11 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android Smartphones

As humans, we have managed to occupy our time by connecting to the internet. A lot of activities are not possible without the internet. But it costs money to connect. Furthermore, we also have many wifi networks available around us. And you can connect with them through wifi hacking apps. It only requires to install the app on an Android phone. After that, you can access wifi connections around you. If you are here, then you must be searching for real wifi hack app Android, wifi hacking app download, wifi hacker online, wifi hacking apps for Android, and wifi password hacker app download.


Best WiFi Hacking App – How to Hack wifi with Android

This article brings you the very best knowledge. After reading this article, you can hack your way into almost any wifi network. So here is the list of apps with comprehensive details.




MSpy is a surveillance programme that lets you see what someone else is doing on their phone. For example, you may use it to keep track of where your child goes and what messages he or she sends, as well as who he or she calls and receives, on their phone.

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eyeZy wifi hacking

The Internet may make you feel as if you are in the Wilderness. Websites geared for adults that everyone may visit. The ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network pretty much wherever you go. And the opportunity to utilize programs that are just too contentious to be considered acceptable.

You can reclaim control of the situation and restrict what they can view, thanks to eyeZy. Make your selections inside eyeZy to block the content that you desire. Then, when you are ready, unblock them from your account. It’s as simple as that.

Keeping tabs on the whereabouts of your entire family has never been easier than with EyeZy! Using cutting-edge GPS technology, EyeZy provides a risk-free method for monitoring the whereabouts of your children.

You may keep track of your children and the rest of your family by using the EyeZy app, which allows you to view their locations on a map. You can maintain constant communication with your family and exercise complete authority over your offspring. Parents can track their child’s whereabouts online and ensure that their youngster is safe at all times. A youngster who becomes disoriented or finds himself in a precarious circumstance can transmit an assistance alert by pressing the alert button.

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Aircrack-ng – wifi hacker app

real wifi hack app android

Aircrack-ng is one good app from wifi hacking apps for Android. And it is trusted by many hackers. Generally, it runs on Ubuntu. Both Ubuntu and Android have Linux operating system base. Linux kernel is the foundation of this app.

What do you Require?

You will need the following.

  • need a rooted Android phone.
  • You will need a computer with Ubuntu 14/15/16 or any system with Linux distribution.
  • USB OTG adapter.
  • Wireless USB adapter
  • You must have time and patience.
  • must use common sense and a little brain.
  • You must know how to install Ubuntu.

If you search for this app on Youtube, then you will find enough tutorials for running this app.

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Kali Linux Nethunter – Hacker wifi

wifi hacking app download

It is a real wifi hack app Android. Kali Linux Nethunter is a popular app for ethical hacking. This app was built by Matt Aharoni, and it is run by Offensive Security PVT Ltd. the special thing about the Kali Linux Net hunter is that it is an open-source Android penetration platform.

For using the app, you need to run the wifi tool of the app. Then the configuration of apps is fixed, which is easy to set up. You also need a custom kernel and 802.11 wireless injections. Otherwise, your efforts will not give you fruit.

General, Android devices do not support 802.11 wireless injections. That’s why you can only use this app on the devices maintained by Offensive security PVT Ltd. You can find the list on their website.


Wifi WPS WPA Tester – Real wifi hacker

It is wifi hacking app download. This app is developed by Saniorgl SRL. And it is the first app that is available on the play store. That also makes it a popular app. The developers build this app to figure out the vulnerabilities of wifi networks.

This wifi hacker online app accesses the network WPS PIN and uses the following algorithms.

  • Zhao
  • Belikin root
  • FTE xxx
  • Dlink+1
  • Asus
  • Aircon Realtek
  • arris

If you want to use this app, then you will require devices with root permission. And you will need a lot of patience because the cracking of wifi password takes time.

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dSploit – wifi hacker password breaker

wifi hacker online

It is wifi password hacker app download. This works similarly to the WPS WPA Tester. It performs a check on the network and finds the vulnerabilities. After getting the information, it analyses the data and penetrates the network with the wifi suite. This app also helps to control the devices connected with wifi. It is one of the best wifi hacking app downloads.

This app offers the following features.

  • Cracking the wifi.
  • Router PWN
  • Port scanning
  • Vulnerability finder.
  • Login cracker.
  • Packet forgery.
  • Man in the middle.
  • Simple sniff.
  • Password sniff.
  • Session hijacker.
  • Kill connection.
  • Redirecting URLs.
  • Redirecting images.
  • Script Injector.
  • Custom filter.

The extra features of this app make it a utility app. Other than password cracking, it performs many hacking functionalities.

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Nmap – wifi password android

  • wifi hacking apps for android

It is a wifi hacker online. Generally, this app works as a network scanner. You can use it on multiple operating systems. It is also available for Android phones. Professional, ethical hackers use this app for exploiting the network. As a result, they find the vulnerabilities of the network. Its features allow hackers to use both rooted phones and non-rooted phones.

