Best Online Backup For Small Business: Cloud Backup

Are you looking for the best online backup for small business?  Businesses are always looking for ways to save money, and one area where they can is data backup. While there are many types of backup, online (or cloud) backup is one of the most affordable and efficient options. Cloud backup services allow businesses to back up their data to a remote server, so if their computer or office is damaged or lost, their data is still safe.

Cloud backup services operate similarly to conventional backup software, except that your vital data is transported over the Internet and safely kept on a server in a professional data center instead of on your computer. Your data is not only backed up off-site, but it is also safeguarded against theft, fire, and other local disasters.


What is Cloud Backup?

online backup solutions for small business

Cloud backup is storing data on a remote server rather than on a hard drive or flash drive. This means that when your computer crashes or gets damaged, you can back up your data to a cloud service, storing it in virtual storage space. Most of us use cloud storage for our photos, music, documents, and other media. Cloud storage is more secure than having all of our information on a single hard drive or flash drive. It is stored online and accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.

Cloud Backup is an excellent option for small business owners because it is affordable and easy to use. It also offers peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe and secure in a natural disaster or another emergency.

Cloud backup services provide consumers access to a shared, software-defined storage infrastructure that the provider manages. Storage that is handled as a virtual resource is basically what this refers to. By using a virtualized, software-defined architecture, service providers may construct a big storage pool and then distribute it among their clients. This allows them to control the whole resource down to the byte level. Still, they can also employ multi-tenant designs to ensure that each customer’s data is kept entirely separate, preventing data from “bumping into” another customer’s data.

Consider the following scenario: your backup service enables you to choose a third-party storage destination. Fortunately, most cloud storage providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), also provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to their customers (AWS). Even while you may construct servers in these clouds and use them as backup destinations, most cloud storage services are designed to appear to users and applications as network drives rather than virtual hard drives. That’s excellent from the aspect of adaptability. Make sure to include the cost of these services in your estimates for the overall backup price structure.

Customer growth and demand, changing bandwidth circumstances, security needs, and, in certain situations, fluctuating data retention requirements are all factors that influence the management tools that cloud backup vendors give to their customers. In this case, the cloud provider will automatically remove versions of a file or folder older than a time specified by your IT administrator: any version that has been in use for more than six months.

Furthermore, cloud backup solutions may allow users to store regularly accessed data in readily accessible places. Anything from a data center operated by the provider closer to the customer’s office to a local storage resource on the customer’s premises that may function as a middleman for backups can be used as an example. When used with an attached storage device (NAS), this resource may store the most popular files and offer them out via a significantly quicker local network than over a public Internet connection.

In addition, each of these storage tiers has a separate pricing structure. The backup tools offered by the cloud storage provider may automate the movement of your data between these levels depending on the rules that your IT team controls. This is comparable to the hierarchical storage techniques of the past, but it is considerably simpler to implement and is delivered wholly as a managed service instead. It takes just a few minutes to complete a simple setup procedure, and you’ll be able to access the information stored inside your organization from any internet-connected device. Dedicated physical or virtual servers, pricey tape drives with proprietary (and sometimes obscure) backup software, or off-site warehouse space where you keep crates of crucial backup tapes are no longer required. Instead, you may employ a cloud-based backup solution.


How Does Cloud Backup Work? 

online backup solutions for small business

A cloud backup system stores data vital to you on remote servers, accessible from anywhere and anytime. A user can store files on these servers and access them via their web browser, smartphone, or even a computer running Windows XP or later. The service also allows users to share files with others or create a version of a file for sharing with someone else. The feature is a good choice for those who want to keep copies of their documents, photos, videos, and more on separate servers. It’s also a good solution for many users who prefer to share their files with others.


Best Online Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

online backup solutions for small business

Cloud backup solutions are becoming more popular for small businesses due to the many benefits. Cloud backups can provide peace of mind by protecting data from accidental loss or destruction, and they can help companies recover quickly from disasters. Additionally, cloud backups can save businesses time and money by reducing the need for on-site storage space and making it easier to access data from remote locations.

When choosing a cloud backup solution for a small business, it is essential to consider the most critical features of the company. Some of the vital factors to consider include:

  • The amount of storage space provided.
  • The level of security offered.
  • The ease of use.
  • The price.

The best cloud backup solutions for small businesses include:



online backup solutions for small business

Backblaze is a cloud backup service that helps small businesses keep their data safe. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to back up an unlimited amount of data for a flat monthly price. Backblaze also makes it easy to restore lost or damaged files, and it keeps multiple versions of files so users can revert to an earlier version if necessary. Backblaze is easy to use; businesses can set it up in minutes, and there is no need for special hardware or software.

Cloud backup provider Backblaze helps small companies protect their data by storing it in the cloud. The service provides several capabilities, including the option to back up an infinite amount of data for a set monthly fee. As a bonus, Backblaze makes it simple to recover accidentally deleted or damaged data. It maintains numerous copies of files so that users may roll back to an older version if required. Backup and disaster recovery software Backblaze is simple to use; organizations can set it up in minutes without specific gear or software.

