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Carbonite is a reliable online backup service that can be used to back up important files. Any computer with an internet connection may utilize the service with no problems. Carbonite offers different subscription plans, each of which provides different levels of storage space. The service also includes a file restore feature, which allows users to restore files backed up online. Let’s start Review of Carbonite in which we will try to cover all aspects of this best cloud backup service.

Carbonite is a well-known and widely used cloud backup service. Carbonite’s backup services are limitless and feature-rich, making them one of the best cloud backup options.

As a cloud backup service, Carbonite is one of the more well-established companies, having been in business since 2006. Read on to learn more about Carbonite’s backup options, current price, and a comprehensive feature list.


Carbonite Plans and Prices

Carbonite Plans and Prices

Carbonite has three Safe plans (they used to be named Personal), all aimed at home PCs or small enterprises without servers, and are available in one-year and longer durations. To get an idea of how much it will cost to back up many computers, go to Carbonite’s website and enter the desired number of computers.

The more time you commit to a cloud backup service, the more money you save each month.

Carbonite Safe Basic

Your backed-up data may be stored indefinitely with Carbonite Safe Basic’s unlimited storage.

Safe Basic is as follows: It costs $58.99 a year, $4.92 per month.

Carbonite Safe Plus

For the same price as Carbonite’s Basic subscription, Safe Plus supports backing up external hard drives, default video backup, and the option to back up a system image of your whole computer locally.

This is how the Safe Plus plan is priced: $83.99 per year or $7 per month.

Carbonite Safe Prime

Carbonite’s Safe Prime package offers unlimited data storage, much like the company’s other two options. A courier recovery service is included in Prime in the event of a significant loss and the benefits in Basic and Plus.

Because of the Safe Prime add-ons, the price has gone up: It costs $104.99 for one year, $8.75 per month

If you think one of the Carbonite Safe plans would be right for you, you can test it out risk-free for 15 days. On the other hand, Carbonite does not provide a completely free cloud backup solution.

Visit Carbonite Website


Review of Carbonite Features

Review of Carbonite

Carbonite is one of the most popular online backup services on the market. It offers a wide range of features, making it an excellent choice for personal and business users. Some of the critical elements of Carbonite include:

1. Automatic backup – Carbonite automatically backs up your files every time you connect to the internet. This means you don’t have to remember to do it yourself, and you can rest assured that your files are always safe.

2. Secure backup – Carbonite uses military-grade encryption to protect your data, ensuring that your files are safe from theft or accidental loss.

3. Easy to use – Carbonite is easy to use, even for people who aren’t very tech-savvy. You don’t need any special software or hardware, and you can access your important documents from anywhere.

When you first set up Carbonite’s cloud backup service, it does a large-scale backup before continually backing up your data, including any additions or modifications you make.

Your Carbonite will also provide the following features:

Carbonite Features Safe subscription
Backup From Mapped Drive No
Backup From External Drive Yes, the Plus and Prime plans have this feature
Continuous Backup (≤ 1 min) Yes
Backup Frequency Continuous (≤ 1 min) through 24 hours
Idle Backup Option Yes
Bandwidth Control Simple
Offline Backup Option(s) No
Offline Restore Option(s) only with the Prime plan
Local Backup Option(s) No
Locked/Open File Support Yes
Backup Set Option(s) No
Integrated Player/Viewer Yes
File Sharing No
Multi-Device Syncing No
Backup Status Alerts Email, plus others
Data Center Locations European Union & North America
Inactive Account Retention For as long as you have a subscription, the data will be available
Support Options Chat and self-support
Feature Carbonite Support
File Size Limits No, although files larger than 4 GB must be added manually to the backup
File Type Restrictions No, however, if you’re not on the Plus or Prime plans, you’ll have to manually upload video files.
Fair Use Limits No
Bandwidth Throttling No
Operating System Support Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7; Mac 10.10+
Real 64-bit Software Yes
Mobile Apps No
File Access web app and Desktop Program
Transfer Encryption 128-bit
Storage Encryption 128-bit
Private Encryption Key Yes, optional
File Versioning Limited to only 12 versions
Mirror Image Backup No
Backup Levels file level, folder, and Drive

Carbonite: Our Experience

Review of Carbonite

We understand that selecting the best cloud backup service may be difficult—they might all seem to be the same, or they can all appear different, depending on your point of view.

On the other hand, Carbonite is one of those services that We find extremely simple to promote to a large number of other people. You will have no difficulty utilizing it, regardless of your technological or computer abilities. It also allows you to back up all of your crucial data without costing you an excessive amount for the privilege.

Please continue reading to learn more about what We enjoy and don’t like about using Carbonite for cloud backup and how you can.

Carbonate Features that we like

Our personal preference is for cloud backup providers that only offer a single subscription. It’s not necessarily a terrible thing to have a wide variety of possibilities, particularly if you’re looking for options—and many people are.

As a result, We favor Carbonite since it offers three options, all of which are affordable, given that you can back up an infinite quantity. Another feature We like is how simple it is to create a Carbonite backup. It’s a good thing that they’ve made this so simple since it’s the most critical part of backing up.

Find the files and folders on your computer that you wish to back up, rather than going through the program’s menus. If you right-click them, you may choose the option of adding them to your backup plan. A tiny colored dot on the file icon identifies files that have previously been backed up and those that have not yet been backed up.

Carbonite’s first backup was a success, with a backup time compared to most other providers. What you see and hear will be significantly influenced by the amount of bandwidth you have at your disposal. Carbonite’s ability to recover your data is also a big plus. Restoring should be as simple as possible, and Carbonite certainly facilitates this process.

Even if you’ve deleted data, you may still recover them online and back them up using the application as if they were still on your computer. You may recover a particular version of a file from a different time or day with ease because of Carbonite’s ability to save at least three of the most recent versions of each file, no matter how old they are. It’s also possible to download your backed-up data to a new computer using a browser.

Besides the fact that Carbonite allows you to back up your data automatically when changes are detected, you can also schedule the backups to occur just once a day or at certain times. It’s possible to schedule backups when your computer is not in use, such as at night. Backing up continually seldom causes a sluggish computer or a busy internet connection. Even if you don’t, you have this convenient choice.

Carbonate Features that we Don’t like

We found Carbonite annoying since it didn’t back up all the data in the directories. We specified for backup because, by default, it backs up just specific file types. Even if you’re backing up photos and documents, this might be an issue if you have anything else.

Right-clicking the file type you wish to back up and always to back up certain sorts of files will let you adjust this setting. In Carbonite’s example, the rationale for not automatically backing up all file types is to prevent problems if you were to restore all your data to a new machine.

Since EXE files might potentially create problems, omitting them is a good idea. Another issue with Carbonite is that you have no control over how much bandwidth the application may use to upload and download your data, which is a significant drawback. Network use can be restricted using a primary option, but there is no distinct set of advanced choices that we would want to see.

Review of Carbonite: A Final Observation

For those who don’t need to back up external drives or more than one internal disk, Carbonite is an excellent option. Their cheapest plan, which is also quite affordable, is ideal for you.

If you’re still unsure whether or not Carbonite is the right backup option for you, check out our evaluation of Backblaze. In addition to Carbonite, it’s one of my go-to products. ‘ Many people can’t live without a particular characteristic. Please share your comments pertaining to the Review of Carbonite in the comments sections below.

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