phone’s battery usage. If an app uses a lot of battery power, it could signal that it’s running in the background without your knowledge.

Finally, check for any unexplained increases in your data usage. If an app secretly transmits data, it will use more of your data allowance than usual. If you’re concerned that your phone has a hidden spy app installed, the best thing to do is run a virus and malware scan to see if anything comes up.

Will they know I’m spying on them?

If you are spying on someone, whether it’s a family member or a friend, there are some things you need to consider. First off, make sure that you don’t violate any laws regarding privacy. Some countries even ban the use of tracking software. If you do install a spy app on someone else’s smartphone, you must ensure that you remain anonymous and untraceable. Here are three ways to go about doing just that.

1. Install the Software Stealthily

You want to ensure that the person does not discover that you are spying on them. This way, you can avoid getting caught. To do this, download one of the many free spy apps online. You can choose from several different programs depending on what features you desire. For example, you could opt for a program to view text messages, listen to calls, track locations, record conversations, and monitor social media accounts.

2. Use a Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure connection over the internet. Once you connect to a VPN server, you can access the web anonymously. Many excellent VPN providers exist, including NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and CyberGhost. A VPN encrypts your data, making it impossible for anyone to see what you are browsing. In addition, most VPN servers allow you to bypass geographic restrictions. You can browse freely without being detected if connected to a VPN server outside your home country.

3. Don’t Leave Any Evidence

Once you have installed a spy app on someone’s phone, you need to make sure that you delete everything once you are done. Otherwise, you could end up incriminating yourself. While deleting files manually isn’t tricky, it is a tedious process. Fortunately, some tools automate the entire process. One such tool is CCleaner. With this utility, you can easily wipe all traces of the spy app from the target device.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the Most Effective Spy App?

When it comes to choosing a spy app, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to ensure that the app is undetectable. Otherwise, the person you’re spying on can figure out what’s happening. Secondly, you need to ensure that the app is hidden – otherwise, it will be evident that you’re using a spy app. And finally, you need to ensure that the app offers a free trial – this way, you can test the app before committing to it.

Why Do People Use Spy Apps on Their Android Devices?

There are many reasons why people use Android spy apps. Some people use them to track their phone usage, while others spy on someone else’s phone. There are also many free and paid spy apps available for download.

Spy apps usually have various notable features that allow users to track phone usage, monitor text messages, and even track the location of a phone. They can be used for both good and bad purposes. For example, parents may use a spy app to monitor their child’s phone usage and ensure they are not being cyberbullied or accessing inappropriate content online. On the other hand, some people may use spy apps to stalk or harass someone.

Rooted Android mobile phones can be more vulnerable to spyware apps since root access gives apps more privileges and access to data. Therefore, it is essential to know the potential risks of installing any app, even if labeled as “free.”

Do the Laws Allow Spy Apps for Android phones?

Yes, Android phone spy apps are legal. However, a few things to keep in mind before using one. For example, most cell phone tracking apps require you to root the target Android phone. This can void the warranty and may not be legal in your country. Also, many spy apps have extreme spying features that can violate the privacy of the person you’re spying on. So it’s essential to use them responsibly. Finally, remember that some spy apps are more expensive than others. But generally speaking, they all offer similar features.

Do Spy Apps Work?

Spy apps have been around for a while, and their popularity only seems to be increasing. But do they work? Are they worth the money?

There are a few different spy apps on the market, but not all are created equal. The quality ranges widely, as do the prices. But ultimately, it depends on what you need the spy app for.

If you need to track someone’s location, then any of the best-hidden spy apps will do the job. However, if you need to track someone’s cell phone usage, you’ll need a more powerful spy app like FlexiSpy or mSpy.

Generally speaking, spy apps work best on android and iOS devices. But a few spy apps also work on other platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

So if you’re considering using a spy app, do your research and choose the one that’s right for you. There are plenty of great options out there, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

Is there a Spy App That Is Completely Free To Use On Android?

No, there is not a 100% free spy app for Android. While some free spy apps are available, they are not 100% free. Most free spy apps will have additional costs, whether a subscription fee, a one-time fee, or a pay-per-use fee. Additionally, many free spy apps are not undetectable and can be easily detected by an Android user. Finally, most free spy apps offer only a limited free trial, so you’ll eventually have to pay to continue using the app.

Which Features Should You Look for in an Android Spy App?

There are many features to consider before buying a mobile spy app for Android. The best-hidden spy apps will have various features that allow you to track the target Android phone. The cell phone spy app should have an easy-to-use interface and be compatible with Android and iOS devices. The best free spy apps will also offer a free trial, so you can test the features before committing to a purchase. Phone spy app for Android is one of the best spy software installed on a target android phone without rooting it. It is crucial to check for the compatibility of the app with the target Android phone and the android version.


The following are some of the best free spy apps for android devices. They are designed to help you monitor your kids, spouse, employees, etc., without getting caught. You can download these free spy apps for android if you want to watch someone else. These apps are completely safe and do not contain malware.

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