Best Cell Phone Usage Tracker App 2022

In today’s hyper-connected world, cell phone addiction seems to be at an all-time high. With everyone from kids to adults being glued to their cell phone screens and never putting them down for a second, cell phone usage is becoming a problem. The best cell phone usage tracker app can help give you the peace of mind that your cell phone users won’t become a massive issue in the future!

Each technology has two sides to it. While we concentrate on its advantages, we frequently seek to overlook its drawbacks consciously. Facebook, Twitter, and other smartphone gaming apps are great for keeping in touch with friends and family and passing the time, but they may also cause us to lose track of the natural world and our sense of urgency about it.. Most people spend their days looking at their screens instead of concentrating on their work, thus losing attention and damaging their eyesight.

This is why we require phone usage trackers. There are several applications available that limit phone use. We’ve compiled a list of Android usage monitor apps to assist you in making the best decision. These programs also function as Android screen time monitors, measuring how much time your child spends using their phones.


How to Choose the Right Phone Tracker App?

When it comes to choosing a phone tracker app, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First of all, what do you want to track? Different apps have different advanced features, so you need to ensure the app you choose has the parts you need. For example, some apps can track your location, while others can track your phone usage.

Another thing to consider is whether you want an app for Android or iPhone. Different apps are available for both operating systems, so you must choose the right one.

Finally, you must consider the different features and decide which is best for you. Many phone usage tracker apps are available, but not all are created equal. Some are better than others, so you must find the best one for your needs.


Best Cell Phone Usage Tracker App

Here are six smartphone apps that can assist you in quitting using your applications.

Quality Time: Phone Addiction

cell phone usage tracker app

This app is fantastic for tracking how much time you spend on your phone. It keeps track of how long you use various applications and when you use each one.

The more time you spend using the app, the more comprehensive the findings become. You can track your phone’s usage throughout the day and see which applications you use more frequently at different times.

Although Quality Time’s goal is to help you maximize your productivity, it also has several features to reduce screen time spent on devices. There are “locked times” where certain apps are blocked and notifications when you’ve spent too much time in a given app.

While registration is not required to use the app, doing so will allow you to view your mobile data consumption for the prior six months.

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Social Fever- best phone tracking app

cell phone usage tracker app

Social Fever can track time spent on your phone, the most helpful app. Whether you like to admit it or not, the first thing you do when you wake up is grabbing your phone and see what’s new or text some buddies. Furthermore, throughout the day, you spend a lot of time browsing social media Apps or doing anything else on your phone. You may set a reminder to track how much time you spend in real and virtual realms. Additionally

The straightforward and user-friendly design makes it easy to track how often you unlock your phone and the app usage on your phone. It provides simple weekly reports on your cell phone usage. It is a small program that uses less battery.

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cell phone usage tracker app

This app prevents users from being distracted by blocking unwanted applications like Facebook and games and filtering communications. It contains information on how much you utilize your smartphone. You may create custom modes for Work, Family, or Me Time to ensure that you have access to what you require but aren’t distracted by what you don’t need. Analytics of your phone and app usage may be a compelling wake-up call and can assist you in breaking lousy phone usage habits.

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My Addictiometer


The Addictometer is a phone usage monitoring program that allows you to track how much time you spend on your cell phone. It’s a helpful device for monitoring how long you spend on your phone. It can aid in the management of mobile addiction. The data acquired by the software may be used to determine the level of addiction. It also tells users how often their smartphone has been unlocked during the current day and week. When this month did you make the most calls? It also shows you how much time you spent using your mobile device over 24 hours, all combined.

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App Usage

cell phone usage tracker app

You may also use App Usage, which has many of the same capabilities as QualityTime. Similar numbers of individuals have downloaded both apps, indicating that they are equally appealing to consumers.

There are several outstanding features in this software. Many users will be grateful for features like the ability to sort lists of applications. You won’t only be limited to the standard “Sort by Size” and “Sort Alphabetically” options but will also be able to refine your results based on metrics like how often they’re used and how much time is spent looking at them on a mobile device.

Second, the app’s ability to handle all other applications is handy. It lets you install apps with a single click and keeps track of all installations and uninstallations.

