Help You Send A Fax From Computer [Step By Step Guide]

Have you ever felt the need to send a fax from computer but fail to find a fax machine nearby?

Although email is getting popular, faxing has its user base. However, the limitation of faxing can be an annoying thing for many. Therefore, we found a way to send a fax from the computer without a phone line free, so that you can avoid using a fax machine forever.

This article covers everything you need to know about the process. So, let’s start with the requirements to send a fax from the computer.


What you Need to Send a Fax From Your PC


Sending a fax does not need to be a complicated task. You can easily do it from anywhere without using a machine. All you need is:

A Google Account: Sending a fax without a fax machine requires you to use your email to send documents. However, the process is similar, and anyone can receive that document through their fax machine. Using a Google account ensures that you can easily access and store the documents.

A Smartphone/ PC: As you do not need a fax machine, you need to access a fax service provider with a smartphone or laptop. The best part of this method is- you can use the solution anywhere without having a proper setup.

Fax Service Provider: The last thing you require is a fax service provider that allows you to send and receive documents with a fax number. You can find dozens of working platforms that offer this service.

Here is our best choice for the task:



send fax online

CocoFax is an internet-based fax service that helps you stay connected with your contacts without using a fax machine. It uses email-to-fax technology that allows you to send or receive a fax document over email. Its registration process requires a Gmail account so that you can store your data conveniently.

This solution provides a unique fax number so that you can send a fax without even having a fax number. Out of dozens of online fax services, CocoFax is the only platform that offers free faxing service. You can subscribe to its trial membership and send free papers without spending any money.

The best part about this service is its accessibility. It is available on web browsers, and other mobile applications to help you stay connected with your fax number. Whenever you want to share a paper, open the application and do it with your contacts conveniently. 


Features of CocoFax Application

Group Fax: It allows you to group fax with your contacts to save you time and effort. You do not need to send the same document to different contacts separately. Additionally, it is possible to send fax documents to users on different platforms.

Unique Fax Number: Even if you have never used a fax machine, you can try out this solution. It provides a free fax number in the registration process. It means that you do not need to worry about having a working fax number to use its services.

Email to Fax: It is not limited to email faxing as you can send a fax to a real fax machine as well. Users can decide whether they want the fax to reach an email address or a machine, based on their requirements. Thus, anyone can send cross-platform fax without being around a fax machine now.

Encrypted Faxing: The servers of this platform are encrypted, and there is no risk of data theft. Additionally, all the papers are encrypted with the private so that only the receiver can open the document. If someone tries to read a document in between, they would need private keys from the receiver’s fax machine.

Cloud Storage: You can store your documents on its cloud storage. It is permanent storage to help you keep papers handy for easy sharing. You can connect your Gmail with this solution to provide access to all the cloud data as well.


Easy Guide to Send Fax From Computer

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you send fax documents right from your computer:

Step1: Create an account

fax from computer

The first step is to create an account on the platform., you will get a fax number you can use to send or receive documents on your web browser.

Step2: Upload a Document

Click on the ‘Send a Fax’ button and upload the document that you want to share. You can find different methods to upload the file. Users can either upload them from cloud storage or browse files from the device.

Step3: Enter Receiver’s Fax 

Now you need to enter the fax number of the person you want to send the fax to. Additionally, you can choose a contact from your online account to send it directly to their email account. That way, you can easily share files with them.

Step4: Verify and Send

Verify the files and fax number of the person. After that, click on the send button and you will receive a delivery report once the person receives your fax. That’s it. Enjoy unlimited faxing with these 4 easy steps.

fax from computer


Note: It will look like the one in the above picture. You can add multiple recipients while entering the fax number to group fax. 


Why Choose it Over Other Solutions?

You can find dozens or even hundreds of similar platforms to use. However, we like CocoFax because it is safe to use. The whole process is encrypted and no one else can access the data. Additionally, it provides free access to its services to help new users try the services. 

If you are confused about the working of this platform, you can visit its website to learn more about it. 


Final Words

A lot of people are searching for online fax services. CocoFax is an excellent option for those users as it is free and easy to use. Anyone can create an account on the platform and send quick fax to their contacts. 

Additionally, people can use its cloud storage to share files without keeping them on their smartphones. The complete process is remote and does not involve any fax machine.

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