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online backup solutions for small business

Carbonite Cloud Backup Service is an online backup service that stores data in the cloud. It is a subscription-based service for both individuals and businesses. A personal goal is for individuals and business plans for small businesses.

The Carbonite Cloud Backup Service features automatic file backup and restores disaster recovery and versioning. It also offers military-grade encryption to protect user data.

The service allows users to select the folders they want to back up. The service then automatically backs up those folders at regular intervals. If something happens to the user’s computer and needs to restore their files, they can do so from the cloud.

Carbonite’s cloud backup services have received a lot of positive feedback, and they’ve been a popular choice for a long time. In a similar vein, our own experience has been good.

In addition to allowing for an unlimited amount of data backup from one internal hard drive per machine, all of Carbonite’s Safe backup plans demand a minimum one-year prepayment.

Carbonite’s cheapest tier plan, Safe Basic, costs $7.00 per month ($83.99 per year) and includes unlimited storage. There are also two more expensive levels available, referred to as Safe Plus and Safe Prime, which cost $10.00 per month ($119.99 per year) and $12.50 per month ($149.99 per year), respectively. Each tier is somewhat less expensive if two or three years are paid in advance, and they periodically offer promotions with discounts of up to 40% off. When you sign up for the essential subscription, they throw you a few extras like an external drive and mirror image support.

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online backup solutions for small business

CrashPlan is a free, easy-to-use, online continuous backup service. With it, you can protect your data from being lost due to hard drive failure, fire, theft, water damage, and power outage. It’s easy to use: You just create an incremental backup schedule, and you’re ready to go. It works on all your devices: Laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It’s secure: Your files are stored safely in the cloud, and you can access them via any device, anywhere.

It’s simple: There are no technical installation or configuration details to worry about. You’ll be able to keep your data backed up and protected, even if you don’t want to pay. And, it’s affordable: It’s free to back up your data, and it’s always free to restore it.

CrashPlan has long been a preferred initial backup solution among computer users. The price for the plans is straightforward, and the service itself is safe, speedy, and straightforward to use.

There is just one pricing option with CrashPlan: $10 per month per computer. For example, if you wanted to back up from three computers, the cost would be $30 per month; if you wanted to back up from ten machines, the cost would be $100 per month, and so on.

CrashPlan used to provide a service named CrashPlan Home, aimed squarely at home customers. It is possible to utilize the CrashPlan for Small Business plan at home; the cost and features are identical to those of the small business plan.

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online backup solutions for small business

SugarSync is a cloud backup service that lets business owners and individuals back up their data to the cloud. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to back up files, folders, and entire hard drives; restore data from previous backups, and collaborate on documents with others. Additionally, SugarSync can share files with others, whether or not they have an account with SugarSync.

To use SugarSync, you first need to create an account. Then, you install the SugarSync software on your computer. The software will automatically detect any files you want to back up and upload them to your account in the cloud. You can access your files from any device with an internet connection by logging into your SugarSync account. You can also share files with others by sending them a link to the file or folder.

While SugarSync performs “conventional” online backup functions as well as or better than many of its competitors, it also syncs files across all of your devices, allows you to view your backed-up data from your smartphone, and offers a variety of other features.

Currently, SugarSync offers three different levels of online backup service, each of which may be purchased on a month-to-month basis: 100 GB for $7.49 /month, 250 GB for $9.99 /month, and 500 GB for $18.95 /month, respectively.

You may back up as many unlimited devices as you want on all three of SugarSync’s cloud backup plans, which means you can backup your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs all on the same account, with no additional expenses!

SugarSync can undoubtedly meet your needs if you want more than simply an online backup repository for your files’ security reasons. As well as individual plans, SugarSync now offers corporate class plans and bigger plans for which you will need to get a quotation.

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SpiderOak One

best online backup for small business

SpiderOak ONE is a cloud-based backup and sync service that helps small businesses secure their data. It offers a variety of features, including:

(1) Automatic backup: Files are backed up as they’ve changed, so users never have to worry about forgetting to do it themselves.

(2) File sharing: Users can easily share files with others, whether they’re in the same office or across the globe.

(3) Versioning: Users can restore previous versions of files if they make a mistake and need to go back to an earlier version.

(4) Granular restores: If users only need part of a file, they can fix just that part rather than the entire file.

SpiderOak ONE is easy to use. After signing up for an account, users simply install the software and specify which folders they want to back up. SpiderOak’s pricing structure is essential. Everyone gets a free trial account that lasts for 21 days to get started.

Depending on your needs, you may choose among plans with 150 GB, 400 GB, 2 TB, or 5 TB of storage for $6 a month, $11 a month, $14 a month, or $29 a month. They also offer smaller 5–10 GB plans, but you must pay for them every year rather than monthly.

For those looking for an online storage solution maintained by a corporation that takes their lack of access to your information extremely seriously, SpiderOak is the option for you.

Any plans indicated above may be prepaid for one year in advance, saving you a tiny amount above the given pricing.

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Zoolz Cloud

best online backup for small business

Zoolz Cloud is a cloud backup service that offers secure, reliable, and affordable cloud storage. It is an ideal online backup solution for small businesses as it provides features such as unlimited data storage, bandwidth throttling, military-grade security, and more. Zoolz Cloud also offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to back up your files.

