16 Best Free Fax Apps for Android And iOS in 2023

Those times are gone when we had to fit in office fax machines. The email has somehow replaced that fax. But faxing is easier with the advancement of technology. There is, in fact, an excellent free application for Android that serves as a fax machine. Plus, there is good news for iPhone users as well. There is also a free fax app for iPhone. The fax Android app will not only save a lot of your time but also saves the cost which was spent on fax machines. Let’s Explore a free mobile fax app for Android & iOS.


Free Mobile Fax App for Android & iPhone

With the help of an online fax app, you can now send and receive faxes directly from your mobile devices. You don’t need to install a separate piece of hardware like a fax machine or a smartphone modem. All you need is an ethernet connection and a working email Address.

Online faxing Apps are the most convenient way to communicate over the web because it doesn’t require you to use a physical fax machine. Instead, you can log into your email account and print documents. You can also save files locally or upload them to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Docs, etc. Here are some cheap options that allow you to send and receive fax anytime and anywhere. Let us talk about the free fax application for Android and iPhone!


Fax App

free fax app android

This Genius Fax application is a full-blown fax machine for your iPhone. This application has all the extra features you need for sending a fax from the cell phone app. You can Send any format directly from your iPhone using an electronic signature and a built-in document scanner. The best feature of this application is that you can send unlimited faxes, personalized fax design, and 8 language versions for easy use. You will forget about using regular fax by using this fax application.

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Tiny Fax

best fax app for android
Tiny fax transforms your mobile device into a mini fax machine. You can quickly scan and fax images or text documents with this Android or iOS app. The interface is relatively easy and user similar. It can fax documents from email inbox as well as from other apps. Also, it provides a variety of free fax numbers from the United States and other foreign countries. You can buy credits as much as you want from this fax Android app. Tiny fax is one of the best free mobile fax application for android.

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App FaxFile is considered the best fax application for Android and iPhone. FaxFile sends documents saved on an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet. This free fax application for Android supports several file formats like pdf, .doc, .docx, png, and jpg. This application offers in-app purchases. A user can get credits from Google Play Store or App Store.

Further, if any faxes did not reach out or send, the application will automatically try to resend them. Hence, sending the fax will not be a problem at all. However, a good internet connection is required to send and receive faxes.

Free trial for the first week with free credits. After that, You’ll need to buy credits if you want to keep sending and receiving faxes after the trial time is up. One page sent through fax to the United States or Canada will cost you 10 credits.

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cover sheet
This is a competent fax android app. A user can easily make modifications and sign documents. It can send a fax to international countries. Most importantly, a user can zoom in to view the document. This application uses a camera to scan documents. Users can also upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. It also has the option to save the documents to cloud storage. Download this application and turn your cellphone into a fax machine now.

Free trial for the first week. The pricing for the subscription plans begins at just $16.95 per month.

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free mobile fax app for android

You need to create an account to send a fax. You can easily fax anywhere to anyone. Also, not only from the phone, you can fax and send a document from an Android tablet. This free fax application for Android also sends faxes online via Dropbox, Google Drive, or any Third Party Application. Also, you can scan the document with the phone’s rear camera if you want to scan the document.

Further, this application is capable of designing cover pages. Also, you can observe account activities and history within this application. Pam fax is one of the best free mobile fax apps for Android.

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best fax app
This is a free fax application for iPhone as well as Android. For using this application, no login and no subscription are required. It also offers the best rate among all fax apps. You can scan docs from any of the cloud storage and gallery. The rate will be less if you send multiple total pages at once. Also, this fax application can combine multiple pages into a single fax document.

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free fax app

This application sends and receives faxed documents on an affordable budget. You can send faxes from your Android or iPhone in any format. Each page costs a credit. Also, the cover page does not cost anything. Fax credits can also be bought within the app. The simple user interface of this best free mobile fax application for Android has a variety of options that makes this Android application one of the best free fax app for iPhone and Android. The history of all the details can be tracked easily. It also has the option to delete the history.

Sending or receiving a single PDF file page uses one of your allotted credits. It just costs as low as $0.39 for one fax credit. The monthly cost of a dedicated fax number starts at about $3.49.

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best free fax app for android
Fax Plus is the best fax app for android and iPhone. If you have this Android app on your cellphone, you do not need to get a landline, fax machine, and all that connections and wiring. To fax, you need to scan the documents first. The camera on your phone makes scanning a lot easier. Around 40 countries can receive from the fax number. The documents you send and receive are fully encrypted. The users can also edit, crop, and sign scanned documents from this. You can also schedule the fax within the application. What else do you want?

Users are permitted to submit a total of 10 pages worth of material by fax without being charged extra. The monthly pricing for the subscription options begins at just $4.99.

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best free fax apps for android
If you want to avail yourself of free fax services, this is a suitable application. So can easily fax to approximately 50 countries, including Australia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, etc. You can send a single page without any cost. This best fax app for Android offers affordable price bundles for 50, 100, and 250 pages. If you want inbound fax services, you must pay €5 monthly. iPhone users can upload the selected document via iTunes.

