It is easy to share the balance with your friends and family through Telenor balance share code in 2019. You can send mobile balance to anyone using these codes and this is applicable to all the SIMs of Telenor in Pakistan.

This Telenor balance share code is an easy way to send or share balance to anyone in minutes. The article focuses on the Telenor Smart Share Code to help you out in transferring the balance to your friends and family.

Telenor Smart Share Code 2019:

  • The code is simple and you can easily send to your friends and family numbers. All you have to do is to simply dial *1*1*92345<9233XXXXXXXX>*200#  and the balance will be shared through this simple format. This is a Telenor smart share code which helps you to transfer the balance.
  • The format mentioned above is given with an example. Dial  *1*1*Telenor number*amount# for easy balance sharing process. However, this code is valid for balance transferring from only Telenor to Telenor numbers. Moreover, it is also limited to the Telenor prepaid customers as well.

Share amount through simple instructions: 

You can follow the given instructions for Telenor balance share code in the year 2019.

  • Code to dial: *1*1*92345<9233XXXXXXXX>*200#
  • Example:  *1*1*9234511111111*200#
  • After dialing the above mentioned code and amount you want to transfer, confirmation will be required in response to the code. All you have to do is press 1 on the dialer to confirm the transfer of balance share.
  • You will be charged with Rs. 3.99 for balance share through Telenor network.
Share Price Code
Balance Rs. 3.99 *1*1#
  • With the help of the Telenor Balance Share Code, you will be asked to confirm the balance transfer. The transaction will be confirmed once confirmation message received.
  • Telenor Balance Check Code prices are excluding all the taxes. Moreover, Standard taxes may apply on all the transactions being undergone.
  • The code mentioned above can be changed by the Telenor Company and they will notify you through their prescribed SMS service.
  • Terms and conditions of Telenor Company may apply to these transactions. You can go to the Telenor website to extract more details.





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