To use Zoolz Cloud, you first need to create an account. Then, you can select the files and folders you want to back up. You can choose to back up your files on a schedule or manually. Zoolz Cloud will then securely store your files in the cloud. You can access your files anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Zoolz Cloud is an online backup solution that removes almost all limitations, although there is a minor trade-off for this convenience. A restore using Zoolz may take anything from 3–12 hours to complete, while most online backup systems allow for a very immediate restoration.

This backup solution allows you to save all your servers, internal discs, and external drives in one location. There are no restrictions on the kind of file or the size of the file. The Zoolz backup service can be a good option if you seek a backup for archive reasons.

Zoolz Cloud offers several different options, all of which may be bought for an entire year at a time or on a month-to-month basis as desired. Each one allows for an infinite number of users.

  • 1 TB for $19.99 per month
  • 2 TB for $39.99 per month
  • 5 TB for $99.99 per month
  • 10 TB: $199.99 per month (plus taxes).
  • The cost of 20 TB is $359.99 per month.
  • monthly charge of $899.99 for 50 TB

Those are priced based on a month-to-month agreement. If you prefer to pay for the whole year at once, the price is a little lower.

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best online backup for small business

Livedrive is a cloud backup service that helps businesses of all sizes keep their data safe. Plus, Livedrive offers a variety of features, including file sharing, collaboration, and online storage. Additionally, Livedrive backs up your data, so you can rest assured that your files are always safe.

Livedrive is an excellent option for small businesses that need a reliable online backup solution. Livedrive’s automatic backups ensure that your data is always protected, and its file sharing and collaboration features make it easy to work with colleagues or clients. Plus, Livedrive’s affordable pricing makes it an affordable option for small businesses on a budget.

It is possible to buy two backup plans: Livedrive Backup and Pro Suite. They both provide unlimited online backup, but the Backup plan is restricted to backing up a single computer, while the Pro Suite can back up to five PCs simultaneously.

Livedrive backup is available for $8.99 per month, while Pro Suite is available for $25. You’ll get substantial savings if you prepaid for a year’s worth of Livedrive online backup services.

Another Livedrive plan is called Briefcase, and it is just an online storage plan with 2 TB of capacity; it does not back up your information in the same way that a traditional backup plan would. Other capabilities, like file sharing, file editing, file synchronization, and more, are also offered. This will cost you $16 per month.

If you buy the Pro Suite package, you will get 5,000 GB of cloud storage space and additional Briefcase capabilities as a bonus.

Any of the Livedrive plans are a fantastic option since they all have “military-grade” 256-bit AES encryption, a user-friendly UI, and an affordable price.

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best online backup for small business

Acronis Cloud Backup Service is a cloud-based online backup service that provides businesses with a secure, reliable, and affordable way to protect their critical data. The service offers businesses several features and benefits, including:

  • Automatic backups – the service automatically backs up your data to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it yourself.
  • Flexible backup schedule – you can choose how often you want your data backed up, from daily to weekly or even monthly backups.
  • Easy restore – if you ever need to restore your data, the process is quick and easy.
  • Secure storage – your data is stored in a secure environment, ensuring safety and protection.

In addition to backing up your computer and keeping it safe, Acronis, the manufacturer of the renowned Cyber Protect Home Office backup software package (formerly known as Acronis True Image), also offers other services.

The Advanced plan is the most basic option available in terms of cloud storage. It costs $89.99 a year, and you receive 500 GB of backup space for one PC as part of the package.

The second option is called Premium, and it costs $124.99 a year and includes 1 TB of backup storage. With this one, you can purchase additional backup storage space for an additional fee, ranging from 2–5 TB.

There are no first-year reductions included in the pricing shown above, and they are for backing up a single computer. You may alternatively choose from three or five computer alternatives to back up even more data, but the cost will increase as a result.

You may also choose to have your files encrypted with a password, have the backup performed later, and have the files in a particular location by selecting a specific country from the drop-down menu.

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best online backup for small business

IDrive is a cloud backup service that offers businesses of all sizes a reliable and secure way to store their data online. It provides users with unlimited storage space and allows them to backup files from any computer or mobile device. IDrive also offers military-grade security and has been voted the best online backup for small businesses by many renowned tech websites.

One of the key benefits of using IDrive is that it is straightforward. Businesses can simply create an account, install the software, and back up their data. IDrive also provides a range of features that allow companies to customize their backup solution, including file versioning, compression, and scheduling.

IDrive is also very reliable, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In addition, businesses can rest assured that their data is safe thanks to the military-grade security measures in place.

Additional features that distinguish this product from the competitors include mapped drive compatibility, disc imaging, and outstanding mobile applications. Alternatively, if you are not interested in the wide variety of options available in the complete edition, you may use the simple Basic Client.

  • The free plan provides up to 5 GB of storage space.
  • IDrive Personal is available in two levels and supports backup from an infinite number of computers: tier 1 and tier 2.
  • 5 TB for just $79.50 per year
  • 10 terabytes for $99.50 per year

For those who want additional users (5–100), there is also a Team plan, which offers business-class price and storage choices up to 50 terabytes. If you’re just interested in picture backup, you may choose the unlimited IDrive Photos service.