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fax from android
This is all you need to install a free fax app for iPhone and Android. It guarantees fax delivery. Faxes from your Android or iPhone app, including a free cover page, can be sent. The UI is user-friendly, and the fax’s status can be viewed easily. This best fax application app supports around 14 languages. Further, users can fax Portable Document Format by mail or any other application. The more credits you buy, the more cost you save with this best free mobile phone fax app for Android.

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receive fax on cell phone free

Want to enjoy free outgoing faxes? Then this application is the best for your need. Users can quickly sign and scan docs, fill out forms, and send faxes from their smartphones. Also, you can enjoy a 7-Day trial. The application offers relatively low-cost fax budgets as compared to other application. You can send a fax in various formats such as pdf, jpg, png, doc, and Docx. Customized templates for cover pages are also available within the app.

Free trial for seven days. A maximum of 200 pages could be faxed with the standard monthly membership plan, which costs $24.99 per month. The yearly subscription option costs $149.99 annually and allows a limit of 200 pages per month to be faxed.

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Easy Fax

toll-free fax number

This application faxes your documents with the best quality, whether an image, bill receipt, or any pdf or word document. You can also preview the documents once before sending them. A user can also track the fax delivery status. Also, a user can select a sender from his contact list. This free mobile app for Android can pile several documents into a single copy.

Easy Fax charges per page for faxes sent via its app. Credits are required to send a fax with Easy Fax. To send fax costs 60 credits, and you receive 40 for free. To get more than 2 credits at a time, you must either pay for them or view a lot of advertisements (each ad is 20-30 seconds)

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Convert your smartphone into a perfect fax machine by installing this application into your iPhone and Android devices. Just tap on the button, and here you send a fax successfully. The fax you send can be stored on your phone for later use. However, this application offers only US numbers. Also, you can receive only 25 fax pages in a month. The application also provides a free version, but it is for a limited time. The app’s data is saved and secured by an experienced security company.

Users can send a total of 5 pages and receive a maximum of 25 pages free of charge each month. The monthly pricing for the subscription options begins at $12.95.

Download for FaxBurner from Goggle play store 

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MyFax App

scanning pdf


This free fax application for Android is suitable for those who have to send a fax once a year, as this offers a monthly free trial. Users can send and receive faxes from Android phones, tablets, or even iPhones. You can also upload documents and transfer them to cloud-storing apps. A user can also add a cover page to a fax document. Further, a fax contact list is easily managed.

The subscription plan begins at $8.33 per month, following a free trial period of 7 days.

Download MyFax Now from Playstore

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Dingtone Fax


Dingtone, Inc developed the app. This application is designed to help you send and receive faxes quickly. With it, you can send and receive faxes without worrying about losing documents due to paper jams or ink shortages. You can even use the application to scan documents into PDF format.

If you want to edit a fax document, you can save it as a PDF file and then upload it again. Or, you can add comments to the original document. You can also view the document online. Many fax applications provide a web viewer where you can see what the paper looks like. The application comes with a free trial period of seven days. The beginning price for the unlimited membership plan is $19.9 per month.

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fax burner

SnapFax is an easy-to-use mobile fax application without a monthly subscription fee. Users can send a document via email or upload it directly from their smartphone. They can even add photos and text notes to each fax.

When sending a fax, you must purchase credits. You can choose to pay per fax or set up an automatic payment. You can view your balance online to keep track of how many credits you have left.

This application is now running a promotion, which includes, Sending to the United States and Canada for a discount of 20%, with only 0.8 credits for each page. (Typically, one credit is granted for each page.)

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How did we pick the Best Free Fax Apps?

The best free fax application for smartphones needs to meet specific requirements: it should be easy to use, reliable, and perform well. We look at some of the most critical factors to evaluate whether a free fax app meets these criteria.

1. Ease of Use

The ease of use factor includes how simple it is to set up and send a fax. A tremendous free fax app must provide clear instructions on how to do both tasks. It would help if you spent less time figuring out how to use the application.

2. Reliability

A reliable free fax application occasionally crashes, even under poor network conditions. We test reliability by sending faxes over Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and cellular data networks.

3. Performance

We want our free fax apps to perform well, especially when many people are on the same phone call. In our tests, we measure latency, jitter, and packet loss.

The best free fax app for Android allows you to send or receive faxes without issues. It should also be easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it should be compatible with both Android & iOS devices.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a fax app for your Android smartphone, there are a few things to remember. First, do you need an online fax service, or can you use a traditional fax machine? If you need an online fax service, make sure to choose one that is compatible with your Android phone. Many free fax apps are available, but not all will work with your specific phone model. Once you’ve found a compatible app, read reviews to see what other users think. Finally, decide whether you need to be able to send and receive faxes or receive them. Some apps only allow you to receive faxes, while others let you do both.

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