The features of this app are the following.

  • It is a powerful app.
  • You can use it easily. And its configuration is a no-brainer.
  • This app is open-source. You can download the updates without any cost.
  • It is compatible with almost all devices.
  • You have plenty of options in one app.

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ArpSpoof – Hacking tool for Android

This is quite a simple app, which is produced by Dug Song. He made this app an open-source app. So anyone can make the updates and modify the app as desired. This app has a simple mechanism. It performs network audits. The audit report tells the weak points and loopholes. This app simply redirects the packet by sending fake Arp messages.

You can use it with ease. But the downside of this app is one. It has an outdated UI.

wifi password hacker app download

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Wifi Inspector – hack wifi password

wifi inspector


It is a multi-tool. And it is built for network and computer security professionals. Ethical hackers and users can monitor the owned network and make necessary changes with this app.

Generally, this app works to produce the audit report of the network. It has a simple design. You can detect the devices connected to the network. And this app allows the user to limit the connectivity of a certain device.

Normally, the wifi network is used by the neighbors around you without your permission. With this app, you can find the devices using your network and limit them.

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Network Spoofer – WiFi Hacker Online

Network Spoofer

It is a good networking app. Similar to popular wifi hacking apps, and it allows you to change the websites in the devices connected with your network. You can redirect specific URLs, images, and videos.

Generally, this app spoofs a network and tells you exactly the strength of security. With this information, you can assess the points to attack. In other words, you can defend your network with more knowledge.

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Wifi Kill

wifi kill

This is an ethical hacking app. The designers built it as an open-source. So anyone can make the updates and modify the basic code. This app allows you to limit the connectivity of any device. You can download this app for windows and other OS.

It erases the problem of unwanted connections. You can scan the network and find the devices using your internet. After that, the features of this app allow you to kill the wifi of the specific device.

It is quite an easy app to use. You can configure the settings easily. It has a downside that its UI is a little outdated.

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Net Cut – WiFi password Hacker App download

This app offers functionality similar to wifi kill. Previously, this app was only available for windows. But recently, the company released it for Android. This app is not free. You have to pay for downloading it.

The following are the features of this app.

  • can know who is using your network.
  • You can block certain wrongful activities.
  • can monitor the activities of all devices on your network.
  • You can kill the wifi of any device on your network.

The UI of this app is better as compared to other apps. But this app has too many advertisements. It compels you to buy the premium subscription.

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This app is right for finding network and security issues. It is an app for professionals. This app uses brute force and dictionary for cracking the passwords.

The configuration of this app is simple. And you can decide the strategies for cracking the password. Due to which, it is a dominating wifi hacker online.

Generally, after scanning the network, this app attacks the password with all possible combinations. If you want to use this app, then you need a lot of patience and time. Sometimes WIBR+ takes 24 hours to crack the password.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to hack WiFi?

Yes, it is very much possible to hack WiFi. Routers secured with WEP are easier to hack than routers secured with WPA keys. There are several WiFi hacking apps for android, which can help you in hacking a WiFi. 

Is cracking WiFi passwords illegal?

With so many WiFi hackers online, cracking WiFi passwords has become very common. In many countries, cracking WiFi passwords is considered illegal. It comes under the category of theft and the person doing so can be fined, if a complaint is lodged against them. 

What is the best software for hacking?

There are a huge number of WiFi hacking apps available to download for Android. AndroRAT takes the lead and is considered as the best WiFi hacking app. Once it is installed in an Android device, it can have access to the contact list, WiFi passwords, files, and inbox messages. 

How can I view my WiFi password on my Android device?

One shortcoming of Android devices is the inability to show the WiFi password. To see your WiFi password on Android, you need a rooting app. For this, you can download the WiFi Password Viewer, WiFi Password Show, or other similar rooting apps from Google Playstore. 

Which app can show the WiFi password? 

There are several apps available for Android that can help in showing the WiFi password. Some of the top-rated are:

  • The WiFi Password Show
  • WiFi Password Master
  • A WiFi Password Viewer 
  • WiFi Key Recovery 

How can I know my WiFi password on my mobile without root?

To see your WiFi password on your Android phone without root, you will have to follow some simple steps:

  1. Open the File Manager on your phone. 
  2. Locate the /data/misc/wifi/ directory. 
  3. Once there, find and open a file by the name of wpa_suppliciant.conf 
  4. For viewing this file, you will have to choose a text editor. 
  5. Once the file is open, you can view the passwords of all the WiFi networks you have previously connected your phone to.

Wrapping up

We have mentioned all the apps for wifi cracking and network audit. Now you can download the apps and find the vulnerabilities of any network.

We hope that you will use these wifi hacker online apps for ethical purposes. We do not suggest any criminal activity. In the coming Articles, we will try to cover more detail pertaining to the wifi password hacker app download.

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