All plans are available in one-year and two-year prepayment options, with the first year, often being reduced by a percentage. The prices you see above are one-year costs that are not reduced. Check their website for the most up-to-date price information, including discounts.

Compared to other online backup services, we found the IDrive program to be neither more nor less straightforward than the competition. It may, however, be just what you’re searching for in an online backup service if its unique features are high on your list of priorities.

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Degoo is a cloud backup service that helps small businesses to protect their data. It offers an easy and efficient way to back up your business files and keep them safe. The service has a user-friendly interface and provides fast, reliable, and secure backups. Degoo offers a variety of features, including:

  • Automatic file backup
  • File versioning
  • Unlimited storage space
  • 2GB of free storage
  • File sharing
  • 24/7 customer support

The service works by uploading your files to the cloud. You can then access them from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Degoo also allows you to share files with colleagues or customers, making it easy to collaborate on projects. And if you ever need help, you can contact the 24/7 customer support team for assistance.

It is possible to buy Degoo Pro for $3 /month, including 500 GB of storage for up to ten devices. If you choose the annual payment option ($29 per year), the monthly price drops to $2.42.

The Degoo Ultimate plan costs $10 a month, but you get 10 TB of storage space as well as support for an unlimited number of mobile and desktop devices. It has the same features as the Pro version, but it also contains a “picture storage maximizer.” If you purchase a year’s worth of service at once for $99.99, the monthly price drops to $8.33.

Degoo employs zero-knowledge encryption to ensure that no one, even its staff, can access the contents stored in your Degoo account. As a result of Degoo’s storage replication technology, your files are backed up in chunks across many data centers in various countries, making it impossible to retrieve a single file even if a data center is compromised in one location.

The desktop program has a feature that keeps files in your account even if they are erased from your system. You may also share backed-up files.

It’s free for the first 100 GB, and there are various possibilities to obtain an additional 500 GB (or 1 TB more with Degoo Ultimate). A free account does not have zero-knowledge encryption, but it does feature advertisements, and it can only back up data from a single computer. If you do not use it within a year, your account will expire.

Degoo is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems and Android and iOS smartphones.

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Norton’s Security Software

Norton's Security Software

Norton” is a household name that we all know and love because it provides security software and services to protect our computers from viruses and malware. But did you know that the company also offers cloud backup service? This is Norton’s version of Dropbox. You can back up your data by uploading it to the Internet.

This means you don’t need to install any special software or change your computer to use this cloud backup service. Norton Cloud Backup is very easy to use: just click a button, and your data will be uploaded to the Internet. The backup process is fast and secure. After a few hours, your data is saved on Norton’s servers.

The Security Software Cloud Backup Service is easy to use. Businesses can simply install the software on their devices, create a backup plan, and then relax knowing their data is safe. The service has been designed for small businesses with limited IT resources, so there is no need for complicated setup or maintenance.

  1. A year’s worth of Norton AntiVirus Plus for $59.99 includes two GB of storage and one device.
  2. Norton 360 Deluxe offers 50 GB of storage space for $104.99 per year for five devices.
  3. 100 GB for $14.99 /month ($149.99 /year) and up to 5 devices with Norton 360 with LifeLock Select
  4. Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus costs $34.99 a month ($349.99 a year) and provides 500GB of storage space and compatibility for an infinite number of devices.

Remember that these backup services are often offered at a significant discount for the first year; the website shows all current promotions.

If the online backup is all you want, you may find Norton’s software unappealing since each backup plan is just a component of a more comprehensive package of protection features. However, if you don’t already have an antivirus application installed on your computer, purchasing one that includes backup is a good bargain.

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Data Deposit Box

Data Deposit Box

Data Deposit Box is an online cloud backup service that provides small businesses with a secure and reliable way to back up their data. The service offers a variety of features, including automatic backups, file sharing, and remote access. For small enterprises, Data Deposit Box offers a range of pricing options.

To use Data Deposit Box, businesses first create an account on the website. They then select the files and folders they want to back up. Data Deposit Box will automatically back up the files and folders selected regularly. Businesses can also share files with other users and access their files from any computer or mobile device.

Data Deposit Box is a safe and secure way for small businesses to back up their data. The service uses 256-bit encryption to protect data during transit and storage.

Online backup service Data Deposit Box costs on a month-to-month basis and provides a free 14-day trial period before you commit to a subscription.

Following your 14-day free trial, the plan charges $.10/GB for the data you use, with a monthly minimum of $20. Users of ASUSTOR NAS devices may take advantage of a 90-day free trial and 100 GB of free, permanent storage for all ASUSTOR NAS systems.

Because it supports an unlimited number of devices and users, it is ideal for large families that want backup space for everyone. You may use the same account on numerous computers simultaneously, allowing everyone to benefit from cloud storage.

Data Deposit Box has all of the outstanding features you’d expect from a long-term online backup service, including a solid track record of data recovery, top-of-the-line security, file sharing, and free customer care, among other things.

