Samsung galaxy note 10 is released in Pakistan with two variants named Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. This most awaited note comes with unlimited features, a matchless camera, and limitless storage capacity. There has been a lot of buzz around the world regarding the Samsung galaxy note 10 release. Consumers have been talking about its game-changing features like processing power, infinity o display, and battery life. Unlike previous Note series, this is for the very time that Samsung has launched two different variants in Samsung galaxy note 10 phones. Due to such a vast variety of specs, Samsung galaxy note 10 price in Pakistan starts from 169,999 PKR . The following article is an elaborative list of Note 10 specs and features compiled for our readers.

Infinity O Display

Samsung galaxy note 10 and 10 plus phones are first-ever Samsung phones in Galaxy Note series with edge-to-edge display known as Infinity O display. This all-screen technology has already been introduced in Galaxy S10 and Samsung has adopted the same technology in Note series.

The front-facing camera is positioned at the top center. Previously, this camera was present on the left as present on the majority of Android phones.

Note 10 comes with a display screen of 6.3 inches however; Note 10+ comes with a whopping 6.8 inches display screen. It is noteworthy that Note 10+ has the largest display screen in terms of length in the entire Samsung galaxy series. This means that the users can enjoy the near-to-tablet experience on Note 10+.

Dimensions and Colors

Note 10 is slightly larger than the Note 9 thus giving a wide view to enjoy HD videos. Note 10+ is bigger and heavier as compared to Note 10 so if you want to enjoy tab experience then Note 10+ is the right choice for you. The phone comes in different colors of Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura Pink.

samsung galaxy note 10 specs

Samsung Note 10 Camera

This is the most interesting part as Samsung never ceases to amaze its customers with the ever-increasing camera and video features in its Galaxy phones.

Let us start with rear camera specs as Note 10 has a triple rear camera:

  • 12 MP camera with dual aperture
  • Ultra-wide 16 MP camera
  • Telephoto 12 MP camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ comes with a quad rear camera that contains one additional Time of flight (ToF) sensor other than the above three cameras.

This sensor enhances the depth information and is termed as Depth Vision Camera by Samsung. The quad-camera feature in Note 10+ is definitely a treat for the people who love photographing details around them.

Video Editing

Note 10 camera comes with multiple improved features. Improvements have been made in the video recording and editing with additional specs. The new features include live focus video, slow-motion, and video editor options. The live focus video allows the user to record video with a blurred background.

The user can create a “bokeh” background effect, especially during the nighttime. Note 10 camera specs also include augmented reality (AR) Doodle that allows the user to add images, text, and other stickers on the photos.


Furthermore, the user can create its own doodle art using the S Pen. The front-facing 10 MP camera is placed in the center. That is why it can capture ultra-wide selfies with air actions.

Samsung Note 10 Battery Life

Samsung galaxy note 10 and 10+ come with one of the largest batteries used in any Android phone. The phone comes with a 3500mAh battery. It takes around 30 minutes to fully charge the battery.

This implies that the user can enjoy talk-time, browsing, watching videos, listening to songs, and taking photos all day long.

Certainly, the battery life of Note 10+ is definitely better than that of Note 10 as Note 10+ comes with a battery of 4300mAh. It is high time to say good-bye to our typical cord chargers and switched to fast wireless charging.

Samsung galaxy promotes wireless power share that allows the user to charge a friend’s phone or any other Qi-compatible devices by placing them on the back of Samsung galaxy note 10 to do reverse charging without any cord.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity is one of the most promising features in Note 10. It makes this phone one of the most powerful handsets among all of the Android phones available in the global market.

Note 10 phone comes with 256 GB of storage with no microSD support. most noteworthy, Note 10+ comes with two options of 256 GB and 512 GB with microSD support.

samsung galaxy note 10 phone

Samsung galaxy note 10 specs include a high-speed QUALCOMM snapdragon 855 processor. Note 10 comes with surround sound speakers to give an ultimate wide-angle TV experience. There is no 3.5 mm headphone jack in Note 10 to keep slim and stylish.

Most noteworthy this is definitely one of the most astonishing modifications done by Samsung in Note 10 so far. The user can now use USB-C port available at the bottom of the phone that means that existing headphone cables have to be replaced.

One good news is that Samsung has now removed the Bixby button from its Galaxy series. Samsung has recently introduced an additional button for Bixby on the left side of the Galaxy series.

Above All, the power button in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is under the volume button. Furthermore, the power button was present on the right side. It can also activate the Bixby feature with the power button.

Therefore, the power button has multiple functionalities and it is quite an effective solution to activate Bixby by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price in Pakistan

Galaxy Note 10 price in Pakistan is Rs 169,999 PKR .

Samsung Galaxy note 10+ price in Pakistan

Galaxy Note 10+ Price in Pakistan is Rs 189,999 PKR

Final Verdict about Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs are quite refined and are adding to the entire outlook and overall performance. Note 10 is sleek and stylish loaded with features. It is all set to give the ultimate mobile experience to the users.

The phone comes in a beautiful design and the color variants introduced in Note 10 are simply eye-catching. Note 10 has an Infinity O display with stereo speakers to ensure a true TV experience.

Not only that, but It is also equipped with better video editing features to allow the user to vlog their travel experiences with better technology. The user can enjoy playing games on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with its matchless processing speed.

Samsung released Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ in August 2019 globally and attracted many global customers to pre-order. As the phone comes in different variants so there is a range of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price that varies with storage capacity.



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