Finally, App Usage can show reminders about your usage as a widget or a notification, assisting you in keeping to your plan.

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SPACE – Break Phone Addiction

Break Phone Addiction

SPACE is an app that monitors your smartphone usage and provides feedback on your app and smartphone dependency. The program has an easy-to-understand and simple interface, which aids in the reduction of usage of the phone.

Using features like screen dimming, blocking notifications, and SPACE-time management, you can limit and monitor the amount of time you spend on your phone. You may create a plan based on your preferences, needs, and usage patterns.

It also allows you to find a happy medium between the real and virtual worlds. Features that monitor usage have been incorporated into this study of phone behavior.

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App Detox- App Blocker for Digital Detox

cell phone usage tracker app

One of the most excellent apps for limiting smartphone use is App Detox. It can aid in the detoxification of your phone addiction. You may customize App Detox to suit your needs. It’s an excellent tool for striking a balance between online and offline activities. When you exceed your limit, it warns you and stops you from using any more. You may restrict specified applications to spend less time on your phone. The app also has an app locker feature, which parents can utilize to limit their children’s screen time.

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 Flipd-screen time android


If you want a more forceful technique for unplugging, Flipd is the app for you. Flipd lets you set a lock screen on your phone for a specific time, after which it’s impossible to unlock it again. Even if you restart your phone, the software won’t be removed, so there’s no way for you to cheat! You may even remotely “flip off” one person from another using Flipd, which is handy for workgroups that want to stay on track.

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android app for tracking phone usage

In Forest, data gathering and fact presentation take a back seat to gamification. The concept is straightforward. You plant a seed in the morning, and it grows into a tree throughout the day. There’s a catch; if you exit the application to use Facebook or any other distraction, the tree will start to die. It will die entirely if you spend too much time outside the app; therefore, be careful not to cheat by adding Facebook! Don’t worry about business-critical apps; you may customize your safelist. Just don’t do it!

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Offtime iPhone Usage Tracker

Offtime iPhone Usage Tracker

This app is designed to help parents monitor how much time their children spend on smartphones. The application allows you to track the time spent surfing the web, playing games, watching videos, etc. You can even set up instant alerts to receive notifications whenever there is a change in usage patterns.

The app works by tracking the device’s location and detecting whether it is being used. Once detected, the app sends a notification to inform you that your child is spending too much time on his smartphone. As soon as you see the message, you can take action by either allowing him to continue using the phone or taking away access altogether.

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Moment App Usage Tracker

mobile usage tracking app

The moment is one of those apps you never knew about, but now it’s become a must-have tool for parents. It allows users to keep tabs on how much time kids spend playing games, watching videos, browsing the web, and chatting on social media platforms.

The moment app usage tracker is a free app that works on both iPhones and iPads. You install it on your mobile devices, and it tracks everything from when you wake up each day to how many times you use your smartphone throughout the day.

You can even set daily limits for yourself and your children. The app sends you a notification if you go over those usage limits.

If you want to know precisely how long your child spent playing video games, just ask them to open the app. Then, you can see how many hours they played.

There are some downsides to this app, however. For instance, there isn’t a way to block certain online activities within the app. So, if you don’t want your kid to spend too much time playing games, you’ll have to do that manually.

Another downside is that the app doesn’t offer parental controls. You can’t choose whether you want to allow your child access to certain app features, like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., either.

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BreakFree Phone Usage Tracker

app that tracks phone usage

This is another app that is widely known for being able to track smartphone or mobile device usage. It allows you to monitor every aspect of the app and phone usage, including what apps are opened most frequently, how long each app is used, and how many times it is unlocked.

The app is free to use and does not require root access. You install the app on your phone and start tracking. There are no ads or in-app purchases to make money.

Features include:

  • Detailed information about the app and how it is used.
  • Provides insights into how much time is spent on each app.
  • Allows users to see how often they unlock their phone throughout the day.
  • Offers a detailed report on how often they unlock their mobile phones.

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FamiSafe App Usage Tracker

app to track phone usage

Families are often concerned about what their kids do online, especially since most teens spend hours on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, there are now many different ways kids can access the internet without parental supervision. While some parents try to keep up with their child’s device usage, others don’t want to worry about it.