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ElephantDrive is a cloud-based backup service, which means you can safely store and backup your data anywhere. The cloud means you don’t have to worry about the security of your files. You simply download the software and start backing up your files.

Once you’re done, the backed-up files will be sent to a secure location where they’re encrypted and accessible from any device. ElephantDrive uses a unique algorithm to ensure your files are protected, but not too much. The data encryption is based on the “hashing” of the data, ensuring it’s safe and can’t be accessed by hackers. And if the worst should happen, you can restore your backed-up data at any time.

ElephantDrive’s online backup service has several simple options to select from, one of which is entirely free if you just require 2 GB of data kept up.

For paying $100 for an entire year upfront, the lowest of these options is $10 per month for 1,000 GB of backup space and support for ten devices (plus three sub-accounts). For the same price and storage capacity as the month-to-month option, you may upgrade to a more significant amount of space—for example, 1 TB for $100 year, 2 TB for $200 annually, etc. The maximum storage plan you can purchase is 15 TB, but you can speak with their customer service team if you require more space.

Check out the links below to see what additional options are available. There are also backup plans for businesses that are available online. The Enterprise plan begins with 1 TB of storage space but may be upgraded to an unlimited project if you choose that option.

One handy feature is sharing a folder with your colleagues through a URL link, with the changes you make in collaboration instantly synchronizing to each other’s devices. Many internet backup providers only enable backups from devices that you have authorized, and many only allow backups using their proprietary software.

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Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk is an online backup service that helps small businesses protect their data. The service provides automatic backup for PCs and Macs, and mobile devices. It also features secure file sharing and collaboration tools. Jungle Disk is easy to use; backups can be scheduled to run automatically, and files can be restored with just a few clicks. The service is affordable, and no contracts or long-term commitments are required.

The standard pricing is $10 per month per user, which includes 10 GB of compressed and de-duplicated data and $0.15 per GB, resulting in a savings of 30–60 percent on data use. There are no file size restrictions, network drive compatibility is incorporated, and AES-256 private key encryption is used. Download the trial version now.

If you want additional capabilities like email archiving, password management and monitoring, or compliance training, these may be added as add-ons. You can quickly check how much it will cost when you add or remove people from your account using the price page.

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Memopal is a cloud-based backup service that helps businesses of all sizes protect their data. Memopal’s software automatically and continuously backs up your files to the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere, anytime. Memopal also offers features like file sharing, collaboration, and restore capabilities.

One of the benefits of using Memopal is that it’s easy to get started. There is no hardware or software to install – you simply create an account and start backing up your files. Memopal also offers a free trial, so you can try it before buying.

Another benefit of using Memopal is that it’s secure. Your data is encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud, which means it’s protected from hackers and other online threats.

You may choose from a single 500 GB personal-level plan with various pricing options based on how many users you want. You may add up to 200 users, with each additional user incurring an additional fee; for example, you can add:

  • FREE 3 GB of storage space
  • 1 user at the cost of $79 per year
  • 5 users at the price of $395 per year
  • Users for $790 per year for a total of ten users

There’s also a corporate plan that can accommodate up to 50 people and can be increased to include more than 500 GB of storage. If you use a major credit card or PayPal, you may make an order from the United States, but your money will be converted to euros.

Memopal software and applications are available for various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android device, and BlackBerry.

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ADrive is a cloud-based backup service that allows you to back up all your files on your chosen schedule. The service is free and unlimited and lets you choose from several storage options depending on your needs. The service automatically backs up the files on your computer and the ones on your mobile device. Just download the ADrive app and sign in with your Google account to use the service. You can also backup individual files and folders. The service also offers the option to have all your data encrypted, so no one else can see what you are storing.

Several different options are available on ADrive’s website, with prices ranging from $2.50 per month for 100 GB of capacity to $250.00 per month for 10 TB (10,240 GB). If you want more space, you may get a quotation, which can go as high as “unlimited.”

All ADrive backup plans are available at significantly reduced pricing if you prepay for a longer length of time, up to three years. For example, if you get the 100 GB plan for three years at $60, the monthly cost is just $1.67.

Multi-user corporate plans are also available, with prices as low as $4.67 per month for 200 GB of storage space for 10 users.

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Total Defense Online Backup

Total Defense Online Backup

Total Defense online backup is a cloud-based service that provides businesses with an easy and reliable way to back up their data. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to back up files incrementally, schedule backups, and restore files with just a few clicks. Additionally, Total Defense online backup encrypts data before sending it to the cloud, ensuring that information is safe and secure.

Businesses simply need to create an account and install the software to use Total Defense online backup. The software automatically detects which files need to be backed up and sends them to the cloud. This process happens in the background, so businesses can continue working. And if ever required, files can be quickly restored from the cloud without downloading them first.

It is possible to get online backup with Total Defense in two ways, and both options include their Internet Security package as well:

  • Ultimate Internet Security costs $99.99 per year and includes 25 GB of storage space for 10 devices.
  • Premium Internet Security costs $59.99 per year and includes 10 GB of storage for up to five devices.

You may purchase either plan with prepayments of two or three years in advance to lower the price. Taking the 25 GB plan as an example, the monthly equivalent comes out to $8.33 if you pay for one year ahead at $199.99, while the monthly match reduces to $5.56 if you buy for three years upfront at $199.99.

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OpenDrive is a cloud backup service that enables you to back up your data to a safe place online without worrying about hardware failures or theft. It is a multi-platform cloud backup solution. You can back up any type of file you have stored on any device you own to any of OpenDrive’s servers across the globe, no matter what operating system they are running.

You have your choice of backup options: you can choose a free plan, or you can choose to use the paid Premium option. The paid option gives you more features than the free plan and allows you to do things like backup files, folders, and network shares. You can also choose the location of your backup data to ensure that it is located somewhere with high-speed Internet and low latency (latency is the delay in transferring data from one cloud server to another). OpenDrive allows for the streaming of films and music, creating public folders, and much more.

In addition to the 5 GB free option, OpenDrive offers a consumer-grade service called Personal Unlimited, including unlimited storage. It is available for $9.95 a month and provides infinite storage space for your backed-up files and documents. Prepay for a year at $99 to decrease the cost to $8.25 per month instead of $13.25 per month. You may add computers for $9.95 per computer, up to three more computers for a total of four computers.

With OpenDrive, you now have the option of creating a unique plan. Select the amount of online backup space you need, the amount of bandwidth you anticipate using each day, and the number of people who will have access to the backups you create. Most of you are unlikely to obtain a better bargain by utilizing the bespoke plan, but if you have a modest amount of money to back up your claim, you may.

The most affordable plan available here is $50 per year ($4.17 per month) for a single user who needs 500 GB of storage and 25 GB of bandwidth per day.

If you want a true cloud backup option, we suggest going with OpenDrive’s Personal Unlimited account, including file versioning and encryption.

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MiMedia Cloud Backup Service offers unlimited storage space for all your backup needs. Not only does it allow you to back up to the cloud but also to the hard drive and your computer itself. It works to save the data on your computer on a local server. Plus, It allows you to access the information on the local server from any location or device that has an Internet connection. It also provides free online backup, data restoration, and recovery of lost files.

MiMedia offers four different backup options; however, the data that may be backed up is severely restricted. Images, movies, documents, and audio files are the only types of files that are supported. Our service differs significantly from the others on this list in that virtually all of them allow you to upload a considerably greater variety of file formats, including EXE, ZIP, 7Z, ISO, and others.

The following are MiMedia’s goals:

  1. Start with 10 GB of free storage space.
  2. The most basic plan is 500 GB for $7.99 per month.
  3. Additionally, 1 TB for $9.99 each month
  4. For $15.99 per month, you can get 2 TB of storage space.

If you prepay for a whole year at once, you may slightly reduce your insurance premiums. Paying monthly for a year on the Basic plan, for example, comes to $96, or you may get a year at a time for $85, which comes to $95.

Using this program, the ability to back up your data is excellent if you simply need to keep items like images and music. We recommend using a different provider from this list if you want support for a more significant number of file types. MiMedia may be utilized on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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With the increasing use of the Internet, maintaining a reliable backup of your data cannot be underestimated. To help you with this, Jottacloud offers an online backup service with unlimited storage space. Apart from this, it is also possible to download files and store them offline on your devices. It is straightforward to use and offers many advanced features. You can schedule automatic backups and even schedule those backups’ frequency. It is highly recommended that you have a backup for your most important data and documents.

In addition, there is a FREE plan that enables one user to back up to 5 GB of data.

Plans for individuals and families are also available. Personal offers unlimited backup space for $9.99 /month or as little as $8.25 /month with a one-year plan of $99.00. It is also available in a variety of languages. You may choose from 1 TB to 20 TB of shared storage space for up to five family members at home, with prices beginning at $5.83 per month for the annual plan.

With Jottacloud, file versioning is handled a little differently. For the most part, online backup services retain past versions of data accessible for recovery for a certain amount of time, such as 30 days, 60 days, or even an indefinite amount of time. This one retains the past five versions, regardless of how long it has been used.

Files that you inadvertently delete from your computer are retained in the Trash folder for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to recover the accidentally deleted file.

There’s also a business plan for small and big businesses that offers 1 TB of storage for anywhere from two to an infinite number of users, depending on the company’s size.

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MyPCBackup is an online backup service that offers easy and reliable cloud-based backup for small businesses. It’s one of the best online backup solutions for small businesses as it provides a wide range of features, including:

  • Automatic file backup
  • Unlimited storage space
  • File versioning
  • Remote access
  • 24/7 support

MyPCBackup also makes it easy to restore files in case of disaster or accidental deletion, making it an excellent choice for small businesses who need a reliable online backup solution.

MyPCBackup provides a variety of affordable backup options. Every user starts with 1 GB of free storage space on their computer.

  • Ultimate: 4 TB of storage for $14.44 per month
  • Unlimited storage for $11.94 per month (Premium).
  • 250 GB for $10.69 a month for home/business users

If you pay for an entire year (or even two) in advance, you may get each plan for a few dollars less each month than if you pay monthly. All three options are also available with a six-month commitment. Given that you can only add one device to a plan at a time, each device you wish to back up will need its plan.