With the FamiSafe App Usage Tracking app, you can check how much time your kids spend on certain apps, including games, social networks, and messaging platforms, and even see where they go on the web. You can set daily limits and block specific apps. In addition, you can choose to receive alerts whenever your kid uses those apps.

The application is free to download and install. However, you’ll need to pay $1.99 monthly to unlock additional features such as unlimited data logging, location history tracking, and remote control over the phone.

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Save My Time App Usage Tracker

phone usage app android

This app or app tracking android can be used for monitoring and managing application usage. It helps to track and limit time spent on distracting applications and provides detailed information about the time spent on productive activities.


  • The tool can provide details of time spent on productive and distractive activities.
  • Filters can be enabled to gather data about specific types of activities.
  • About nine activities can be added along with filter settings.
  • Options to customize icons, names, and colors are available to view and manage the list of activities.

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Phone Usage Time Tracker

best cell phone tracker app

This app can be used to monitor the phone usage time for both Android and iOS devices. It provides a detailed breakdown of each app’s length and the total phone usage time. It can also help you set time limits for phone use. However, it does not allow you to track individual app usage times.

The app works by tracking the active state of the device. When the screen turns off, the app stops tracking activity. If the device goes into sleep mode, the app still keeps track of the app usage. So, if you are worried about privacy issues, this app might not suit you.

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Behind Android Usage Tracker

Android Usage Tracker is a free application developed by the team behind the popular Android Monitor app. It helps track your device usage over time and provides detailed information about your most frequent applications and features. You can see how much time you spend on each segment and even set limits for individual apps.

The app uses the Android operating system data to provide accurate statistics and graphs. If you want to know how long you spent playing Angry Birds, you don’t need to install some third-party tool. Just open the app and tap “Activity.”

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Considerations Before Buying a Monitoring App

Consider many things before purchasing a monitoring app for your smartphone usage.

The first is to decide if you need to use an app to track your phone usage. If you feel like you spend too much time on your phone or want to see which apps take up the most of your time, then a tracking app may benefit you. However, other apps like parental control apps may be more suited for your needs.

The second thing to consider is the number of times you want to use the app. Many apps allow you to track your phone usage, but they all have additional features and prices. If you only need to track your phone usage occasionally, then a free or lower-priced app may be sufficient. However, a more expensive app with more features may be worth the investment if you want to track your phone usage regularly.

The third thing to consider is compatibility. Different apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Make sure to choose an app that is compatible with your type of device.

Finally, take some time to research the best app usage trackers and find the one that best suits your needs.


Should you install an App that Monitors your App Habits?

Many different app usage trackers are available, but do you need one? If you use your phone 100 times a day and want to track which apps you use most, then a usage tracker may be a good idea. There are also phone monitoring apps available that can track your app usage and provide other information about your phone usage habits. GPS tracking is another option that can be used to track your app usage.


Android Battery App

Remember that Battery Usage is already included in your phone and may assist you in monitoring and modifying your usage patterns.

Yes, it’s not as feature-rich as the other tools I’ve shown you, but it can tell you how long you spent on each app since your previous charge if you don’t want to share your use statistics with a third-party app.

Select an app’s battery use settings by visiting the device’s Settings menu. By touching on an app’s name, you may see a more detailed breakdown of the statistics for that app.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Is There a Tool to Keep Track of Your Cell Phone Usage?

Several applications keep track of your phone use, and they will benefit Android users. We’ve compiled a list of the apps that measure time on Android device platforms. These programs can help you track and limit your phone usage.

Which Is The Best cell phone usage tracker App?

As Social Fever is the best app to track phone usage, we believe it’s also one of the best apps to use. By reminding you to take a break from your eyes, Social Fever helps you maintain a healthy digital life. It also includes a reminder to drink water.

Is There a Program to Keep Track of How Much Time You Spend on Your Phone?

Yes, all of the applications described above are phone usage tracking programs. You must acquire one of these apps and start monitoring your phone’s usage.

Which cell phone usage tracker app Do You Use?

These are some of the most powerful Android phone usage tracker applications for individuals who want to break their smartphone addiction and live a more balanced life. You may limit your smartphone use by installing one of these apps. Please share your comments about the cell phone usage tracker app mentioned above.

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