Other services are available via the link below, like a 5 GB sync folder, network drive and external complex drive compatibility, hourly backup, and a larger maximum file size limit, all of which need a separate monthly subscription.

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Cloud storage solution Egnyte provides teams with file-sharing and collaboration features while also providing complex administrative controls for management and information technology (IT). Because the platform offers backup capabilities, you may use it to create a hybrid system for redundancy purposes if necessary. Egnyte is our top selection for the most proper cloud storage and online backup option for collaboration since it provides all of these features and more.

(1) The free trial includes 20 GB of cloud-based storage and 1 GB of FTP uploading and sharing capabilities.

(2) Egnyte provides a variety of valuable materials for both new and established cloud storage customers, including live training, demonstrations, and webinars, among others.

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Benefits of Cloud Storage and Backup for Small Businesses

best online backup for small business

Accessing your data from almost anywhere is possible by storing them on the cloud. This makes it possible for your team to collaborate and edit their work from a distance, saving both time and facilitating a more seamless project flow.

Cloud storage provides several advantages in data security for both personal and commercial assets. When it comes to disaster recovery, ransomware protection and better server security are all included in many cloud backup systems. A look at the advantages of storing data on the cloud and backing it up online

1. Data security: One of the most significant benefits of cloud storage is that it helps keep your data safe. Because it’s stored on a server in the cloud, it’s protected by the company that owns it. You don’t need to worry about losing your files if something happens to your computer.

2. Data privacy: Another benefit of using cloud storage is that you don’t need to worry about your data privacy. When you store your data online, it’s out of sight and mind. You can use your data without worrying about it being accessed by others.

3. Backing up data: You can back up all of your data at once when you use cloud storage. If you’re working with large amounts of data, you can save time and money by backing up your files online. You can also create a backup schedule so that you don’t have to do it manually.

4. Backup files: One of the most significant benefits of cloud storage is backing up your files on any device. This means that you can back up your files on your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s also easy to share your files with others.

5. Accessibility: The accessibility of your files is another benefit of cloud storage. Because your files are stored on a server in the cloud, you can access them from anywhere. You can work on a file and then upload it to the server when you’re done.

6. Data storage: Another benefit of cloud storage is that you can store your data online. When you use cloud storage, you don’t need to worry about the amount of available space. You can use as much space as you need and expand it whenever you want.

7. Storage capacity: One of the most significant benefits of cloud storage is storing all of your data online. When you use cloud storage, you don’t need to worry about running out of space. You can store as much data as you want, constantly expanding it when you need to.

8. Cloud storage: One of the most significant benefits of cloud storage is accessing your files from any device. You can access your files from your computer, phone, tablet, or TV. You can also share your files with others, and you can make sure that they can access your files.


How to Choose the Best Cloud Backup Service

best online backup for small business

When it comes to cloud backup services, there are many options to choose from. This can make it challenging to determine which service is the best for your small business. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision:

  • Consider your needs. What type of data do you need to back up? How often does it need to be backed up? What are your recovery needs? These are all critical factors to consider when choosing a cloud backup service.
  • Compare features and pricing. Make sure you compare the characteristics of each service and the price. It’s essential that the service you choose fits your budget and meets your needs.
  • Read reviews. One of the best ways to determine if a cloud backup service is exemplary for you is to read reviews from other users.
  • Learn about your cloud backup provider’s security and privacy practices.
  • Ask your friends and family how they use their cloud backup service.
  • Deal with a reputable provider that has been around for a while, thus showing longevity and reliability.
  • Look for a cloud backup service that provides encryption of your data, thus securing the data from unauthorized access.
  • Compare prices and features and make sure you get the best value for your money.
  • Pay attention to the provider’s customer service policies and tech support quality.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek answers from your cloud backup provider.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is online backup secure?

Safe and secure online backup services are readily available. Compared to an external on-premises hard drive, they might provide a more secure storage option for your company’s data. Data encryption is a standard feature of the majority of online backup systems. In most cases, these encrypted files are transported to a data center through an SSL connection and stored on drives.

Is it possible to hack the cloud?

Storing sensitive data on the cloud puts you at risk of malware, ransomware assaults, and other forms of cybercrime. Although these dangers exist, many cloud storage providers have security features and procedures to help keep your data safe. Disaster recovery, enterprise-grade server security, and ransomware protection are all standard components of these security procedures.

What is the location of cloud data storage?

Simply stated, your data is stored on the cloud storage provider’s servers you have chosen. Cloud data is often kept in a regional data center near your physical location in the world. If your company has a private network, you may create a private cloud that lets your workers and customers access data from anywhere over the Internet.

What’s the difference between online backup, synchronization, and storage?

In the case of data loss or damage, online backup keeps your information safe, while online storage makes it possible to retrieve your information at any time, from any location. Thanks to online synchronization, numerous users can view and modify data from multiple devices.

For small firms, how does the cloud work?

With cloud computing, you may access your company’s data from any location with an internet connection. If you want to keep your employees in the loop, this may be a big help. This ease of sharing information in real-time, regardless of whether your workforce uses computers, tablets, or mobile phones, is vital for smaller businesses.

How tough is switching to online storage and backup in the cloud?

There are several possible issues when migrating to the cloud, such as extra latency, data loss, or a confusing user interface. It’s not as difficult as you would think to move all of your data to the cloud. Choosing the appropriate cloud storage and the online backup solution will accomplish all of the hard work for you swiftly and securely. Before settling on a backup solution, consider your company’s requirements and those of your clients. You may save time and money by using a cloud service that is free and simple to comprehend, has few advanced features, and provides automatic synchronization.

How is cloud backup different from online backup?

Cloud backup and online backup are two different types of backups. Cloud backup is a service that stores your data in the cloud, which means that the data is stored on a remote server instead of on your local computer. On the other hand, online backup is a type of backup you perform on your computer.

What exactly is the location of online backups?

Online backup services typically store your backups on a remote server in a cloud-based environment. This means that if your computer crashes, its data can be easily accessed and restored from the online backup. Many online backup services also offer deduplication and compression technologies to speed up restoration.

In addition to offering cloud-based storage, many online backup services provide local storage. This means that you can store your backups on your computer or NAS device. If you choose to store your backups locally, make sure you have enough hard drive space and bandwidth available to accommodate them.

Finally, keep in mind that not all online cloud backup services are equal. Make sure you choose one that offers ample storage space, fast restore times, and reliable security features.

Is there a file size or file type restriction for online backup services?

Some online backup providers limit the total size of files that can be backed up and limit the number of files of a particular type that can be backed up at once. Knowing about these limits on file size in advance is essential to ensure efficient backup processing and avoid potential outages.

Some services also restrict the number of times a file can be backed up to prevent redundant backups from accumulating. This can help keep your data safe and minimize storage requirements.

Not all online backup providers have these limitations; it’s essential to do your research before choosing an option to ensure you’re getting the best possible cloud hosting services.

What’s the best way to estimate how much online backup space I’ll need?

Many people are unsure how much online backup space they need. This is because there is no definitive answer. It depends on the size of your files, the frequency of your backups, and the type of backup software you use. Here are some tips to help you figure out how much online backup space you need:

Firstly, it’s essential to know what kind of files you keep online. If you only have a few small files that you update occasionally, a secure cloud storage solution like Dropbox or Google Drive can save you a lot of space. However, if you have large files that you constantly upload and download, an online backup service like Backblaze or Carbonite may be better.

Secondly, it’s essential to decide how often you want to back up your files. If you only back up your backup file once a week, then Backblaze or Carbonite are probably not worth the cost. However, if you want to backup every few days, these services can be very cost-effective.

How long will it take to create the first initial backup?

Like most people, you probably have a few different ideas about how long your first backup will take. But in reality, the time it takes to complete your first backup is usually pretty straightforward. Backing up your data to a cloud storage service like Amazon S3 or Google Drive can take only a few minutes, and most online backup services offer free trials that give you plenty of time to test out their features. So if you’re just starting and don’t have any particular timeframe in mind, odds are your first backup will take around 10 minutes or less.

Is it possible to go back to an earlier version of a file?

Yes, most providers routinely backed up your data, which implies that each backup is kept and may be retrieved separately. File versioning is a term for this.

You may think of it this way: If you start a new document on Monday and then make changes and updates to it over a few days, you have three different files to choose from. At least once each day, if the online backup program is configured to monitor for changes and back up those changes, then all three versions of the file would be accessible through restoration choices offered by the service.

The number of revisions a file has is also an issue, which varies from service to service. Unlimited file versioning is available from most providers, but 30 to 90 days of restricted file versioning is standard.

Before joining up for a cloud data storage service, check to see if you can access all of your backed-up data at any given time.

What if I want to View my Backed-up data from a Different Computer?

Yes, all online backup services allow you to access your data from any location. It is possible to access your files via a website or a mobile app, depending on the service you choose. Both are available.

In addition, several online backup systems include integrated playback and viewing of particular file types rather than merely file access. As a result of this functionality, you may utilize your online backup account to stream music, photographs, and movies from anywhere in the globe, all from the convenience of your account.

You can still use your computer or mobile device to browse photos, listen to music, and watch movies if you don’t have this functionality.

How can I get all of my Data Back if my computer crashes?

To restore everything you’ve ever backed up using most online backup services, all you need to do is install and then utilize the online backup program on your new computer or device.

It’s also possible to use the web-based restoration feature of the service from another computer and pick which of your files you’d want to have restored, even if you haven’t purchased a new computer or device yet.

Because you’re downloading all of your stuff, it will take a while. Many aspects come into play, but the most crucial is how much data you’ve backed up and how much information you intend to restore.

Certain cloud backup services allow you to recover your data offline if that’s something you’re concerned about. To use this service, you must pay a charge and have a storage device supplied to you, such as an external hard drive or a massive flash drive.

One of the rare situations when using a package delivery service to transfer data is likely to be faster than using your internet connection is when you have it mailed to you overnight.

In conclusion, the Best online backup for small businesses is a great solution for protecting your data. Cloud Backup is a reliable and affordable option, and it’s easy to set up and use. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your business data safe, Cloud Backup is a great choice.

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